The “Benson Bexton” Suspects cold case, two years later

however, upon reviewing the sus pects and the evidence, it seems clear. We’ve been conned. Benson Bexton played the long game and predicted memes of the future. He was hiding in plain sight.

start the mob.

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I think its danaby


Don’t walk this path my brother, it will only bring insanity and sorrow

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isn’t it obvious who it is?

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I swear this is going to turn into the “I’m howtobasic!” thing all over again

Benson bexton doesn’t exist, he’s just the unturned boogeyman, a story told to Pierce fear amongst community members, go home.

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Hey guys rain is being crazy again let’s all shit on him

I’m totally not blueberry man in the disguise of an internet shitposter

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I have all evidence. I did a long invistigation, found all clues and figured all things that were missing out. I was one time so big brain person that I did even more work that was originally intended.

Research that I did can make me a Nobel prise scientist.
Benson Bexton was playing a dark chess game, but I outsmartingly won him, surviving the unbearable and accomplishing my fate.

In the end and all together, I want to say this, finishing mystery completely solved:


Harassing someone for a

This is the funniest thing you have said lmao

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