Magazine conversions

Edit: this post is about being able to use the weapon customization system to change what types of clips, magazines, and belts a weapon can feed from and to extend how large of an en-bloc clip or how many shells can fit into it’s internal magazine. It has nothing to do with bump stocks, “full auto receivers” or imaginary types of mosins and very little to do with fundamentally changing what the weapon customization system is.

Perhaps there should be a type of attachment for magazine adapters and extensions of integral magazines. To be more clear, I’ll use some real world examples below:

The Beretta Cx4 storm and Mx4 storm can be fitted with magazine adapters (both production and third-party) to feed from a variety of different magazines.

5.56 variants of the Galil can be fitted with an adaptor to feed from STANAG magazines.

Berthiers can be converted from only being able to feed out of 3 shot en-bloc clips to being able to feed out of either 3 or 5 shot clips.

M1 Garands have been converted from feeding from 8 shot en-bloc clips to feeding from detachable box magazine. (No I’m not talking about the m14 or m15, which have about as much commonality with the m1 as an AKM does with an AK-74.)

DP machine guns can be adapted from magazine feeding to belt feeding.

MG-34 machine guns can be adapted from belt feeding to magazine feeding.

Various lengths of magazine tubes and magazine tube extensions can be installed onto many firearms (mostly pump-action or lever-action shotguns and rifles)

Although technically some of these examples are changes to the magazine itself, or even conversions of what are technically magazines into magazine wells, these magazines -in terms of game design, atleast, are more equivalent to magazine wells with the en-bloc clips that they hold being more equivalent to the detachable box magazines held in magazine wells.

Once again, I’m not sure what a good name for this type of attachment would be.


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I mean, cool, but wouldn’t this just invalidate other weapons? I’d rather we can’t change EVERYTHING (I use everything loosely here lol) about a weapon. M1 Garand should remain an 8 rounder, for example, but I’m fine with additional ammo types, mounted sights (probably needs an adapter of some kind), etc.

I’m even somewhat against different receivers, as why bother going for an automatic assault rifle when you can just find a receiver that makes your non-auto ar automatic?

You’ve got it backwards. Being able to find a fully automatic assault rifle would threaten to make the ability to build something else into one irrelevant. But that has literally nothing to do with this post.
(try this one instead: Lockwork )

Also the types of conversions I’m talking about aren’t things that would fundamentally change the balance of a weapon. Mostly they’re QoL things to allow magazine compatibility, and maybe add a slight bit of progression, but not enough to change where a weapon fits in the meta.

You can change from using magazines that hold 35 rounds of 5.56 to using more common magazines that only hold 30 rounds of 5.56.

Alright, this one is an objective improvement, albeit an improvement of only two shots. (reminder that the drum magazines shown in multiple Devlogs offer a 70 shot improvement)

Going from 8 shots to 10 shots is not that big of a deal.

I mean, technically you could link together as many strips as you wanted to feed any belt fed weapon, so I can’t really compare belt lengtg to magazine capacity, but I assume there will be some sort of reasonable limitations to all belt feds in-game.

You go from theoretically infinite capacity (see above) to a 75 round drum.

I will admit that I was very general in this part, so I can’t really be specific, but a longer tube means a longer gun and a longer reload time (even if you’re using a speedloader. Just because your magazine can hold more doesn’t mean your speedloader can load more at a time)

Sorry for not being more clear in the original post.
Thanks @MoltonMontro for helping clean this up.

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