Solutions to 'KoS' player behaviour issues in unturned

Hey, I really think that players KoSing in unturned is a really annoying aspect of the game that even contradicts with the original idea of the game itself.

So, I would like to get some people to discuss about possible ways of decreasing the rate of KoSing in the upcoming game. Some changes made in the game itself in order to discourage, but not eliminate possibilities of KoSing.

One of my ideas is making the environment to be more of a threat than the players themselves, which should get the players to work together in order to be able to counter all the threats that the game’s world has to offer.

I am not planning to go in depth on that idea. I want everybody to discuss about a possible solution to this. If you like my idea, we can go in depth on it. If you have an idea of your own that other people like, we can go in depth on yours.
I want an open conversation, so please feel free to participate.


make the whole game PVE


Look, I am sorry to say this, but the solution you gave doesn’t quite apply to what I said in the post:

KoSing = killing other players =/= PVE.


it was a joke if it wasn’t clear. leave it how it is u cant change people there always and will be someone who will do kos.

environment to be more of a threat

which should get the players to work together in order to be able to counter all the threats that the game’s

yeah i would kill all those players who work together and take their loot so i can survive more and leave the rest of the loot to the others


For clarification, I am going to say that my intent was reduction of KoSing, not complete elimination of that aspect, because that is obviously impossible to achieve.
Discourage =/= forbid.


UGH such minecraft noob


It’s actually been a while since I last played minecraft.

Alternatively, instead of giving a crap about this game with potential I could just up and leave and never come back to that game again, considering it’s state and what kind of people can be met in it’s community. (By saying that I don’t mean that there are no good ones to meet)


Make ammo rare, I mean real rare.
So you’ll have to choose between killing a few undead or that random bambi that just spawned in.
Zombies should also have the ability to converge on unsupressed gunfire (kinda ties into your whole environment being deadlier shtick).


Personally, I believe that KOS is a problem that will always exist, even if it seems boring and boring to me.

Knowing this, forcing the game to be more focused on PvE, can be a very promising solution, as players will have difficulties to survive, so avoiding combat is a way to increase the chance of survival; another possible solution would be for a penalty for people who killed a player who just spawned and has not yet picked up any items.


I see the problem with this.
It’s not that easy to, and I quote, “decrease(ing) the rate of KoSing” due to the fact that, well, human nature.
How else can I explain this? Reducing the amount of people that KOS is a difficult task, not to mention almost impossible when you factor it with a PvP aspect. In many PvP scenarios in other video games, you tend to kill to survive. This ties in with this easily.
Kill or be killed, live to fight another day.
You could even go as far as to say that “kill or be killed” is the motto of Unturned PvP.

My overall point is, even if it is possible, it’s pretty damn hard to do.
This isn’t a thing with the playerbase. It’s with, as previously mentioned, human nature. Survival is critical, and nobody likes dying, video game or not.

A feat to rival even that one Austrian dude who broke the sound barrier by, uhh, falling.


I have a solution that works in such games as project zomboid. But given the view differences this would actually make this better for pve and discourage pvp. That is have a large amount of zombies in towns and stuff. When you shoot your guns tones of zombies will surround you and you will have to fend them off rather than fight.


the environment would literally have to be hell. On top of the fact that this would create clans or large groups that hunt and feed on the weak rather then helping the weak.

And also noting the fact that weak and new players would find the game extremely difficult to find a weapon or even a simple piece of food.


DOOM, but doomguy doesn’t exist


Maybe they could add a system similar to Fallout 76 or GTAV wherein players who KoS get penalized, or other players see their location on the map and are given an incentive to hunt them down.


Have a karma system with rewards worth investing in. For example locked protected slots in inventory that are not dropped upon death. Being a “good player” would make players more willing to use their better gear as they won’t lose it.

This is obviously an example. The only way to lower KOS is to incentivize the player to do so. The mechanics need to produce the dynamics you want.


I also wich that the KoS mabye could be redused a little bit.

This could happen but It doesn’t need to be seen as a problem, it could be seen as a possibility to make the game more dynamic and it could make the game more interesting in that and many other ways.

If clans and groups of people would form troughout the game then the only threat wouldn’t only be the environment anymore, It would also be the player groups. same comes with players as with the turned, alone they might not be a big threat but, as a group they might become a big treath.

The groups and clans that form might not only be hostile, players that prefer playing peacefully, and I assume now that I’ve read here that there are other people than only me, could also form groups and clans and build up “safezones” (which could be attacked sometimes by hordes or bandits/hostle players)

I’ve actually been thinking to write about groups and sutch stuff, but didn’t really have that many ideas about it.

I’ve also written something about cities and factions a while back if anyone is interested in such stuff, it’s a little bit relatable to this topic in someways, not directly but you get what I mean.

Dynamic world, factions and such stuff


Real interesting conversation.

if only we could ahve a system where everytime you kill someone you get electrocuted that would be some goddamn stakes

KOS is always going to be a thing, so its important to look at why it happens:

Usually, questions that are asked when a player goes to shoot another are
“How good of a chance do I have to kill another player?”
“Is it worth it? Do I get enough loot out of it to justify my investment (being bullets lol)?”
“Does killing this player present any potential challenges in the environment (such as zombies or another player hearing me)?”
“How can I trust anyone?”

In 3, you spend very little resources to gain a lot. PVP is pretty forgiving due to hitboxes and such and it is usually not hard to get the jump on someone. There is no reason to trust anyone, and being friendly is a strict disadvantage.

If you increase the investment or make it harder to invest to begin with (aka making good guns rare, and ammo hard to come by), you make players less sure of themselves and lower their confidence to win a gunfight, which is probably one of the main reasons KOS is so prevalent in 3.0.

Increase the threat of PVE. I think between new zombie types and bandits, this will certainly be done. Make gunshots noticeable as well. I believe that the addition of some PVE “endgame” things like excursions will also help.

Give reasons for players to actually interact outside of shooting each other. Expand on safe zone mechanics as well as have a fleshed-out trading system. I could see potential for types of reward mechanics that reward players for cooperative play between different players/groups as well.

In the end you can only encourage a more “friendly” playstyle but you can never ensure it, which is honestly fine. But I would definitely love to see some support for a more friendly playstyle, as currently in 3.0 there simply is none.


I am happy to see that we are actually discussing about solutions to the problem.
The new ideas seem to be even applicable, and I am overall happy that there are people that care about that problem and even collaborate in the discussion.