Pewdiepie + Unturned = Steam offline


If Pewdiepie saved minecraft by gathering millions of players just by playing Imagen if he played unturned. Steam would crash xD


No, it wouldn’t.

The majority of those players already use steam, and it isn’t a huge strain on steam as steam has to deal with thousands of people doing stuff anyways.

Also, a lot of pewds subs are people’s alt accounts, or people who subbed but don’t watch him.

Nothing would happen if heplayed unturned again, just a small increase in the playerbase for a few days.


you have to think, with how long pewdiepie has been around, a lot of his subs probably subscribed and are now dead. like a decent chunk of that subcount is probably corpses.


If we’re being honest, probably.

Though probably less than you would think, as 1 or 2 people die each second, and I’m pretty sure the majority of those deaths are from old age which is unlikely to be the people watching pewdiepie, but some of those deaths are other age groups so it’s likely that some of them could be pewdiepie subs, but also considering (ah, I can’t remember pewds sub count atm) that a large amount of people are probably subbed to pewds, then it’s reasonable to say a couple thousand of them could be dead, and if you add in potential alt accounts, you could conclude that that amount of subs is dead.

I was going somewhere with that, but it died pretty quickly

Yeah I forget that Google exists too sometimes. Anyways he’s at 102 000 000 now.

I agree with everything except for this. Unturned averages around 20k players right? Even just 1 video would probably increase the average player base for a long time.
Pewdiepie is a great source for making a game popular


i agree. i mean some people pay some big youtubers for them to promote their game, and considering how widespread this practice has become it must work. so if a big youtuber like him were to play unturned i think it would definitely bolster the player count for a fair time to come

My main reasoning is that it would probably become a huge meme in r/pewdiepiesubmissions

We should try and do that. Thanks for the idea @Syero

The thing is that Unturned been arround for a lot of time. just like minecraft.
When minecraft annonced the new PVP mechanics (1.9) then the game got split and they lost a ton of players. Pewdiepie then comes and shows that now its actually not that bad and players return because they decide to try it again and see that Microsoft havnt ruined the game.

If PewDiePie Try to play unturned then the players who joined back in Unturned 1 (and new players) will see “wow this actually isnt bad” and decide to give it another try.

Thats where games is bad at promoting. To players who is missing a game atm. When my friends ask me what to play and i say unturned they useally says “Its bad”, “its just like roblox”, “Its a shitty game” without giving it a try because they played back in 1 and got scare away by the very wierd, borring survival game.

My point is that if they try the game they might keep playing. Its a great game they just need to try it.

Pewdiepie didn’t bring back minecraft. Minecraft was already back on the rise because of good game updates, obviously he added to it, but he wasn’t the reason people are playing it again.
I recall a video called something like “Why people are playing minecraft again” Before pews even started his series.


I mean like I can promisse you that the Whole danish Community was gone and from my perspective was it still going bad for minecraft but I think the SMPLive Server + Pewdiepie did a great job saving the community

He did one five years ago and I doubt he would revisit it.

The problem is, Unturned I feel is too niché for Pewdiepie to want to replay it, despite how much it’s changed. I doubt he’ll be interested in U2 either to be honest.

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He might give it a go no one really knows but you don’t really see him doing too many videos on survival games like Rust and Unturned.

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He added a lot to it, he got so many other people playing, and other huge youtubers like jack, which he got a lot of others playing.

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