My suggestions for Unturned II

Hi Nelson,

I’m sorry to bother you with these suggestions and hope you find the time to read these. Don’t feel obligated to add these suggestions whatsoever. I play unturned for around 2 years now I think and have around 1K hours. I play the game for pvp. I like hard servers with low loot spawns and hard to get raiding gear.

Sorry if there are any misspellings btw, english is not my native language.

Btw I think you should find someone to help you with building the game. Maybe not for building new components for the game, but to help you optimize the game. He might be able to see how you could improve the game and fix bugs. He could also help in getting things like textures and sounds worked out.

These are the things that must be added to unturned II in my opinion:

  • A way to identify players from far away. I always make friends and enemies on servers and I need a way to see if someone is my friend or enemy. Remembering their outfit is too hard for me. I’d like there to be something like a nametag that only appears when you look directly at a player and press a special button to trigger the nametag. This way you won’t be able to spot players with the nametag instead of the character.
  • A way to identify groups. In unturned 3.0 you can see which players are grouped when you look at all the players online. They are connected with lines. What if you would give these lines a color. This color would correspond to the group. All the group members will have this color on their character. Maybe a patch on their shoulder or something. Otherwise it might be cool to add group shields. A logo (shield) that every group can make. This shield would appear on their shoulder for instance.
  • I would not like a mechanic for player speed based on weight to be added. This makes it too easy for less geared players to stalk well geared players. Furthermore it would require me to constantly drop items I don’t need and sort my inventory alot of times when looting. I think its already taking enough time to sort my inventory in 3.0.
  • Bases will despawn after a certain time period. I think a balanced time period would be 20 days. If a player is not online for 20 days his base will despawn to free up space and clear lag on the server. If the player has buildings owned by a group it wouldn’t despawn. Buildings owned by a group will only despawn if the entire group was not online for 20 days.
  • The ability to tweak spawnrates for each item or item category. This way you can tweak the balance of a map the way you want it. For instance I could let the server spawn more chainsaws, more medical supplies and make it really rare for raiding gear to spawn for instance.
  • The ability to disable an item on servers. For instance you could disable the horde beacon which makes it impossible to find or craft one.
  • The ability to disable grass should not be in the game in my opinion. Everyone disables the grass right now, because it gives you an advantage when trying to spot other players. This makes the game look ugly, makes it too easy to spot players and gives a huge disadvantage for those who don’t disable it.
  • The ability to rob players. Right now I can choose to kill a player or let them live. I mean you can ask them what they have in their inventory but they will most likely lie. This forces me to kill players if I want just one item that they have. If they could surrender to me and let me see their inventory and take what I want, they would not die and have to start all over from the start. Instead they only lose a few items and keep their clothes, medical supplies, food, etc.
  • An option that enables servers to enable or disable skybases. When the skybases are disabled and you the support of a flying base, the base would just fall apart and break. This way admins don’t have to look for skybases and ban the owners of them if they don’t want to allow skybases on their server.
  • More realistic fall damage. Right now if you fall from a helicopter from really high you don’t die, but just break your legs and lose a bit of health. I think you should die when falling from too high.
  • Right now players render before zombies (and other small objects in the map). This way I can spot a player in the military base really fast for instance. I think zombies should render from the same distance as players to make it harder to spot players in locations. (if this does not decrease the performance of the game too much)
  • Players should not spawn close to other players on the map. I had this one time where I was looting a spot. I constantly checked my surroundings, but someone spawned almost next to me. The server had kits so he spawned in a cobra and killed me from close range. I don’t think this is fair.
  • The ability to see under water from above the water. Right now people can swim away really easily under water because I can’t snipe them under water. I think players should be visible under water. Not too easy to spot, but a little bit visible.
  • Weapons should have a near infinite range and have a damage decrease at long ranges. The peacemaker for instance would deal full damage up to 100m. After this the damage decreases. At the range of 200 it would deal half it’s damage for instance. This makes it so you can snipe players from long ranges, but it’s not too powerful.
  • You can’t logout with stuff in your inventory. Right now you can take all your good gear from you base, put it in your inventory and logout. This way when you get raided the raiders only get your junk. This is OP.
  • Ability to melee from ladders. Right now when there’s a zombies above you at a ladder, you can’t avoid getting hit before climbing all the way up. If you could punch the zombie from the ladder you could climb up a bit safer.

