Slower healing

Right now one of the main problems in unturned is how easy it is to heal, use a Med kit and gain back all your life in a matter of Mille seconds. Instead unturned II should have much more slower and ballenced healing.

For example a rag can heal 5 health in 15 seconds, all your doing is rollaong cloth around a wound, not much precision needed

A bandage should heal 10 health in 25 seconds, a little more precision needed but not a lot

Medkits 25 health in a minute, takes more time because you need to be more precise with sows and scissors and you have to open the box Ect

Also notice how the med kit takes O V E R A L L less time then the rag with med kit healing 30 hp in a minute while healing 30 hp in a minute and a half I want reward the players for thinking ahead of time. Also this would enforce pve

Please tell me your questions and concerns to spark a conversation,

Also I wanted to add that cough syrup and other medicines like would be instant use without having to stop doing an action for more then 5 seconds also the healing process would be speeded up.

Also wanted to clarify that half the time would be used to apply medicine and once the medicine had been applied the player will gain a third or half health immediately and the other half would be the player slowly gaining health

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