New Forum users be like




Reminds me of my first post.


No-no, how about when they try to justify something with awful reasoning.


They only have awful reasoning because they’re 12 year olds who think the world revolves around them because mommy and daddy buy them everything


or people like this





Google search

Lord Todd…
How bad can your empty multiplayer wasteland be?

How Bad?


Damn. Looking at other peoples’ first posts it would appear mine isn’t shabby at all.


My First topic…
as well as my first shitpost…


I always get confused and think my first post was about the Lightning Boss versus Vehicle Batteries, but it’s actually just full of movement suggestions.

Whenever I need to lower my ego I pretend it’s the Semi Sear attachment.


My first suggestion was…a black tie. That’s the extent of my imagination.


My first suggestion was for more achievement cosmetics/skins to be added. I still stand by that suggestion lol


My first suggestion was about animals, and then a day later i got “new user of the month.”

Sadly, most of them arent active anymore (unfortunately some are still VERY active).