These are my suggestions and some ideas I had for unturned II:

  • More advanced melee system where you can block and kick in addition to punching. Right now melee fighting looks retarded in unturned 3.0. If people can at least block with right mouse button it would be a bit more polished in my opinion.
  • A way to transport your items/progress for one dedicated server to another dedicated server. This should only be an options for servers with the same difficulty. This enables players to play on another map without losing all their progress. This should not be possible when being raided though, because that way people will quickly move their items to another server when getting raided.
  • A map that is set in another time period. For instance a wild west map where you don’t have cars, but horses. Only bad rifles and revolvers would spawn instead of advanced sniper rifles. This way the game is more diverse. It also makes a great environment for roleplaying.
  • Wind factors for snipers. Instead of just bullet drop, snipers have to take the wind into account as well. There should be a device to meassure the wind. This way people can counter the wind when sniping by aiming slightly left or right.
  • Recovery time after jumping. Right now you can jump right after you’ve jumped. I think the second jump should be a bit lower if you instantly jump after the first jump. To make the second jump be as high as normal jumps you have to wait a second. This is more realistic in my opinion.
  • Durability of weapons does not change the damage of the gun, but makes the gun have more bullet spread instead. I think this is more realistic.
  • Purge servers. This is a server that has pve for a certain time period. After this time period it changes to pvp for a certain time period and then back to pve. This way you could have server that have one hour of pvp each day, or two days of pvp each week. The rest of the time people can build up their base and stuff. You could also make it so that there’s one pve day every week. This way people have time to build bases and have fun with each other without having to worry about getting shot.
  • Singleplayer worlds should be listed the same way as servers. Right now I don’t know which singleplayer is where and which is which. It gets really confusing for me. If there would be a list with all my active singleplayer worlds which I can rename it would be a lot more convenient.
  • NPC’s that have an ai so they can attack zombies or players. This way you could make really cool campaign like maps for offline play.
  • When you kill an animal with a headshot you get more meat then when you kill the animal in the limb or body.
  • Ability to leak fuel from you gas can. This way you can set things on fire like in gta V.
  • C4/dynamite needs a wire in between the explosive and the detonator.
  • Really fast/freerunning zombies.
  • Ability to use the radio with your own music. You can upload your .mp3 music into unturned and play the music to other players on servers with the radio.
  • The cooking pan deflects bullets like in PUBG.
  • Make the @give command use item names alongside the item ID’s so it’s easier to spawn in items.
  • The glass first shatters after the first bullet. It doesn’t dissapear, but gets cracked up and hard to see through. After you shoot the second bullet it gets completely destroyed.
  • See the progress you’re making when cutting a tree. By making the tree look like someone has damaged it with an axe. This makes it a bit more fun when using knifes to chop down trees.
  • A clutch in the car that requires you to use gears.
  • More freerunning. Right now you can’t pull yourself up onto a rather small ledge. I think being able to freerun a bit more makes the game alot more fun.
  • Radiation zones are do not have a border, instead it has alot of radiation damage in the center of the zone (where the source of the radiation is) and the further you get from the source the less radiation damage you get. This is more realistic in my opinion.
  • An ingame currency that works when trading and using npc’s. Right now xp is the currency for npc’s. If that would be loonies and toonies it would make the currency has more value. Maybe this way people will start using the currency to trade as well. If the currency works well there should also be ATM’s that allow you to save your toonies and retrieve your saved toonies.
  • Zombies have more randomized behaviour. Right now it’s really easy to know what a zombies next action is going to be. I think zombies should be a bit more harder to predict. This should make pve alot harder.
  • You can hold grenades and cook them, making them explode faster after thrown. This should not be too OP. Because being able to cook a grenade and instantly kill a player when you throw it at him would be OP.
  • More advanced fishing with different fishing rods for different types of fish. Fishing would require bait as well. You can use worms or something like that to catch small fish and use the small fish to catch big fish.
  • More sealife, with things like sharks, piranha’s and jellyfish.
  • The option to keep inventory when dying for servers. I reckon some server would like players not to lose their stuff when dying. Especially the creative servers.
  • A command to spawn zombies/creatures. This makes it easy for you and modders to test the new creatures and could be usefull in roleplay.
  • A command to duplicate an item. This way you can copy your entire assault rifle setup for instance. Instead of having to spawn in every seperate attachment.
  • Difficulty gradually increases. I think this is fun in singleplayer especially. The first days are easy and after a while the zombies keep getting harder until they’ve reached the hardest difficulty.
  • More diverse forests with more bushes and flowers.
  • Swimming zombies, when going in the water zombies will swim after you instead of walking on the sea bottom.
  • Desert (maps), basically the opposite of Yukon. You lose water quicker and you can’t run too much as you would get too hot.
  • A map build specifically to be hard. The focus of the map would be a balanced map for pvp and a hard difficulty. This way you can make really hard underground spots and make more spawns for hard zombies/enemies.
  • Wolfs/dogs that are tameble. They will follow and help you when tamed.
  • Turned wildlive, think of infected horses, pigs and bears chasing you.
  • Easy ways to create minigames for modders. Don’t know anything about modding, but I think it’s important to make it easy for modders to create minigames like gungame, search and destroy and tag.
  • A map that is build like Russia. It contains bad loot at the spawn and the loot gradually gets better.
  • A third item slot for knifes and small pistols. This way I can have a sniper rifle, smg and knife at the same time, instead of having to switch between knife and smg all the time.

