The Environment

Since the focus of 4.x is survival and realism, I came up with some ideas that could make the game more interesting.

My first idea is the addition of wind. The first part of this idea is having wind affect the environment around the player. For example, trees could be knocked down, sea/oceans will have more waves, bullets being affected by wind (Slightly for PvP), strong winds making it hard to steer cars etc… My second and last part of the idea is having different air pressure/air density (Less air the higher the altitude). Oxygen deprivation on high altitude is already part of the game, however, it would be interesting if planes/helis wouldn’t have much or no lift on high altitudes not needing a sky limit (Not sure how this would work for skybases).

My second idea are weather events. Snow storms are already part of the game, but it would be awesome to have weather events like hurricanes that can last for a few minutes (Can also rise water body levels = floods), fog (obstruct vision) and sandstorms on desert maps (obstructing vision/can have debree). Other weather events like, tornadoes, tsunamis are other events but doesn’t really fit with the game. I would like to see more suggestions about this idea.

My third and last idea is having mud (slowing player/vehicle movement after rain/storm) and quick sand to trap players (debatable).

I would love to hear feedback and suggestions about these ideas!


Maybe it could effect clothing. Like backpacks and strings hanging from your hoodie.


I wanna build my base in quicksand surrounded by swamp and spikes. No one shall come near me without a helicopter and knowledge of which helicopter pad is the one not rigged with landmines.

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The idea itself sounds great on paper, but in action it’s not
Don’t get me wrong, your suggestion is pretty creative, but having random events wouldn’t be fun because let’s say you worked hard to build a base or you just found a car after weeks of searching only to find out that it flew off the floor and flipped mid air and crashed


No one suggested wind destroying buildings or vehicles.


Weather events don’t have to damage or even destroy cars… I’m just saying that it should have some effect on them like the difficulty of steering when the wind is blowing the opposite direction.

Nelson was working on some stuff about weather on dev blog 3

Well, when trees are torn off the ground from their roots, i think a regular wooden base would fly away as well

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Hurricanes should destroy wooden bases and some cars it would be fun and great in action


It’s all fun and games until you finally get a base set up and a hurricane rips through it.

Natural disasters shouldn’t exist in Survival games as base-destroyers, because nobody should lose all that hard work and effort to something they can’t control without making a metal or brick base, which are far costlier.


Log cabins are pretty sturdy, if we could place tents, or walls made of sticks, I’d be fine with them being destroyed by wind, but any type of building in the previous iterations of the game should receive minimal damage from the wind.


I agree, I also never suggested anything you’re disagreeing about.


I would like to have base destroying weather. if you crates inside that should not break it should just get knocked by the wind and depending on how much weight is in the crate, the more it would travel.

What I mean is if you are carrying 50 pounds worth of stuff and a crate with 2 pounds worth of stuff, The crate with 2 pounds would go flying.

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I changed my mind. log houses should not get broken but tents with small sticks supporting it should go flying away.

Then hurricanes woulf be a wrong choice of words
“Harsh winds” would be a good way of saying it because hurricanes break houses and pull trees out from their roots. We dont want that


I really agree with you opinion

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I also think that the harsh winds/hurricanes should deal massive damage to light vehicles like horses, bicycles, and maybe makeshift vehicles.

On the trello he said horses might be added for transportation

Well, who leaves a horse or bicycle outside?


Oh boy, nonononono. Nelson’s Trello says wind will affect to a projectiles(rockets or arrows), but not for a bullet
If there’s asimulated and realistic ballistic trajectory, then sure.

To clarify: bullets are projectiles. (Also, the Trello is not the best place for getting information, it’s quite archaic.)

I’d recommend people read this though regarding ballistics for bullets specifically, which Nelson replied to with his own thoughts: A 4.0 Ammo and Ballistics Concept.

Not feeling it too much, but possibly more notable footprints after entering mud? :thinking: