No tanks/APCs in the vanilla game

In 3.0, vehicles are relatively easy to find and operate, and heaps of vehicles exist in the game. In UII, vehicles should be rarer and harder to maintain, working cars would be hard to find and you’d need to repair the engine and patch up the tires and stuff to get the car working.

Cars commonly found should be regular hatchbacks and sedans, and station wagons/vans.

Military vehicles should be very hard to find, and have armoured variants and non-armoured variants. Military vehicles that could be found are jeeps

Land Rovers and similar vehicles, and UAZ type things

Armoured tanks and heavy vehicles should not be included in the vanilla game, but could be incorporated easily with third-party mods. Personally I think amphibious armoured vehicles and tanks ruin the survival game, and would be best off not included with the vanilla experience.


I disagree


Why? They’re kind of op, and dare I say it, a bit silly.

Literally armoured, bullet-resistant vehicles that can go in the water, or shoot missiles. That’s stupid in a survival game. And if you want something like that, just play a modded server.


Tank and APCs could require more items and experience to fix and maintain to balance it out. I think they should be included but shouldn’t be accessible to anyone like they are now.


Well it’s just my opinion
I think that we could have maps where thous kinds of vehicles don’t spawn, but I still think they should be in the base game.

And as @Froggo said

I could not agree more on that


I never liked the random vechicle spawn system in Unturned.I believe that military vehicles should always spawn in military locations,but the locations will be extremely hard to get in and the vehicles themselves will be hard to maintain.So,to my view,military vehicles should not be hard to find but to acquire.

They should definitely be in the game, I would like to see the upgraded tanks with the main gun and machine gun turrets. I think it can be balanced better, prehaps the standard tank shell has a smaller explosive range but dose a tone of damage, and an wide shot has a higher explosive size for less damage.

its kinda confirmed that we will have armored vehicles and trust me it won’t be that bad if it is going to be balanced. also, i would love to see this tank
instead of this

but having different types of tanks armored vehicles and making them balanced is possible

y’know what, why can’t we have intercontinental ballistic missiles in UII? trust me it’ll be real good if they’re balanced and real hard to find

how about you need an upgraded skill tree to launch it and make it balanced because it’s really rare


I would lobe to see the FT but whit a high caliber machine gun


Or even better, why not add nukes to the game
There could be only one on each map and you would need a lot of rare items and skills to use it wich would make it balanced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that would be op


I made a post concerning the balancing of Tanks,

but I personally have to agree with @Froggo here, they need more care and maintenance to remain balanced.


Isn’t that already the case ?

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Yep I agree, no shit either.
Why not, it would act as an interesting way to raid, basically you have to go to the military base with your truck and pick up one missel, the slow large truck takes ages to get to the base and then you have to know how to use the targeting system by finding rare documents that then give you the option to pick a location to fire the missles, once fired only counter rockets will stop it. Missles can take 3 irl days to respawn min.

Yes I just balanced them.


I disagree. Yes, in theory armored vehicles would be kind of overpowered considering they’re immune to small arms fire and usually pack some kind of gun or autocannon, however in practice they’re far from immune.

I believe that tanks and other similar vehicles should require quite a bit of skill, as in that no one random person should be able to just hop in a tank and destroy an entire four-man team. That being said, ammunition and fuel for tanks should be difficult to find (think airplane fuel for the M1 Abrams), and extensive repairs would be needed to return a tank to working condition.

On the other hand, tanks should definitely not be immune. Two or three shaped charges or antitank grenades should definitely be able to disable (note, not destroy) one or more vital components such as the engine and transmission. More conventional charges would take three or four, and heavier weapons such as recoiless guns, rocket, and missile launchers should definitely be able to disable one in just one or two shots. Heavier-caliber small arms such as .50-caliber and 14.5mm should also be able to disable weaker areas such as the machine gun port and the tracks in one to three hits as well. Weapons like Molotovs and flamethrowers, or hell, even just pouring gasoline over the air vents and lighting it on fire, should be able to deprive the crew of oxygen and possibly even weaken the armor on lightly armored vehicles.

So no, tanks should be capable in the right hands, but never the “be all end all” weapon like you’re saying.


Or just put a log into the tracks and block them.(Modern problems can be fixed whit older solutions)


I personally feel that there should be a quantity of official maps that don’t include any armored vehicles, but I don’t hate them with such passion that I’d tell Nelson that he must rule out their inclusion. If Nelson makes a map that includes armored vehicles, I would still play it and probably enjoy it.


No,because we have common/rare/legendary/mythical rarities on vehicles.



I would like them to be in-game, but not nearly as op.

Such as tanks require g multiple people to operate, and most of the time having a broken cannon, apcs rarely being pristine enough to gloat on water, ect ect.