These are my item ideas:

  • Attachments for your guns that fire. Attachable grenade launcher, shotgun and flamethrower. These attachments should be really rare. The grenade launcher should not be instakill as this would probably be OP.
  • Graple gun
  • Throwable spear. This spear should be craftable. It would make the early stage of unturned a bit easier. It should not be OP though.
  • Anti tank rifle that does alot of damage to vehicles, instead of the snipers doing way too much damage to vehicles.
  • Knuckle dusters
  • Taser
  • Slugs for shotguns
  • Tear gas or nova gas with a damage effect, blinding effect and or slowing effect.
  • Security cameras to be able to see what’s going on outside your base from inside and/or far away. (should be really hard to make or rare)
  • Shields, a bad makeshift shield that works well against zombies but does not block bullets and a better (riot) shield that blocks bullets, but loses durability fast when blocking them. When using the shield you can only use one handed items with it.
  • Growable pumpkins and lighted pumpkins as decoration.
  • Feces that you can craft into fertilizer.
  • Roads and bridges you can craft that look good. Right now you can only make bridges and roads with floors which looks ugly.
  • The adaptive chambering attachments can make burst fire rifles full auto and semi auto rifles burst fire. This should not be an insanely fast full auto and burst fire, because that would be OP. But I think it would be a nice mechanic.
  • Flowers that you can harvest from the wild, grow, use as decoration and craft into a dye.
  • Charts with the ability of being placed on a wall. This can make nice and convenient decoration in your base and can be used to make public places to read the map.
  • Flaming arrows

These are my vehicle ideas:

  • Submarine
  • Chopper bike
  • Tanker truck that makes transport of fuel and water easy.
  • Craftable boat that uses pedles. It’s like a bicycle, but floating.
  • Tractor that can fertilize crops using fertilizer and can harvest your crops.
  • Horses
  • Halftrack. A truck that has tracks in the back and wheels in the front. It can hold alot of players and items. A bit like the APC.
  • Spare wheels in the back of jeeps and other vehicles are usable.

I wish you luck building the game and am looking forward to it!


Fine as long as it doesnt work when people are wearing masks/ghillie


I disagree, this would counter the logging off with inventory full that you bring up later, and would also allow for different playstyles. I would perfer for clothing and weapons to have more of an impact though.

This is in 3.0, so i assume it is planned

You can sort of do this in 3.0 by editing the map, would be fine if it was made easier.

You can do this by editing/plugins in 3.0, should also be in 4.0


There is a trade mechanic planned so I assume this is part of it


Honestly its not that bad in 3.0, also the third person glitch that lets you see underwater if you get the right angle makes it easier. If anything water should be murkier.

Hopefully planned


A weight system would counter this. Also its not as bad as you are making it sound in 3.0 unless you are playing on servers with modded back packs.


This would be hard to implement without just making it be another animation of punching.

Sync in 2.0 was terrible, and turned sync servers into pvp fests as people would gear up on empty servers and pvp on full ones.

Best left to mods

Seems fine to me, as long as wind isnt completely random so you can actually calculate and hit shots.

Not really necessary

Durability is getting a overhaul, I assume things like this will probably be added

Best left to mods


Problem with that, if you really want to get into it is that I have NEVER seen a first person real time survival game that has good human enemy ai.

