Iceland Map Devlog #6

Hello there !

Since the last devlog, we had a few changes. First, Husky “left”, and we have now two modders to help us : CommieBird(aka Swat :b:olt) and TheCubicNoobik (who helped on Carpat).
They helped a lot on what I am sharing in this Dev Log.

Reykjavik has now new custom buildings !

These buildings are detailed, that’s why the main city is now done !

We worked on a new questline too, “Malik” the historian wants to know everything on Iceland.

If you help him, you may get a special vehicle as a reward : The Longship.

This ship does not use any fuel or battery, and can carry beds. But it is only obtainable once, and can easily be destroyed !

Thank you for reading this small Devlog :smiley:
I try to keep at least one post every month so you know we are working hard !

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Really great work. I love the buildings.


this would easily get curated


pretty sure thats what they’re aiming for


Why is there an airport model in the city, near the left?

i want this

this is amazing, is this curated btw? if it’s not, then how it’s still not?


Wait so you have WHITE PARKING SPACES?!?!??!
I’m paying money for this brb let me ask my dad


Yes, it is an airport (the only one now, i have to change that)

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