Low tier meme for kicks


Day 1 of finding a decent server

Day 2 of finding a decent server

Day 3 of finding a decent server

Day 4 of finding a decent server

Day 5 of finding a decent server

Day 6 of finding a decent server

Day 7 of finding a decent server

Day 8 of finding a decent server


i do it for the sexual thrill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


nothing can stop me from making terrible memes.


I wish you were banned from ever joining this forum



literally no one else would have made this meme.


I more or less am friends with people on both sides of this argument, so Im not gonna say anything.

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“Friends” who wouldn’t be okay with you voicing an opinion?

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Why do your “memes” always tend to just bash servers? You’ve already made a topic on this, which didn’t end well, so why resort to this?



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this meme is more for bashing the serverlist for having zero vanilla-rocket servers, less about bashing specific servers :^)

I’ve made tons of low tier memes on my steam artwork that infact do not include bashing servers :^)))))))))))

kill me.

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Can’t you just click ‘Rocket’ in the lower righthand corner to stop seeing Rocket-Enabled servers?

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Players will populate what servers they want to play on, Vanilla servers are rare, but they do exist.


you seem a bit lost.

6:48 PM] [RA|HHR-5] Rain: no no no
[6:48 PM] [RA|HHR-5] Rain: i mean vanilla-rocket
[6:48 PM] [RA|HHR-5] Rain: vanilla on its own is terrible.
[6:48 PM] [RA|HHR-5] Rain: no autosaving, no chat logs, no abuse logs, staff could abuse and you wouldn’t even know, staff have ESP (the names you can toggle), staff have quick salvage, staff can move your structures around
[6:48 PM] [RA|HHR-5] Rain: I mean a rocket-vanilla server, no plugins that change the game, only for moderation purposes and to stop easily-preventable abuse

edit: vanilla is pretty undenyably bad - i consider it heavily unplayable, especially because of the no auto saving. big vanilla franchises have entire nuclear armageddons happening in their discords when the servers crash and everyone looses days worth of loot.

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back in my day, i was known as the “shitposter legend”, for low quality memes and terrible jokes. I think someone else here just got that title…


ascending through the ranks


The joys of not having an EULA

How to host an Unturned Server

#1 - Have some 14 year old buy a server
#2 - Assign all his best friends to be staff members, doesn’t matter if they’re actually competent or even old enough
#3 - Slap that sweet /donate command onto the server
#4 - Make rules, don’t actually enforce them though
#5 - When you do something, make sure its something utterly stupid
#6 - Perma ban if someone makes you mad
#7 - Develop serious megalomania, HUGE superiority complex because you own a server now
#8 - Feel totally cool and blow your load on VBucks or whatever
(Or save it to keep your server running)

Congrats, you done it fren

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Megalomania? i think you mean…

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pulls out knife

Mfw every Unturned server in existence ends with a Sans battle between the players and the moderators.


rain is dumb!

(This comment was made by literally everyone but rain gang)


flod is a big gay

(This comment was made by the 4 year old club)

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