Ray Tracing

Nvidia kindly sent over a complimentary RTX card, so I did the setup for 4.0 and it’s quite incredible:

In case it wasn’t clear: the reflections and shadows are using the real-time ray tracing. It’s interesting seeing some of the different side effects, e.g. the scope reflects the environment behind you. Going forward I’ll have to keep this in mind with the metallic materials!


I can already hear my computer screaming in pain, thanks Nelson!


this actually makes me super excited. I finally have a use for my 2060!


Complimentary? Any chance they can be convinced to send me a complimentary one? I really want to see what kind of things come out with ray tracing being used.

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This is a dream come true.


I feel like even a gtx 1050 ti could render those shawdows. Definitely not the mattelic or mirror materials though.

Very cool! Now I can mentally justify my RTX 2060 purchase.


Ray tracing is a lot more intensive than you might think. A 1050 ti won’t be able to ray trace very well

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you get an rtx when you get a girlfriend


Awesome to see this kind of support being introduced! If you don’t mind maybe you can show that RTX in your setup :wink:

Damn everyone in this topic has powerful graphics cards while here i am with my gt 630 from the Mesozoic era

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2060 gang

Bottom text

When you upgrade, shop cpus from amd for performance. And Intel if you want quality.


@SDGNelson Just out of curiosity, will a GTX 745 be able to run this at max graphics?

I used to have a GTX 745, one is still lying around my room somewhere. I can say with confidence it will not be able to run ray tracing or unturned II on max settings.


One more reason to change computers.

Well, time to get a new graphics card. Any suggestions that are compatible with an HP Envy Desktop. Specific Model No. 750-171.

Prior to scoring a 1050ti early this year, I’d been playing Unturned on a Quadro 600 since 2014.

If your graphics card is from the Mesozoic era mine straight up predated the Earth itself. I feel you.


Does “she” have to be real?


(Btw, pic related, my computer model)

Reason why I post this, is because I want to upgrade my graphics card to be able to run Unturned II at max graphics.