Sleeping players in Unturned II

Nelson recently updated the Trello and added ‘Sleepers’ as a possible gameplay feature. I’m quite torn on this as on one hand it’ll force you to think in advance and find a good place to hide, as well as making sure you can’t combat log, but on the other hand it basically requires you to have a base to make sure you won’t get killed and looted overnight, and even a raid can negate that, losing days or even weeks of progress in something you can’t even counter. I’m interested to hear your opinions on the topic.


I’d prefer sleepers if you do combat log. Not when you leave peacefully.


I have been Thinking about this,the best thing i could come up with is sort of a long term solution.
make it so if u kill a sleeper u will get -RP heavily or u will be prevented from doing certain actions(like quests) or trading important items BUT you will still have the ability to steal Some items(not all of it) of the sleeper so ppl will choose the most important items to steal. that way ppl will have a bigger reason to build bases even small ones and no combat logging .

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Honestly I like this idea. I’ve seen this feature in ARK while playing on Soygon’s ARK server as well as ARK in general, but mostly on the Mesopotamia ARK server.


Ah, yes. Sleepers, a functionality that has beset me since my earliest days playing Rust. I’m personally on the fence about it from a gameplay perspective - I would support the functionality being added in game, but:

  • it should be disabled by default, leaving the option open for server owners to toggle. This is perhaps the best compromise since we will avoid a lot of complaints from people who are accustomed to U3, and it leaves the door open for non-survival custom gamemodes to not use it at all. Server owners trying to promote a hardcore experience may enable it manually.

  • there should be a time duration option to discourage combat logging or other questionable tactics while still feeling fair for everyone. For instance, if I had a server of my own, I’d likely set this so that players would remain in the world asleep for 15 minutes after they leave the server, and after that their body would disappear until their next login.


Hey, I’m just going to quote & link the card in its entirety so people have quicker context.

Logged-off denizens remain as sleeping bodies for at least some period. Perhaps geared players are permanent whereas naked players eventually decay.


Personally, I’d prefer it if the player only slept for an arbitrary amount of time before vanishing much like what happens when a player logs off right now. This would prevent both combat logging and losing everything because you went on vacation or had a medical emergency.


I second Froggo’s opinion. Sleepers can be present for, say, five minutes or so as a deterrent against combat logging.

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Honestly I’m pretty torn. Given this and all the new base building mechanics that are planned (and may be coming back from 3.0), bases are going to be a central part of the game, like rust. For players that may just like to hobo around and don’t like to build bases, this is a pretty annoying feature. Maybe the sleeping setting could be a server choice, between always on, never on, or only lasts for a period of time. This meaning, you would only be vulnerable for however long the server owner wants you to be. A default of 5-10 minutes sounds like a fair balance to me.

On a different note, some people may have to leave the game earlier than they may intend to due to irl externalities, like an emergency, and may not have the time to go find an area to hide in for those 5-10 minutes, or however long. This is pretty unfair for those players. Seeing how the game is currently moving away from the casual audience into a more hardcore audience with it’s level of depth, this may be a smaller issue than what I’m proposing.

Also, wasn’t there something about sharing character data between servers? Would that possibly conflict a little bit with this mechanic? Or was that idea scrapped?

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i hope he realizes this would basically mean that if you log off for more then a day your loot is fucked


On a semi populated server? Try less than 6 hours, especially if the community is anything like what it is in 3.0. Currently you cant leave your base unattended for a few hours.


It encourages players to build bases. I like.


I think it should be optional. In survival games you usually have to resort to building a base, which I don’t like. You should be able to build a base or survive nomadic. Player choice is usually always more important in my opinion.


Imagine being a hardcore player- you’ve built a massive base and have a kickass group of loyal players all fitted to the max! You’re an avid fan of Unturned official servers and you’re decked to the max on nearly ALL OF THEM! (basically me except RP instead of survival)

You have to go on vacation with family.
Or leave for a few days
Or your Internet shuts
Or something tragic IRL happens.

When you need that community and love or you need that escape- You join to find a naked body

all those friends and the progress you made with them? Gone, thrown like trash, only them mentionning how you lost all your loot.

Depending on circumstances, people can be legitamately fucked up/quit the game due to this.

It also allows for a slippery slope with potential official servers.

I mean we have a market promising “Distinct” items and we have a necessity to keep playing or leave.

Doesn’t that just sound like a (in certain aspects) dumbed down Farmville?

And even if you think not- it’s actually slightly WORSE THAN FARMVILLE here and there as you will LOSE EVERYTHING if you go inactive for a few days or 1 week.

And it’s not even like you’re able to interact via mobile or laptop emulator’s or pc emulator’s.

So even better luck to you my friend.

Absolutely STUPID idea. I’d donate my blood to a charity to remove this (I’m a Unturned ADDICT GOT DAMNIT. I NEED MY FILL, SELL MY LUNGS PLEASE I WANT MY PROPER FILL)

This is why you don’t let kid’s stay up too long.

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Maybe tie sleepers in with the exit system we have in 3.0. After every so many seconds, the length your character spends as a sleeper is reduced. Wait long enough and you’ll be able to leave without a sleeper left behind after this timer that would be forced in 3.0 has finished.

I agree with Azzaholic I think giving the player the opportunity to choose their style of play is very important. A nomad cannot be penalized because he does not like to build a base, but the base builder must also be rewarded for his work.
I, personally, hope that the bases are extremely resistant (with the exception of decay over time), to the point that it does not pay to invade any base, the player should choose his victim wisely, instead of invading the houses like crazy. So that the houses do not become indestructible, I believe that it must have weaknesses, such as doors and windows and that the buildings cannot be removed and collected after a while after being built.

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I for one am ALL IN for sleeping players. I think the flow of the game is ruined when the superpower of the server can log with 5 toons all loaded with raiding gear and high end loot. When you raid the best player on the server you may get the scraps but the rest are safe in the void.

The loot should stay in the world and not disappear to a void. I think its a game mechanic that holds Unturned 3 back. I am not even to0 worried about combat loggers but more worried about players keeping hidden with a military’s worth of raiding gear and then coming online and destroying the servers bases, and going into hiding again.

If I log in and I have died in my base overnight so be it, ill just just put my big boy pants on and go at it again. This is why superpowers own servers and walk around looted all the time. If they get raided and there loot is taken off there sleeping bodys. They have to start over, cycle of life, the way of land.


Yes we need this, no more hoarding loot offline and then coming online to wreck house. Loot should stay in the world. Helps the server flow with the natural balance of the rise and fall of kingdoms.

I agree, no more hording loot offline. Makes bases a must.

Honestly, this would fucking suck. Imagine having your base raided, but your body (sleeping on your bed) also killed and bodylooted. So you basically are guaranteed to have no stuff when you log off on a populated server.

That would be really lame. This is a bad idea.

Even if it’s for a short period of time to deter combat logging, what if you needed to leave for some reason, while in the middle of combat? Then your stuff is gone. That’s really stupid.

I feel like a lot of suggestions on here don’t sound like they’d make the game any more fun or challenging, they just make it a pain in the ass and something that would just annoy people and stop them from wanting to play the game. There’s a difference.


refer to above 5head