Shoes and Gloves in 4.0

It’s been brought up a few times about having new clothing slots, but never really got a full thread that I’ve seen here. Essentially Shoes and Gloves would be added, with the former being extremely common and the latter less so. While they’d be mostly cosmetic, some could carry a few special attributes such as Shoes: Higher vertical angle climbing, faster sprinting, or quieter sneaking. Gloves: Faster draw speed, faster climbing ladders, slightly more melee damage.

I’m not one for long lists describing every single thing that I think should be added, so here’s a quick rundown. I’ll leave stat allocation per item to your discretion.

Running Shoes

Surgical Gloves
Fingered Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Work Gloves (Think Mechanix brand)


Heels would probably look terrifying aesthetically. Wouldn’t mind brass knuckles being added as a glove though, or stuff like Hazmat suits requiring boots/gloves to function properly.


I just tossed in whatever came to mind first to let readers get a feel for what I’m suggesting. I’m sure Nelson and his all-seeing developer self will come up with some amazing gimmicks to seemingly ordinary objects like those though, as I’m completely down with that.

i just want cadpat gloves for the meme

As 101 said,…

They shouldn’t provide a significant upgrade. Only minor

I suggest …
Tactical Gloves - Faster Reload (5% faster)
Biker Gloves - Stronger Punch (5% more damage)
Sleight Gloves - Faster Ladder Climbing
Casual gloves - normal stats (starting gloves)

Military Boots - Faster sprinting (5% Faster)
Stealth Shoes (Sneakers) - Less stepping sound (5% less audible)
Heels - Less sliding speed off steap slopes (10% slower) at the cost of more stepping sound and speed (-5%)
Casual shoes - Regular stats (starting shoes)

I believe it would be a good idea if players spawn with the worst clothing and the most basic outfit.
Casual shoes and gloves can exist with multiple colors for diversity


cadpat gloves for S U P R E M E M E M E R Y

Am I missing a meme here? And if so can I get the rundown on it?


This would probably kill the joke, but I still don’t understand the meme part about these gloves. They look fairly normal

Surgical Gloves: Faster first aid/pills appliance
Fingered Gloves: ???
Fingerless Gloves: Faster weapon draw
Mittens: Found in Yukon and with the same warmth properties as the scarf and toque
Work Gloves: More melee damage

I like the idea of different clothing items giving you boosts like these. I’m planning for the skills to be implemented through a stackable attributes system so your clothing item could have a list of boosts like +10% reload speed, +25% backward swimming speed while eating, etc.


owo what’s this Nelson likes my post

Also +1 for

A truly needed meme feature. You better add this just because of the ridiculousness of you saying it xd


Memery aside, this is such a great feature (the attribute-based system, that is).


It is. Personally I’d favor a dual-tier system where you can spec into skills (I’d rather have a gradual Path of Exile style perk system instead of the current bar system), and a complementary as opposed to supplementary clothing/equipment/item stat bonus perk system

Ridiculous??? This is a feature that we need, imagine the potential of swimming faster backwards while swimming! THE RAIDS THAT COULD BE DONE, like… ok maybe not raids but whatever you could escape players! Maybe not as you fill your hunger too fast and don’t have enough extra speed while swimming. Ok I’ll think of something.

To be more serious on the topic of gloves and boots I think that we should consider the damage reduction and I think theif shoes should be the sneakey shoes and the sneakers be the fast shoes.I also think that flipers for quite faster than normal swiming would be nice although a disadvantage would be sloooow movment on land.

And maybye Nelson could name the flippers something funy like “Duck Feet”…I dont know if that funy i dont have a good sense of humor

I don’t think flip flops are gonna be a good addition because it would be a major disadvantage to everyone. Most of our time is spent walking and running, no one is willing to sacrifice that for faster swimming

Was a typo, but “oh god no.” In all seriousness though…

A lot of people would, especially if it was a direct upgrade to some alternatives or if you had to use stamina to swim. Or, if you had an underwater base or large underwater cave. It also just makes sense in general if diving gear was a thing.

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And now, for the new meta.
People stacking +5% Recoil Control through clothing LOL