I am saying this with absolute certainty that no matter what, bandit npcs will either be aimbots that people will complain about, or braindead walking loot boxes. There will be some form of cheese that will make them a complete joke, and I seriously doubt any programmer could make a fair ai in a “perma” death survival game.
(copied from an old reply i made)

Discussed many times


Dynamite should, c4 should be remote

Probably planned

This would just lead to earrape



I hope, in the demo it just instantly vanishes


Planned afaik

Deadzones are being overhauled so sure

I would be surprised if this isnt added

Probably planned

I hope so


All the things you named only live in tropics but sure

Best left to mods



This is actually a good idea

Probably planned

As turned are multidimensional cosmic horrors I dont see why not


This should be all map imo


Probably planned


This should be all maps

Slots are going to be replaced with holsters/belts

Okay but rare doesnt mean balanced. I think you mean behind progression barriers

Would probably be hard to implement


I mean okay, but it would have to be behind alot of proggression barriers

The rest of these are really specific gun and vehicle suggestions, and most of them are fine.

Use the search mechanic next time as most of these are either planned or have already been suggested


Oh, boy, this’ll take a while.

I’m pretty sure that binoculars and scopes will be able to do this.

No. Definitely not. Adding a customizable logo for each group will just result in a bunch of people making ones that have obscene images on them. You’ll be surprised at what a dirty mind can come up with.

Weight is definitely going to be a part of inventory in II and its non-negotiable. Nelson has already stated that he wants to implement a weight system, and the community as a whole also wants an inventory system similar to Escape From Tarkov, so sorry, its not going to happen.

I think a system more like the one mentioned here will work:

Essentially bases won’t decay, but rather roving hordes of Turned will go around and make nests in these bases, causing an infestation that will need to be wiped out by players who don’t want their own bases to be attacked as often.

Server settings are already in Unturned 3 and are probably going to make it into Unturned II.

Horde beacons are not going to make it into Unturned II.

If Nelson does that, people will start leaving the game in droves because their performance suffers. As a compromise, maybe players should only be able to reduce grass to a certain level that will still not give them an advantage.

Oh no…what have you done? You’ve just opened up a can of worms that was supposed to be buried…nevermind. You’ll see what people think about robbing players.

Reasonably sure that skybases will not make it into Unturned II. It will have a stability system that prevents floating platforms.



There should just be more spawnpoints then.

I’m pretty sure this was because your water settings were on low.

The P90 has an effective range of 200 meters and a maximum range of 1800 meters.

Yes, there should be sleepers like in Rust.

Freelook is confirmed, I think.

For Honor much?

This is going to be horrible and will disrupt servers completely. This should not be a thing.

Sure, but there probably won’t be official maps.

Realism for the sake of realism is bad. Then again, adding a bit of difficulty to sniper might be a good thing.

People will be complaining about how they cannot jump into their base while they are being shot at because of this.


Probably going to be an individual server thing.

I don’t see a problem with that.

Another can of worms. I’m all for them though.



Not exactly. Remote detonators do exist.

Discussed. Pretty sure they’re making it into the game.

That creates a lot of serverside problems. But I do want this. However, people could play earrape and that also creates a host of problems.

Not realistic. A cast-iron pan like the one in PUBG realistically cannot even block a 9mm Parabellum.

Sure, why not.

Only if its safety glass.

You should not be able to chop down a tree with a knife. But yeah, sure.

Its called an automatic.

Pretty sure parkour is going to be a thing. (And you know, I covered this in my Basic and Advanced Movement Suggestions already)

Sure, I guess?

I doubt money will be worth anything. Barter is more of a better system, for example a trader wants some cloth in exchange for a headlamp.

Confirmed in the Trello.


Fishing rods should NOT be the main way of fishing. Instead, nets and other implements are far better and require far less time and skill.

I don’t know about sharks.

Again, serverside settings are probably going to be a thing.

Again, commands are probably going to be a thing.

Again, commands are probably going to be a thing.

What is this, 7 Days to Die? No, zombies should be random, especially with all the types of Turned that we’ve came up with.


Some Turned should not be able to swim.

Maps are going to be a thing. So is temperature.




Sure…I guess?

Loot spawns should all be randomized, of course with high-tier loot spawning at high-risk areas.


A fragmentation grenade exploding within two meters of you will instantly kill you.

Suggested, not sure how it will be implemented.

A spear thrown into your skull should do some damage, I believe.



