Iceland Map Dev

you need a larger iceberg laddie
to crash into Iceland and make season 7 unturned

other than that the map is really accurate to Iceland and i’m very much excited for it

How close is the map to completion?

More like niceland amirite

are considering going for curated?

this could be a cool curated map

more like noland


Thats looking good :yum:

I can tell you guys that the weapons are fully modeled and hopefully ready for unity editing. And do you guys want to see a weapons reveal? I would love to reveal some of the less exciting guns to save the best for last.


This last week, I worked a lot on the mountains and bouldering (I also converted the map to Unity 2017 and new objects works now !)

We (Rolling_Chair and me) are working on vehicles (rolling is making the most of the work on this side)
We may add screens in the next week :smiley:
Thanks for reading this.

Would recommend making a new Dev post next time, instead of just reviving a old post.
But that is neat, masterbundles or no?

Is it that old though?

That will be better thanks you x)
I think we will masterbundle everything at the end (so we we change things now without having to rebundle everything)


Nice map I like the mountain too :smiley:

New Devlog Iceland Map Devlog #2 :smiley:

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GG, its look really nice

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I seriously hope this goes somewhere. About half of Unturned’s official/curated maps are European, so this’ll be a nice change and add more diversity to the game. Map and guns look great!

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Dang that necro. lol


Iceland is a european country.

Not to mention that more recent devlogs about this map have been made.

How is this post still open lol


Iceland Map Devlog #9 Here is the last post !