Passcodes for lockers

Now, this is a pretty simple idea.
Basically, you can set a combination for your locker, so that only people you trust can have access.
It’s a somewhat realistic concept, so…


Sounds like a great idea, +1.

An ancient mechanic in the old 1.0 version.

Would be nice to see it return

Lockers worked like this in 1.X, in 4.X locks will probably be placed on buildables, rather than some locking and others not. If there are placeable locks, there will most likely be some type of code lock.

I’d imagine that since lockers are, well, lockers, they should have a tumbler built in for you to set a three-number combination.

If you wanted to take the Rust approach, you could also have separate craftable code locks that you can place on stuff like doors or other buildables, eliminating the uselessness of wooden doors/windows/storage currently.

Since world buildings in 4.0 will have doors, this may play out in a very interesting way.


Exactly what I mean.

what about doors whit passcodes

By the way, I already suggested that in my comment

I do like the idea, something I actually thought about in the past.

I was about suggesting exactly the same thing.

I remember once I was in a lil’ base, 2x1, then I heard footsteps outside. I had a Zubeknakov with kobra sight and grip (not much ammo tho), then I proned in front of the wooden door waiting for them to blow it up so I could send a barrage of bullets on them.

At this point, It was like my 3rd time on a server, and I never didn’t even know that wooden buildables can be used by anybody. I was just so dumbfounded to even shoot in time when I saw that they just opened the door, walked in and smashed my head with a chainsaw…

So angry and disappointed with wooden buildables since then. We need that change.

How about a 4-number combination, because now it would be less likely for someone to enter a random password and have it work. Cuz there will always be these people who will try all possible combinations

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LMAO, have you really known so dedicated thieves?

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Believe me, I have xD (sadly)

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You just gave me an idea…

I’m interested to knowing what it is, then…

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Plays Carpenter Brut - Roller Mobster on VLC Player…


Well, I said 3 numbers, not 3 digits.

Like a real tumbler, for example, 21, 5, 17

That would be just as hard as a 4 digit combination.


Oh, well in that case, I’m all to it

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i preview “atackauthentications” in codelocks to add this need a system of death in time or “block attemps”
more i like this idea

my friend is making a plugin/mod combination for this in 3.0 if anyones interested :wink:
but yea this idea is AWESOME, but id like a choice to set a code to give access to group members and a code to give access to non group members including a pop up window with names and steam profile links to people who have access so that if someone betrays you you can easily kick them off (his plugin will work with doors to so its finna b LOT)