Stasven Teaser #9: Your First Reminder That We're Still Going Into 2020 Despite What Some Of You (You Know Who You Are) Seemed To Think

Probably the weakest teaser yet but bear with us, work’s been slow again as of late

First up, though:

This time it’s not being delayed again from my initial estimate of New Year’s (even if it’s released unfinished, screw it y’all deserve playable content)

Now, the actual Stasven content:

New distance fog (very pretty)

Temple updates (very menacing)

Skybox updates (very low poly)

More nice fog + location work (nice morning vibes)

Underground area progress (very glowy)

And now, some lore we’ve been cooking up, because I’ve neglected to do that for the past couple teaser posts:






- Stasveni / GalStandard bilingual workplace safety poster from a Fitzden mining facility

“Good evening, everyone.”

"It is my solemn duty, as the current President of the Unified Galaxies of Terra, to announce that we have come under siege by a new alien threat.

"Dubbed the Harmony, this new threat is one thatGUIDES THE LOST BACK HOMEassimilates those that it defeats into itself, as to exponentially grow itself like the ancientBLESSINGdisease we used to call ‘cancer.’

"Just as we have overcome ‘cancer’ and erased it from modern galactic society, we shallCOME HOME TO USdo the same for the Harmony. Let the record show: humanity willBE WELCOMED WITH JOYOUS HEARTS AND HOLY SONGSnot tolerate threats to its people and colonies.

"I am activating the eXtraterrestrial Defense Force and all of it’s reserve units to combat this new threat, and I call upon the galactic community at large toBE LED ASTRAY FROM THE FLOCKjoin us on the front lines toDIE FOR A CAUSE WORTHY OF NOTHING BUT RUINprotect the only home we have ever known.

“Thank you.”

- UGT President Pochra Devayastri’s declaration of war against the Harmony, on Eleven 5th, 3277*
*dates represented in 13-Month Galactic Standard

“…very few who’ve seen the true face of Monochrome don’t often discuss what they’ve seen, but the even fewer who do speak out claim that there’s a truly alien side to the enigmatic megacorporation - one where ethics and science has gone out the window in favor of the exploitation of ancient arcane forces far beyond human comprehension…”

- An excerpt from a dubiously-sourced guidebook to the Milky Way’s megacorporations

So yeah, that’s all for this one

Alaria drops sometime in February, you’ll get to play with some guns and vehicles n’ stuff and I’m pretty sure we’ll be yelled at by people who don’t get what a ‘demo map’ is and it’ll be fun, yeah


I like the flares that you gave to some of the lights, very nice touch.


"To prevent this threat and as your new president, i have passed a new building order,

we will build a new

W a l l


Stasveni language is just space Polish.


when you use Stasven Teaser to get likes on the forum: stonks

Its a joke don’t tell anyone


the art of the deal

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:arrow_double_up: Unturned’s Dead Playerbase rises :arrow_double_up:


Are you kidding? We don’t make money off of this and are doing it for the love of it, I’m dealing with stuff IRL, as well as other things. I can’t speak for Falken, but he’s probably in a similar boat.

Please don’t comment stuff like that, it’s demoralizing.


oh shit i didn’t mean it to be rude, i totally see why it came off that why. my bad broski.


I like the colorful lights

how is it anything like polish :l

itt: stasven devs get triggered by this joke that got deleted:

real talk time: drmz is right; the ‘release when’ jokes arent as funny to us as they are to some of y’all

2 years of work and more to come and then we see ‘lulw unturned 6 will be out before statsven’ as one of the more common comments, alongside ‘release date when’ or ‘new half life 3 epic wait time joke’

comments like those hurt on a new level y’know, we don’t rush our shit because we want to make shit that’s good and apparently people don’t like good high quality shit

we’re also putting up with irl things like drmz said, i’m dealing with class and driver’s ed and life in general while i’m not sure how much drmz wants to talk about his life but either way it all digs into our development time (that was why alaria got pushed from christmas all the way to february despite being a small firing range map)

if you can’t be patient and respect that we’re not modding machines who live lives of modding and more modding, we could just drop the very unfinished current build of stasven as the final product and blame you guys for wanting it out early when you start complaining ‘why big hyped map shitty and empty and broken??? fapkin carl’s jr and dreemurr zit answer my steam comment or i will unfollow your twitter for lying to me harder than no man’s sky’s announcement trailer!!!’


tl;dr: release date joke not funny anymore, make it again and i’ll come to your house and kiss you on the mouth
i’ll do it swear to god i will


release date joke is just something everyone says like 3 times in a thread whenever a stasven update or like any devlog/map/ongoing project update is posted

i dont think anyone at all finds them funny ever apart from like the people who post them

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and now the non rant reply:

lens flares are such a lame concept yet they look so good in practice so i put them on everything

i will build a fat sphere around the milky way and make the harmony pay for it

if they have money

stasveni culture is heavily inspired by eastern european ones, mainly communist ones

lots of focus on working and collaboration, but instead of everybody hating work and starving to death it’s the opposite

the language is basically bootleg polish but with like no polish words whatsoever, meant to be more condensed than english and distinct enough to be heard in a crowded mine: lots of focus on individual ways of saying things to distinguish between mine personnel

bro me too

at this point they’ve gotten old and just piss us off

they just hurt us on some different level that i can’t really explain, and that’s why me and drmz went ape


“hey siri”

“how to cause galactic bankruptcy”

yeah dude they have galactic Peso’s

space schmeckles

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Originally saw this when it was originally posted, but didn’t feel like I had anything to add, now that some time has passed, and that I’ve read the post, and some of the older ones, again, I feel like I can say/ask some things.

