Stealthier reload

One thing that I think would be nice to add is a quieter reload. Instead of tapping the reload button, holding it would make the player do a much longer but quieter reload. It would be nice in those situations where you have the stealth advantage but don’t want to loose it loading up a fresh magazine in a noisy way.


Great idea. Maybe you could unlock stealth reloads by upgrading some skills to a certain level? It’d add a motive to level them.


At the very least having some choice over how you reload would be nice. For example could also be used to shorten reload by throwing away the magazine, or longer reload putting it back in your carrying pouch.


just like Escape from Tarkov.

so good idea

double tapping ‘r’ in quick succession should throw the magazine with the remaining bullets away. This mechanic is in other games, however in most of those games you cant pick up your mags again, yet in unturned you can. This could be improved if you made it so the magazine just disappeared, however that would cause unwanted chaos as some people unknowingly double tap ‘r’. So would prefer letting the mag drop.


Well, it doesn’t make sense that the magazine disappear simply because you threw it quickly to the ground. It would make sense that you’d be able to pick up back up, because realistically, you can.

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Yet again unturned aint about full on realism, is it

You shouldn’t sacrifice realism on something that makes absolutely no sense. Just because you threw your mag out quickly doesn’t mean you never want to use the ammo. It just means you need a full clip immediately. It makes sense that you’d be able to go back and retrieve said magazine. Things like that don’t just magically disappear.

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He already agreed with that opinion boyo. :+1:


coming to think about it, the mag reload speed for most assault rifles, both with no and max skills is already enough. It should really be slowed, A LOT, and the scaling on the skill should be equivalent so that the reload speed right now without any skill level of reloading should be the one achieved at that of the maximum of the new said skill. Thus, it would make double tapping and faster reloading much more viable.

Anyone agree?

I agree. It feels extremely fast at no level of dexterity. It doesn’t make sense that some random person with no experience with guns should be able to suddenly have military experience in reloading a 5.56 caliber assault efficiently


A bit irrelevant and an entirely different game, but Gears of Wars reloading came to mind when you mentioned “skill.” (Player “skill” versus EXP systems.)

Someone needs to make an Unturned 4.x post on skills/skillsets/experience/crafting.


You read my mind. I was thinking of some ideas on how to make skills different but still fun to use, was going to make a post later perhaps.


honestly i think what i want most in the reload animations is a sense of urgency, at least while under pressure

it doesn’t have to effect the reload’s speed in any way, but seeing the character struggling to fit a magazine in or completely missing the charging handle would be a SPICY HOT detail


by skill here i meant the click on the skill,spend x exp and get another bar into the skill. Never played gears of war so i have no idea what you’re talking bout

Ik you meant that, I was saying that nobody has brought up actual player skill-based mechanics yet.

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Can’t agree more, You see i was in an PvP situation i merely escaped and i wanted to reload and the reload sound was so loud he just ran straight up to me and mowed me down with the Honey Badger.

Well guys, in survival the most skill that is dependant on the player controlling everything is limited to:

-Knowledge of surviving,mechanics,numbers etc.
-Gun handling (Mouse handling)
-Maneuvers during situations (wasd)
-And psychology.

Other than this, the move speed,reload speed,farming speed etc. are all inside the game and out of our control. So yeah, Nelson needs to keep this in mind while making 4.x skills

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