Not sure how this would work. You cry about all this stuff being “OP”, then you suggest a taser that could instantly knock out someone?

Ammunition types are confirmed.

Sure, I guess.

Suggested, popular opinion is mixed.



That’s a little bit TOO realistic, don’t you think?


No. Adding fire modes should only be possible with a technician that has access to the right tools.



Ammunition types confirmed.

Small submersibles, yes.

Isn’t that just a motorcycle?


Oh. One of those. Sure.

Wouldn’t it run over your crops instead?





I like how much input you gave into this thread and the amount of ideas. You also don’t seem to be suggesting multi-launch rocket systems and drones, which is a delight. However, responding to all these is too much of a hassle, but i already see that -pulpfreewater- and -RedComm- have already seen to that, so i’ll just say that you can paragraph the ideas for easier reading. Really, not much i can say, i’ve read some of their replies and i agree with almost every one of their replies. Anyways, a heart from me.

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Already implemented i think.

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This would be abused to death if you need to press a button.

Sounds ok.

It also makes you think more about what you need and makes bases more important.

Sounds reasonable, but it should be configurable.

Config files strikes back.
What is more fair? When everyone can do it or when only “those who know” can do it?

It’s possible in 3.0 and will be possible in 4.0. The refraction makes it a little harder and that’s how it should be.

What? doesn’t make sense.

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Thx for ur input! You make some good points.

You can’t logout with stuff in your inventory

I don’t see how a weight system would counter this. And it is bad as you can put a ton of charges and raiding guns/good weapons in one alicepack.

The option to keep inventory when dying for servers

Don’t think this has to be a mod. I don’t know things about making a game, but I don’t think this is hard to implement at all.

Attachments for your guns that fire

True, I think the flamethrower and shotgun attachments will not be too overpowered, but the grenade launcher might be a bit too overpowered. Ofcourse the damage, spread and range of these attachments should be well tweaked.

In regard to sealife, even thought it would be nice to see ofcourse, except for the basics such as fish, I think sealife shouldnt be a priority and should come in a later “Update” so to say.

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Hi RedComm, thx for your opinion!

You are probably true here as unturned community is toxic af XD

If it’s going to be implemented maybe Nelson could make it an option so some server hosts could choose for it not to be in their servers.

Yeah, it should not decrease performance too much.

I think it’s way more peaceful then just kosing them.

Yeah, it was.

It was just an example, but if you would make the guns have realistic damage the game would not be fun, because that would mean that one ak-47 headshot should be instakill for instance.

On the other hand the shooter will be complaining about how easy it is to keep jumping and sprinting away.

Safety glass should be (near) bulletproof in my opinion.

I know, I just feel like making cars with seperate gears would give alot of emersion.

I think they should both be added.


Oof, you caught me!

True, but it would not be fun to play the game when there’s people running around with grenade launcher that instakill you with ease.

From small range it can be instakill, all shotguns in unturned are instakill from close range as well.

That’s what happens right now in unturned, but real tractors don’t destroy crops do they?

Agree, alot of things I talk about are not that important and can probably be implemented in later updates.

That’s why I said it should only be possible when aiming directly at them. Maybe it has to be through a scope as well.

Players disabling the grass effect by bypassing the settings should be considerd hackers and be banned right?

Being able to logout with all your progress so nobody can take any of your stuff does make sense? People can use second accounts as well as storage. These are basically free vaults.

The replies are long with this one.

As long as it isn’t too taxing to have hundreds of trees that potentially need different textures or more polygons to show how much they’ve been cut.


I guess Greenland sharks must live near the tropical version of Greenland?

I really hope Unturned doesn’t try to make melee combat like For Honor. It works well for games like Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, and For Honor to separate melee attacks into different lanes but just wouldn’t work well in a survival game with little to no truly flat ground.

You really shouldn’t need mods to change your server between PVP and PVE.

I don’t think that maps need to be set in different time periods to get the feel, theme, or technology of a different setting. To get a futuristic theme you include Scorpion-7 or comparable locations on the map. To get modern military technology you have first-world military bases. To get antiquated technology you include locations with third-world or non-state militaries or civilians who collect or use the antiques. To get prehistoric technology you simply have a wilderness setting, where makeshift items are found and crafted.


Near infinite, and I was just quoting the first words of paragraphs he was making for clarity and to not make a absolute unit of a post.

ok cool

Hes talking about an entire game mode that automatically switches gamemodes but ok

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