Shower thought: Use of entry points

Too minor to be worthy of actual suggestion status on my part but maybe a thought worth discussing. Also I’ve lost the motivation to actually make a fully fledged suggestion for a while especially as uni starts again, I swear I’m still somewhat alive though

This makes some assumptions based on ideas from my past post on senses and sensual manipulation mechanics for Turned, animals, and NPCs. It doesn’t really have a formal direction though so here goes.

  • since buildings in the world in UII will have doors and windows, players will have new avenues and ways of dealing with the Turned in such locations using these entry points

  • when the player runs behind and closes a door while being pursued by Turned, some will lose interest but stay in the area, while others will attempt to break down the door, this is loud and may attract additional attention from other Turned as well as NPCs in a nearby radius

  • additionally there may be Turned that are smart enough to use a door

  • upon sight of a player through a window, Turned may either linger at the window or try breaking it to get through. If the window is reinforced or bulletproof, Turned will attempt to break it but will lose interest eventually, either staying nearby or wandering away.

  • This provides a lot of new ways to think about using entry points when fighting or escaping Turned, but also provides interesting tradeoffs in gameplay decisions. For example, choosing to close a door to impede a pursuing zombie, but risking it banging loudly on the door attracting additional attention via noise.

  • The player can use entry points as a way to distract or otherwise manipulate enemies as well, especially by intentionally damaging or breaking them to create noise.

  • Breaking down a door or shattering a window is the loudest and most attention-generating possible action, but just the act of pounding a door will cause noise too. Breaking a door down may also cause damage to whatever is on the other side. Shattering a window may litter the area inside with dangerous glass shards depending on the material of the window. (maybe provides an incentive for players making increasingly resource expensive tempered glass in window construction than normal glass?)

  • NPCs should creatively utilize doors and windows as well, typically for concealment or defensibility.

  • attempting to go through a shattered window may cause you to cut yourself if the window is not tempered

  • wooden doors may splinter when broken, causing partial holes, while metal doors are much harder to fragment (unless with use of explosives or high caliber weapons for instance)

  • both doors and windows may be pried open with appropriate tools if locked, this is quieter than breaching but still much louder than properly unlocking and opening them

EDIT - wanted to add something:

  • some doors and windows are alarmed, even in locations like regular suburban houses, so breaking them trips the alarm, which can be disabled if you can find a corresponding security system console inside. Many vehicles are also alarmed if you attempt to break into one or otherwise damage it

  • things that cause electromagnetic damage can disable security systems as well, a la @MoltonMontro’s brief coverage of disabling electronics in his Turned mega post

  • the player can improvise or otherwise make security systems of their own, or use them to make noise traps



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When you mentioned the alarm system I immediately thought of Project Zomboid. Some things are locked, some aren’t. Hit the wrong entryway and the whole city is after you.


Great idea, although I think that I might have mentioned slamming doors being a distraction before.
But this idea is much more developed than mine.

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