hello everyone! have time i dont post a new post in hear because… well, i go important part.

after the third person ruin the pvp, the skills breaked the game and the snow break my helicopter because
the helicopter don`t have a #@$@!@ of a balancer in the painel, i go talk of a polemic theme!


ok i joking. in this topic just go reclaim of things. i dont go talk a idea or anything of genre, you solve this (in plural)


  1. Problems in PVP
    1.1 - LAG - how don´t have a good sistem to fix the hitbox and the real position when two idiots are exchanging shoots and a guy view the other first when hes advance (is serius RUSH WITH A IDIOT IN THIS GAME GIVE ADVANTAGE).
    1.2 - 3° person - Well you go concord of this with anyway is a problem! (hey more have servers with first person!) well for view the admins of my country not know change this.
    1.3 - walk and shoot with a idiot no give unvantage (review the 1.1)
    1.4 - bullets don`t lose dmg with distance

  2. Problems in skills

2.? i post a topic of this with my sugestion, more you concord the skills are very unbalanced!

pls view this link

3.Status in itens
3.1 well i have a problem wich clothe protect more?
3.2 Maplestrike or heartbreak???
3.3 liberal or conservative. Ok i place a sugestion in here.

well is this you resolve (in plural because the english don´t open a option)

Lag is a fairly big issue but as long as you’re in the 100~ range the game is playable.

3rd person isn’t too much of a problem as there are ways to either disable it or only allow it in certain situations, such as vehicles.

Phantom hitmarkers are actually one of my biggest issues here lately. Light someone up and they take no damage.

Spec-Ops clothing is best for defense, thief is best for storage, and military is a good mix.

Maplestrike has less recoil, higher fire rate and is generally better. Heartbreaker is a personal favorite due to recoil which allows for easy headshots and a slower fire rate which saves ammo.

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Google Translate has joined the server.

You should type slower…

Also choosing between maplestrike and heartbreaker is impossible on vanilla servers… Maplestrike spawns on PEI, heartbraker spawns on Washington, I’m not sure if you can get them from airdrops (I guess not).

Conclusion? Another steam discussions quality post, you didn’t even talk about something everyone wouldn’t know aobut

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