[Suggestion] Hiding mechanic

Hey, I got an idea for a new mechanic that would add more interaction with objects/structures and some stealth atmosphere.
And I mean here a hiding mechanic.
Basically it consists in hiding inside/behind/underneath objects or structures such as foilage (bush, trees) and maybe artificial objects (wardrobes, beds, bath tubs, trash bins).
So, you’d “prompt” hiding by going inside the object (maybe opening it first or switching into another stance) and staying still (and maybe closing it to decrease visibility). You could also lean out a little with W or Q/E buttons.

Example: You’re being chased by a zombie into a building, you closed the door behind you.
You have nowhere to run, but there is a wardrobe in the room, so you open it, walk into it, and close it behind yourself. You hear the zombie come in, you stay in the wardrobe to remain unnoticed. After a while, you want to check if the zombie left. You press W to gradually open the doors a little bit to look trough the gap, or press Q/E to open slightly one of the doors to look trough the gap of one of them.
You see the zombie is still there, so you close the door back with the “opposite” button. After you are sure that the zombie left, you press “W” continously to walk out of the wardrobe.
Hiding won’t work if the zombie saw you walk in, and you can alert the zombie of your presence if you make sounds/make the hole too big/the zombie sees the door move. You could also hide like this from hostile NPCs or other Players. There’d also be a hidden (or visible) “exposure” meter to see how much you are letting enemies know of your presence, and it increases by making sounds/being more or less visible.
However, NPCs will be much more clever: will immeaditly search the room if they see that there isn’t any way out, unless they are distracted by something else. Also, hiding from NPCs would only grant a feasible chance to remain unnoticed they didn’t even see you/are unaware of your presence in the area.

What do you think about the idea? I am open to hear your feedback.

  • I like the idea (you like it, and you probably want it in)
  • I like the idea, although I think there’s something missing to it/I’d slightly improve it in a way (you like the idea and maybe would like it in, but you think that it can be improved, so feel free to say what would you like to improve in it)
  • I don’t like the idea (you just legitimately don’t like my idea. Would you kindly explain why is that so in comments?)

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Sure, why not.

Yes. Good :face_with_monocle:

thou I’m not sure how this guy is going to fit into a wardrobe


Solution? Make the wardrobe bigger.


Or make the character smaller :wink:

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You cant just ignore the purpose of wardrobes just to add a hiding mechanic

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That will certainly work too. :wink:

I would just like to add more uses for commonly found objects; hiding may be one of them. Another one could be it’s original purpose: storing your clothes in them.

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when you make a post about hiding and some guy does the same

hiding 100


Would probably be easier to just have closets and etc be fairly roomy so you can just open them, walk in crouched, and close them, and have turned pathing have a line of sight mechanic paired with a time since last spotted by another turned, and have a relationship between all of the factors.


This, also sound being a factor

And that’d allow for other, weirder hiding spots that are good but are in crazy spots. Would definitely make hiding a useful mechanic if it’s not restricted to a couple of set spots. P9’s hide and seek videos have shown just how many hiding spots there are in this game so I suppose that’d carry over to UII.

I still cant believe you can actually hide in fridges

It’s an added feature to hide from nuclear explosions.

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Or hide the explosions. Once I put a claymore inside the fridge, closed the fridge and activated the claymore by standing in the “front” of it.
It exploded inside the fridge, but I was completely unharmed. The explosion’s range was limited to the inside of the fridge.


ahhh the nostalgia

It is a good idea, so it brings an extra utility for objects found in the day to day of the unturned.

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Hey all, I just added a poll to my post, so you can precise if you whether would like the idea that I suggested in or not.
Feel free to vote!

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