Speed Reload (and other viewmodel things)

I’d effectively like to see Insurgency: Sandstorm’s reloading mechanics implemented.

Tapping reload once will do the current style of reload, in which the spent mag is deposited in the inventory.

Tapping reload twice will initiate a speed reload, which will play a different, faster animation. Your spent magazine would drop to the floor akin to Unturned 2.0 (this would also provide opportunities for cool looking mag flips in the reload animations.)

For revolvers, a speed reload would drop all the bullets, while a normal one would drop only the empty ones. Swiftness could be assisted by the use of a speed loader.

You can interrupt a reload if you want, but if your magazine was removed from the weapon, you’d be left with only the one round in the chamber and would have to put the mag back in if you want to finish the reload.

If suppression is added to the game, it’d be nifty if your viewmodel would shake and quiver when under fire
(somewhat similar to when your health is low in 3.0 or 2.0)

Taking this idea to the extreme, being under pressure could result in the reload messing up. Maybe your character would forget to chamber the weapon, or struggle to insert the magazine. This idea might be a little too obnoxious however.

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Quick reloads are planned and suggested to death.

Also I dont really approve of any kind of physical suppression mechanic, suppression is completely mental and should stay that way, no one likes getting shot at in a video game, especially a survival one where loot fear exists, and you fear being killed. If you are being suppressed you arent going to peek unless, so it is already effective enough. Maybe a bit of cosmetic blur and shake would be fitting, but it doesnt need to be overdone.


yeah, nah mate. could be nice if the reload was different but the same speed (ex. the guy pulls out the mag incredibly quickly but struggles to get it in for a second), but what you suggested sounds as obnoxious as you think

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Just gonna say, when you have no experience with guns, reloads are stupid slow because you hesitate and try to put the mag in, but at the wrong angle, or you are slow to even eject the mag. Reloads should be a bit slower in the beginning.


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