Hwid Bans amnesty law

What do you think of the Hwid ban ?
I think some people deserve 2nd chance because people grow up and realize their mistakes
For example, someone who was banned 5 years ago
Could there be a law for hwid bans

That’s up to BattlEye to decide, but for now game bans stay permanent like in all other games that use BattlEye.

If you talk to them on our behalf, you can make a suggestion.

Personally there shouldn’t be ‘second chance appeals’. Bans exist to discourage people for thinking about cheating, and it punishes you for ignoring that warning.

That’s why a lot of games give you a permanent ban instead of 1 month/year bans. They don’t care if it’s a youth mistake or whatever excuse exists


This is not a personal objection, I am talking about general forgiveness of people, I asked if you could talk about this for me (everyone) to battley

Just ask for the unban dude, this is getting embarrassing

This. Assuming BE 100% worked I would not even bat an eye.

Lets be real here, if you were not banned 5 years ago you would not be here asking for Yarrr to stick his neck out so you can play again.

Forgiveness is earned, you don’t just go “was long time ago”.

Even if he could, why would he do that?

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because even people in jail come out when their sentence is over

You asked me what I think about HWID bans and I gave you why I’m against second chances. So yes this is a personal objection.

I’m not going to deliver your suggestion because thousands of people have already begged for second chances in the past, and it doesn’t represent everyone.

This isn’t real-life, and even if it is a permanent ban is the same as a life sentence; you’re not getting out. That’s BattlEye’s policy and it won’t change.


Just don’t cheat. Everyone who ruins other people their experience by cheating, shouldn’t diserve to enjoy the game themselves anymore.


I have the feeling this is a sly way of saying I’m banned and I need to be unbanned

if it is then Jesus christ would it be hilarious

you’re getting embarassed on a forum? kek

it would


I think its necessary to help prevent and discourage alt’ers o,o
also: pspspspspspsp i hope youd have a newer device by then to play happi things! :DDD
likeee sashley’s art! :]

how do you live with yourself

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