Suggestion: Pre-Release Rewards & Quests

The first suggestion is to add some in-game quests for testers before the full release stage, so that they have a higher incentive to play (too many people quit Unturned Early Access before properly playing the game for an hour or so), and can maybe earn some unique cosmetics and whatnot.

The second suggestion is to add some unique cosmetics you can earn for being part of the Unturned II community, and contributing in some way, prior to the full release.

When I say unique cosmetics I mean something as simple as the Berets in Unturned I.

Some quests might work but nelson will have to stop working on the game to work on the quests and that will delay the release and from what i’ve heard there will not be cosemtics in Unturned II so there will need to be another reword

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Maybe he could add a unique crafting recipe? For example an armoured vest, or a revolver with a scope or something?

In terms of the quests, they’re important and can make the game more fun, so they’d be worth adding

Yes but that is something he would work on later down the road, right now he is still working on core elements for the game that need to be done before we get any quests and what not.

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The game is in Pre-Alpha demo stage. I think quests that are part of Unturned II by default, and for all players, should be added before the OBT. Other quests, such as what I suggested, should be added before the CBT.

We don’t even have the Turned in the game yet, and I’d say they are probably a bigger priority than quests atm, we will get quests when the time is right.

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no because it’s just gonna be gnosis all over again

How so? I do not understand the link?

Why do you want Nelson to make the pre-release that much fun? He will just waste his energy for a version of the game that is probably going to change alot. Just be patient and wait for him to add proper content and mechanics instead of quests and achievements

Because it will encourage people to actually get on and play. During Unturned I early access so many people who have less than 1 hour just left and did not properly experience the game.

During Unturned’s early access the game had peaks of over 45k players, it has always been played a lot.

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That’s not what I said.

Sure, the vast majority of players like it, but quite a lot just didn’t bother even playing an hour. Adding quests for different testing stages could fix this. It’d also encourage people playing the Alpha/Beta/EarlyAccess to continue playing despite the fact that the game is incomplete

That would be a great idea, that will make people actually feel useful to the community, and it would be sometuug that will make the UII community(a couple months after the release) respect them.

Exactly.Maybe some clothes to go with it too,idk.

The options could include clothes, unique crafting recipes, maybe a unique vehicle skin, or some other skin, etc. Or maybe even a unique character model?

CharacterMeshReplacementTest unique skin in UII :joy::joy::joy:

Just because one would play the game ?

Something like the EA cosmetics at most, everything else like the other berets from Unturned you mentionned have nothing to do with playing the game at a specific time. They’re in the game for rewarding users that helped with issues and are very limited.

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The Early Access Beret, Gold Beret, etc aren’t exactly limited. Also, what do you mean the EA thing?

EA = Early Access

And yes they are since they can’t be obtained anymore. And I was referring to cosmetics like the white hat, the debugger’s beret.


Gold and most others can still be obtained.

Gold/Crimson berets are unobtainable since they require having played the browser version of Unturned with a premium account that granted you a key for playing Unturned on Steam before the release.

EA beret/shirt are pretty self-explanatory I guess.

White hat and Debugger’s beret are very limited, out of all the reports for bugs and exploits probably less than 20 have been granted so far.