(Suggestion) Building Physics

It would be more fun and realistic if you were raiding someone and you could just watch hours of their hard work and time fall beneath your feet, as you demolish everything that is imperative to them :smiling_imp:. This idea would also prevent people from making cheeky raid towers and sky bases.

What do you guys think? Leave a reply, I am curious.
Leave a like on this topic if you would like to see it implemented into the game :smiley:.

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Raiding (as of now) still consists of ruining someone’s work that took hours to make. Raiding is too easy in 3.x
So adding physics to buildings will make raiding even easier when you can easily break the few floors and everything else falls apart


I had the same idea. Putting a few charges around a tower, detonating them, and then watching the rest of it collapse to the ground would make cinematics a lot more… cinematic.

I completely agree with this, it would be nice if they made raiding harder.

On the other hand though, we really need a stability mechanic for barricades at least, given how often people ladder with plates over your claim flag

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I agree, this is one of the main reasons I want them to add this mechanic. That is what I meant by “raid tower”.

True, but at the same time, we use this to raid Sky bases because finding a plane is a pain in the ass therefore making Sky Bases literally unraidable
I’d say Buffing up the claim flags to have increased horizontal ranges and significant increases in vertical ranges

If there were physics involved, there wouldn’t be skybases.

If there were physics involved all bases become a toothpick against raiders

I’m not saying that I necessarily want physics or not, just that your point about skybases was moot.

But I’m trying to tackle all questions at the same time

But your concern about the strength of bases was already mentioned.
To protect against having your base collapse in this hypothetical version of Unturned, I would suggest building wide, flat structures.

But these wide structures are going to need a wide space, therefore decreasing concealment. Making your base a target for more people. Because I’ve made multiple decoy castles on public servers. Because of its size, it was a target for everyone. It was raided so many times and I end up fixing the damages to get raided again.

Hopefully 4.X will be able to have larger maps without breaking the game.

Rust already has a stability system as well as a more realistic building system than that of Unturned, and to be honest, all you have to do is not build stupidly large overhangs. Building wide is not necessary at all if you are competent with architecture.

Skybases = gone
Plate raiding = gone
Stupid massive 100m barbed wire fence-walls on a car = gone
Blocking off an entire town with large walls and a ceiling to match = gone

I would agree with that, but at the same time, people who make tower bases, you know, nothing too unreal. Width of the base = Width of the top,
All raiders have to do is destroy a few walls at the bottom and everything falls apart. That’s my main concern. Making raiding easier

I agree they should have a physics system like Rust.

Maybe make a more complex destruction like R6S along with building physics, so even though it would be possible to make buildings collapse, you would have to go out of your way to do it.

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