Plaque/Rack Names

What do you think about rack and Plaque (Display items) Got a name tag like when you look on a specific Item it says whatever the owner of it as put in the “Display text bar” and when people look at it will display like when you look at another player?


Renaming items is a functionality that already exists in Unturned II (via Name Tags).

I think it’s safe to say we’d be able to do this for things like displays as well, albeit perhaps through mods.


I dont think you can do it by mods. Why isnt there a mod for it with all the rp servers that could use it. + I think this is relevant for the main game.


There are currently zero RP servers in Unturned II.

If this suggestion was intended for Unturned (version 3), then you’ve miscategorized the post and should correct that.


Its a missing thing in unturned 3 and its a SUGGESTION for unturned 4 but if its already there then its cool. I dont have access to Unturned II so how should i know.

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No offense or anything, but if you read what he said, he didn’t say anything about having RP servers in Unturned 4.0. Also, his topic is in the right category as it’s a suggestion for Unturned 4.0.

FYI, I’m not trying to sound rude or anything so sorry if I do. :innocent:

It’s mentioned right here:

SnaXD was asking (rhetorically) why there isn’t already a mod for it (Plaque/Rack Names) if it was possible to do it by modding. Contextually, this question only makes sense for Unturned (U3) because that’s the game with RP servers, but the topic is about Unturned II (U4) and the game (U3 or U4) is never initially mentioned.

Prior to that, GHJ was saying that it’d likely be possible through modding Unturned II (U4).

The conversation might be difficult to follow because both games were being (intentionally) referenced in this post, just not directly (until people got confused).


I think all of you misunderstand this was a Suggestion for 4. Because i find it as a missing item in 3. “this is a suggestion for 3” is what all of you missread/asmued
because i have never said i wanted it in 3. GreatHeroJ said:

He brought Unturned 3 into this dusgussion.
Then i replyed for HIS suggestion for it in 3:

Asuming that Roleplay is going to be a part of unturned 4 since its so big in 3

If we go back and look on the main question:

Thats whats relavent and not how much GreatHero tryes to correct me or not (and he shall not it just pisses me off).

Alright, let’s back it up here and start from the beginning, since it’s clear this was a huge miscommunication. @MoltonMontro already did a good job of explaining, but it seems like you didn’t really get that, so I’ll try to explain what happened here.

You made a suggestion and you put it in the Unturned II category, implying that this is a feature you want to see in Unturned II.

I responded that something similar already exists in UII (Name Tags) and that your suggestion would be possible to achieve via modding in Unturned II.

Then, you responded saying that you don’t think it can be done by mods and why it wouldn’t already exist as one for all the RP servers, which is already a confusing response for multiple reasons:

  • RP servers don’t currently exist yet in UII, so it’d only make sense that you were referring to Unturned 3.0 when you said this. However, you categorized the post as Unturned II, so perhaps you had just put the post into the wrong category?

  • Modding is very much possible in Unturned II as it’s literally being designed from the ground up for modding - in fact, Blastlane was put into the game using the same framework that modders will eventually get to use.

  • You ask why a mod for this doesn’t already exist, but Unturned II doesn’t have a formal presence of a modding community yet, which is why this again points to you referring to Unturned 3.0 when you said this.

  • “main game”? Does that refer to UII, or to U3? If it refers to U3, then you were the first one to bring it up, not myself. The flagship project of Smartly Dressed Games is Unturned 3.0, so it’d be justifiable to think you were talking about it.

Complicating things further, you failed to include any of this in the main post and you continue to be unclear as to which game you are referring to at any given time.

People think that this is a suggestion for Unturned II because that’s the category you put on the post. But people then think it’s a suggestion for Unturned 3.0 because you ask why it doesn’t already exist there as a mod.

And finally, I’m not entirely sure what you meant by this, but if you’re somehow offended by the fairly legitimate feedback I gave you on how practical your suggestion would be in Unturned II, you should probably not be posting here. Criticism is a normal part of discussion on forums, especially on suggestion posts, and I hadn’t even said anything negative about your suggestion. If you do feel compelled to intentionally ignore what I said because it pisses you off for some reason, that’s honestly rather rude of you and often times an indicator of toxic behaviour on your part.

I’ve also noticed that you’ve been accusing other users of being toxic for giving valid criticisms too, so just be aware that this negative behaviour is something that will not be tolerated. You’re borderline attacking other users for just participating in discussion.


I think you shall report me then. It seems like you’re jaloux of MoltonMontro and the way he got into SDG. I think you shall lat the MODS do there work and not think you are better than everybody else.

And its not criticism to say “Why do you shitpost so much”? and its not relevant for the topic.

And its not criticism to go after the man when your job is to say if this is a good idea or not!

I dont get why this forum cant be a place for everybody.
an as i said in my last post:

What do you think about rack and Plaque (Display items) Got a name tag like when you look on a specific Item it says whatever the owner of it as put in the “Display text bar” and when people look at it will display like when you look at another player?
Thats whats relavent and not how much GreatHero tryes to correct me or not (and he shall not it just pisses me off).

So why do you decide to continue this conversation?
Yes i admit i misread your “Possible with nametags”
But i also said lets keep it to the main post “Display names”

so lets keep it to if Display names would be relavant for the maingame and not by Modding.

Where you categorize your thread is crucial for when you want people to understand the topic.

No one asked you that in this topic.

Feedback isn’t necessarily a yes or no. An idea has to have substance so it is constructive. The topic segued into modding to see if the idea is within the realm of possibility of being in-game. No one went after you, only the idea because there is plenty of vague communication on your part.

It is for everybody who follows the guidelines so everyone else has a good time on the forum. You could see where the problem lies immediately.

Everyone is asking for clarifications but you pass it off as aggression that nobody asks for.

I’m in the same boat as Great Hero J, we need your clarifications. He is essentially continuing to be on topic by asking clarifications to your idea.

Which Unturned is the main game?


This is a suggestion for Unturned II and i consider that as the main game.
And before you start to mention nametags then i quess nametags is like for the items in your inventory(Like csgo) but i mean like you can rename the Plaque or Rack on each server (like “3 Coins” or “300$”).

Staff Notice: I’m sure that, given the original post and the above post, everyone should understand what this discussion is meant to be about. New replying posts shouldn’t need to discussing the original confusion, as I assume it should’ve been resolved by now.

Returning to the main discussion,

In Unturned II, Name Tags work by directly naming the item ingame itself. It is different from economy-based name tags in games like CS:GO or TF2 where you’re renaming economy items.

Images demonstrating this, taken from Devlog #020, though the way they function currently is unchanged

Source. As of right now, Name Tags are only obtainable on the Firing Range map.

Because of this already being ingame, that’s why I was saying it would be very likely that your suggestion would be created via modding in Unturned II, if it wasn’t already planned for vanilla.

Ohh sorry. I must have misunderstand how you ment the nametags work. I thought the nametags where in Your Steam inventory and then you only could name items with a global name (like 1 name for all servers). Thank you.

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