Server Blog?

Should I create a Forum thread where I review Unturned servers (namely RP ones) and reply with a review every once in a while? A sort of take my mind off of myself and throw it in a dumpster and cry about how I could’ve had a job or my medical perscription or Jimmy from next door while eating ice cream.

  • Yes- I’d like a little blog about servers.
  • No- it’s a stupid idea
  • Null Option

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Back again with one of these ?

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Nah- one kinda sucked, the other one I made yesterday, the one I did yesterday got me thinking expanding to a little blog where I can just mess around and have fun going through servers.

It feels like a passion project, it’s not really pushy or anything too, so I just want to do it as a little thing to screw around. Where I can document my experiences for some people to read- if they want to.


Inb4 it’s just Rains P2W list again


I’ve not really heard of RainofPain but I’ve heard his name everywhere in the forums- who the hell was he xD

Before your time

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Fascinating xD

image image

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Null Option gang


Basically the living embodiment of your average Twitter user


an old frend

You’re giving me chills dude, I literally hang on twitter all the time and get these fucking chaz sickos in my timeline all the time, thinking of deleting twitter


who the fuck are you following if these chaz larpers are showing up?


People I follow usually retweet them and make fun of them, and any other way they can appear on the timeline

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