The State of Unturned

Please note that I will update this over time as I learn more about the current situation with Unturned as I have been on an exodus from online media due to a virus and absolute reckoning of my PC.

Unturned, its a game people like a lot, hell- it’s why we are here. But have you ever thought of it’s state of it’s current edition, nevertheless it as a franchise?

Here is my opinion on it, from someone who has wasted away watching lore videos, playing everything I can as well as being a sucker from RP. At least until I got banned from every imaginable server and I still hold that as an achievement TIM! YEAH YOU TIM!

Anyways, into the meat and stuff.

Unturned 3 has been a game that has managed to last the deficit of zombie games- the flooding of zombie games and the rest of zombie games lives’ with it’s latest game still managing to cling on to 15,000 users with mild fluctuation.

But that doesn’t mean it’s in for sunshine and rainbows as much of that playerbase is divided when it comes to multiplayer, making it hard for English and non-English players to find multiple successful servers. The singleplayer is fun but it quickly becomes bland while Youtubers have found themselves burned out on Unturned. Some preferring games like Escape From Tarkov or other games.

However, how does the rest of the franchise stack up?

  • Unturned’s precursor, Deadzone, reintroduced and brought the zombie formula into the childlike-land of Roblox, becoming a large-scale game before it was removed by the creator, Nelson.
  • Unturned 1 was considered a forgettable game- Nelson’s small test with unity, Unturned 1 was mostly forgotten.
  • Unturned 2 was a graphical achievement for Nelson as he learned and discovered more of Unity. platform to launch his second large title outside of Roblox. Unturned 2 was marred with performance issues, glitches among other things but many fans loved it and it’s introduction of multiplayer.
  • Unturned 3 has been considered the most liked and stable Unity edition to Unturned, it has managed to maintain a high playerbase while also staying a free to play game. It uses a key-based community market similiar to Payday 2 with sale-able costumes (Personally I don’t like but money is money).
  • Unturned 4 ! NOT YET RELEASED ! or as creator Nelson sometimes calls it, Unturned II Is already sending test copies of various things like it’s shooting mechanics. In my opinion it’s not that well optimized but as it is a very early test & debug build I should bite my tongue till it releases into not-so-near-future. Though offering promising graphical changes people are wondering if Nelson has really planned out this edition’s external and internal concepts like the market system. That has lead to stark debate over things like how it should be monetized and whether it would have official servers.

To conclude- Unturned as a franchise- though successful- seems to have an uncertain future. From all that we have analyzed it is likely that due to market trends- tastes and new emerging games, Unturned is likely to remain on the market as a-

Cult Classic


Sources: , , , U4 hype is going down , How close would you say is Unturned II to being a proper beta-level (in terms of development) game , Steam Economy, Micro-transactions, and a Paid Game .

PS: I now made a curator group on steam for short reviews :wink: , more in depth forum-articles coming soon till I maybe upgrade or get traction.


Let’s get interactive here!

What do you think about the Unturned franchise? AND YES MY NEW SYNTAX TRICK IS COLOR TIMMY! SHUT UP TIMMY!

  • Unturned is Shrinking!
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UPDATE: I fixed through the colors and did a test-read with certain blends. It may look a bit more drab but it should be readable, my apologies. Depending on poll results I will make a seperate post regarding the community of Unturned and it’s confidence and thing’s it isn’t really confident on.


Unturned 4 is black due to the fact that it is an early build and not yet released and I wanted to make that as clear as possible- part of this was changing the color while all the others had the same color in those blockquotes. If you cant read it please reply or message me- whatever one works for you and I will try doing a live mess-test once more via screenshots to see which one 1 or more people like.


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you’re thinking of deadzone. unturned 1 was unity and browser based, and it was super simple and buggy, but it wasn’t roblox


Let’s not forget that there was a total of 3 unity-based unturned versions, not 2.


Let it be known that as of today the post is now updated to cover the mistakes highlighted by @Whistleblower and @AstronautPug

if you see their comment and Unturned 1- they weren’t blind, it was me who was blind.

you’re god damn right it was you

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