On-topic Discourse

The SDG Forum is the official community forum for Smartly Dressed Games (SDG). This includes their games and game events, their other websites, and general meta discussion. As modding is a core part of SDG’s games and the SDG community, both modding and general game development are also relevant to the forum.

Quality Assurance

Not every topic requires a lengthy reply. However, several “one-liners” are often better-suited offsite, or under a preexisting topic. Some topics may not be suited for the SDG Forum, and are prone to removal or other moderation. Examples may include:

  • One-liner questions that are easily wiki-solvable
  • Ban appeals
  • Similar, or dupe, topics within a short time span
  • Controversial posts meant to be aggressively disruptive
  • Unfacilitated advertisements

Direction and Purpose

The objective of the site is to facilitate on-topic feedback-oriented discussion. This is inclusive discussion amongst multiple community members, regarding topics pertinent to SDG.

The main discussion hubs are offered to best fulfill this objective. Other discussion hubs may be open to more inherently off-topic discourse, but are still expected to follow site policies. This most notably includes the “Quality Assurance” section of this policy, and the entirety of the Code of Conduct.