The "Benson Bexton" Suspects

Here are the Suspects for the Benson Bexton twitter Account

He has access to the Marshmello meme
He even made a topic about it
But then again, Rain is unfunny af
but he could be fooling us

Just seems Fishy enough to be a suspect
i’m not clownfishin around when i say he’s to suspect

Photos of Benson have been found of him inside of Kuwait
which is a unreleased map

Just seems like a suspect
Also seems to be a friend of Benson

Funny Fella
Has Humor
Closest Suspect

But, he could be among us as we speak
He could be in this topic right now
He could be me, or you
this mystery will be solved


wait what what is this

Benson Bexton is well known and good friend of the unturned community
yet his identity is unknown

But we have suspects

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off you mean :b:enson :b:exton

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Definitely Animatic :rofl:

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I feel like it might be Danaby.

ahh right,
i forgot to add dan

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Dan is my favorite.

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That’s why I think it is Animatic.
Unless someone else has access to it?

idk, but i think we can assume two things from a benson X animatic connection

  1. Animatic emailed Benson
  2. Benson is Animatic

Lol yeah basically

Fake news. Sad.

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Maybe it’s you? :thinking:

I thought it was super obvious.

hopefully we can solve this mystery soon


i’ve confirmed that i’m a friend of benson in a interview from 1997 i’m not benson bexton please stop asking ok thank you

arent you in his banner aswell?

can confirm they are two different entities they both follow me on twitter.image image

wait a second…

they’re relatives

meaning that they are brother & brother

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