Basic and Advanced Movement Suggestions

A list of movement suggestions, options, and possible keybinds and combinations. Several of these are taken from @MoltonMontro’s Movement Suggestions. And yes, I’m jealous because @NarcolepticHound came up with such a good post today, so here, today you get TWO high-quality posts on important gameplay mechanics and features. Enjoy!

Basic Movement

Basic Movement Keybinds

W Forward
A Left
S Backward
D Right
Left Shift Sprint
Space Jump
C Crouch
Z Prone
Q Lean Left
E Lean Right
Left Alt Freecam

  • Holding Left Shift while swimming allows the player to swim faster by consuming stamina at a faster rate. Swimming in general consumes stamina unless the player is wearing flippers or something similar.
  • Double-tapping either Q or E locks the player on that lean until tapped twice again to disengage.
  • Holding Left Alt enables freecam. In first person, this allows the player to look in a direction without moving the entirety of their body.
  • Going prone by pressing Z is not instantaneous, and requires a small animation.
  • Obstacles at approximately upper thigh or waist height cannot be simply jumped over, instead pressing Space initiates what I call a Type 1 Vault, in which the player slams his non-dominant hand onto the top of the obstacle in order to provide leverage to swing his legs over. In this position, the player cannot aim down sights if firing a weapon.

Advanced Movement

Advanced Movement Combinations

Shift + C Slide
Shift + X Dive
Shift + S Slide Down Ladders or Rope
Space + Space Type 2 Vault
(Shift + W) + (Space + Space) Type 3 Vault

  • When sprinting, tapping C makes the character go into a slide. The player can continue moving using W, A, S, and D while on their back in a similar fashion to crawling.
  • How far the character can slide depends on what type of material the surface is. Materials such as metal and wood have a lower friction coefficient, meaning the player will slide further on these surfaces as opposed to grass and concrete.
  • Pressing Left Shift or Space makes the character get up from a prone, crouched, or position on their back.
  • Pressing a combination of Shift + X initiates a dive, similar to jumping except that the player lands in a prone position. The player can use this to dive through windows and other openings quickly instead of having to jump through it.
  • When on a ladder, the player can press Shift while descending in order to slide down faster. This also applies to ropes.
  • Holding W while in freefall initiates a roll upon hitting the ground. Assuming the player does not die instantly, this reduces the amount of damage taken from fall damage. Exiting vehicles that are moving at high speed also initiates a roll. The player will automatically recover at a crouch.
  • Higher obstacles than what can be vaulted over with a Type 1, at approximately chest to head height, require a Type 2 Vault, of which requires both hands empty in order to grab the top of the obstacles and climb over it. This type of vault requires a double-tap of the Space bar.
  • Obstacles higher than head height by about half a meter or so can still be reached if the player initiates the double-tap of Space immediately after sprinting into the obstacle, which initiates a short animation of jumping, grabbing hold of the top, and then clambering over the top. Of the three types, this type of vault, the Type 3, requires the most time to carry out.


  • An explosion of sufficient power and proximity will send the player flying a few paces in a position depending on if their front or back is facing the blast.
  • Weapons such as an ice pick can be used to assist in climbing all surfaces. Bladed weapons such as knives also work, but only on materials such as wood and ice.
  • Grappling hooks can be used to scale heights that cannot be vaulted over. They can also be used to descend from a height, similar to ladders.
  • The type of clothing the player is wearing will affect how quickly he can move in water or vegetation such as tall grass or secondary jungle. Loose clothing with many pockets such as cargo pants or a hoodie will create more drag underwater, and will catch more easily in vegetation. Long hair also has an effect unless tucked under a cover or in a bun.

Please leave any suggestions for addiitonal movement below, as well any feedback and concerns.
In addition, please rate this post in terms of format and how it compares to previous posts from both me and other community members.
@RedComm November 4, 2018

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Nice. Good.

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Very small suggestion, I have only ever really played 2 games with a lean system and one was a lock lean (rainbow 6) and the other you held it down without an option to change it. It would be great if you could switch which one you can do.

Also I am not sure how grappling hooks would work. If map makers had to assign which areas are grapplable or not it would be really time consuming, and if objects had preset “grappaleable” or not attributes then that would be problamatic for map makers because you wouldn’t be able to do stuff like stacking houses on top of eachother, or if rocks are also objects it could pose a similar problem.

I dont think this should really be a thing unless hair is non cosmetic (i.e when you spawn you are bald and grow hair the longer you survive which would be neat) because if it is cosmetic, no one would choose it as being able to go slightly faster in bushes is kind of a advantage.

This is interesting, I for one want grenades and the like to be usable (think insurgency) and this would be a good way to do it.

Everything else is great.

If you notice it says that tapping TWICE locks the lean. Otherwise, holding it also works. Sorry if I didn’t claridy in the post.

My bad misread

Nice. I’d also suggest a type 4 vault, in which another player cups their hands and helps the player up, and once player 1 is up, they can extend a hand down to player 2 and assist them in climbing up as well.

Despite this possibly being pretty difficult to implement, yes. Everything about this is awesome.

few things

  • freecam? i think you mean uh, freelook, a-boss

  • shift + x to dive? did you mean shift + z? and if not, why throw another random key you can’t change the bind of into the mix?

  • when rolling there should be an option to keep your momentum from before you jumped (perhaps by pressing/holding shift when you land?)

  • you shouldn’t be able to lean in prone, you should roll horizontally instead


What about double tapping any directional key (WASD) will initiate a combat roll (could be locked by a skill) that while moving you out of danger, also makes you unable to shoot during the roll. To balance it further, heavy weapons such as long range rifles can’t be rolled with. If stamina is in UII, a use of that whilst rolling could decrease the spaminess of rolling.

Rolling can have a place in a PVE orientated UII, but it does have to be balanced as per what I said above. Rolling away when there’s a horde of zombies chasing you could make the game feel like you have more control over your character, instead of a W+Shift combo to just try and escape them with your pure speed.

Freecam should be enabled in vehicles for both perspectives anyways gr8.

I’m used to diving with Shift + X in the FPS games that I play.
It’s also easier for my finger to reach.

If you think X is easier to reach, then you should use that for going prone slowly and shift+X for diving into the prone position.

But Z is prone

Then it should be shift+Z to dive into prone

Eh, doesn’t matter. People can assign their own keybinds anyways.

then why have the extra bind

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I want backflip and front flip

It’s not extra if its the default bind.

if there was one bind to jump (let’s say it’s space), one bind to sprint (let’s say shift) and a SEPARATE BIND ALTOGETHER to sprint jump (ex. shift + v), i think you’d be confused at the existence of the third bind.

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