First of all, awesome job on the environment of Stasven, Unturned has never looked this good. I’m especially impressed when it comes to the lighting/effects of some of the environments/objects.
The lights on here are so nice to look at, I’m assuming this was accomplished with a mix of images and modelled god rays. If not, how’d you pull it off?

I have some questions regarding both the demo map and Stasven itself.

How well does Stasven run? I know we’ve seen a screenshot of your FPS at the centre of the map, but how is it in a more “intensive” location, we’ve seen some before, how’s FPS at this location, for example? Oh and, what settings are you running, and what are your PC specs :griefer:

How much content do you plan to cram into Stasven? Are you happy with the project as of right now?

Any more details on Alaria?

From older screenshots I can assume Stasven is using Legacy, are there plans to switch to Devkit at any point, or will you be sticking with Legacy?

Does the map use masterbundles, and if so, what’s the file size? :griefer:

What’s your main source of inspiration for Stasven? I’ve been trying to think of more outside-of-the-box ideas myself, and I was wondering if you have any good pointers for where to find inspiration.

What does Drmz do :griefer:

Hopefully, these weren’t too invasive, looking forward to playing Alaria!

Super Secret

Will continue to pronounce Stasven as Statsaven


thanks, we’ve always felt Unturned’s been lacking in the looks department (though tbf 90% of that is for performance reasons I’m sure) so being able to work on something like this is a welcome breath of fresh air from the generic modern day look

particle systems and point lights, coupled with some handy particle shaders
not the best solution performancewise but definitely the most versatile when it comes to doing stuff

all I can really say at this point is that Stasven runs better than PEI v3

it definitely pushes my computer a bit though, but I’m chalking that up to the game’s optimization moreso than Stasven’s
(working on the Temple areas used to make my computer physically REEEEEE but turning vsync on and getting radeon chill going helped that a lot)

I posted specs in that same thread with the first FPS tests but I’ll repost them here

essentially mid-tier PC specs, nothing spectacular
it’ll average maybe 25-35 in intensive areas, caps at 60 in open fields with vsync and all settings ultra

we’re maybe 2.5/5 of the way through the actual project, since we’re running behind due to burnout and irl things that need to be done
luckily we’ll be able to get a lot of this done this year i hope

the current to-do list (potential spoilers)


  • couple dozen more large objects
  • flesh out medium and small objects
  • quest objects
  • lore notes (perhaps test audio logs?)


  • finalize guns + ammo (probably the most polished part of Stasven right now)
  • melee weapons that aren’t industrial ones
  • attachments (literally only sights exist right now, we’re very behind on that part)
  • food and drink items
  • quest items (try to make quest items physical instead of just objects with flags)
  • crafting (full crafting rework based around tiered portable fabricators)
  • structure components (unsure if these will be cut or not)


  • 2-3 car manufacturers (Tavron, Valence, [name TBD])
  • XDF vehicles (air, sea, and land)
  • craftable vehicles
  • vehicle barricades


  • finish major locations
  • work on smaller filler locations
  • finish safezones (Stavex Underground and FOB Ustani)
  • figure out teleport solutions for caves (framework in place with the Temple but we need more)
  • spawns: zombies, animals, items, vehicles, everything basically
  • quest locations
  • ‘dungeon’ locations (ship wreck, hidden facility, deep core)


  • animals (more Harmony creature types)
  • optimization pass on everything
  • sound pass on everything
  • playtest to kingdom fuck
  • pray

as for if we’re happy with the project, it’s 50/50
we love this shit, it’s fun to work on and talk about, but at the same time it’s a bit of a slog to get through it all

however, we’re setting up a system to try and kill procrastination a bit, we’re going from no deadlines whatsoever to having specific times and dates to work on content

for example this week I started small and worked on a in-game way of showing navmesh boundaries and figuring out solutions for edge-intersect shaders: the property demarcation lines tm

next week it’s finishing up an ongoing model rework for one of the weapon manufacturers, then it’s on to working on objects for a major location and getting prep work done for it

we’re sticking with legacy because as far as I know the devkit’s been basically abandoned

plus the workflow with legacy is much better than constantly switching back and forth between devkit and legacy editors to handle things that just don’t exist in the devkit

what I will say though is that some devkit features are being used, mainly terrain holes and spawnpoints

masterbundles are happening around launch time, but I can tell you the filesize right now uncompressed is:


it’s big innit
how about my current unity project?


it’s big

honestly it’s done at this point, but we’re working on a few more things to not make it just a table of guns out in the middle of nowhere by some spikes
some weapons crates, a dropship, maybe an easter egg or two, etc etc

as for what’ll be in it, you’ll get the map and around 12 or so guns from Stasven to shoot some targets with
there’s also 1 vehicle and a grenade you can throw

it’s not much but most of the non-gun content isn’t fleshed out as much as guns are so eh

Stasven started as a clone of Death Stranding so there’s that I guess

we then started piling more things onto the fire and now Stasven’s inspired by a whole ass list of things

to name some of them, we got
  • Destiny 2
  • Splatoon
  • Zelda BOTW
  • the techwear community
  • r/HFY
  • FAITH (the game)
  • anarcho-capitalism
  • Warframe
  • my self-esteem
  • Star Citizen
  • Animal Crossing
  • basic economics
  • Arma 3
  • Ikea
  • random concept art found on Google
  • and more

I will say that for the most part Stasven’s slowly becoming it’s own completely original deal thanks to some [REDACTED] going on behind the scenes


he tolerates me



stats van