The more op weapon in unturned

Hello guys! the unturned have problems have times i speak of this in other topic for example in Skill Trees and the thirdperson (i go scribe a topic of this), now i go speak of the big problem in unturned the op weapon in unturned… The cars!


1. Is possible armor the vehicle using any barricage.

    The problem on here is
  • 1.1 its impossible attack the conductor of vehicle
  • 1.2 With resouses you maybe raid using barricages in you vehicle (for example ladders) or mading a "Plank of spikes" and stoping the car

2. The logic of speed in vehicles.

    The problem on here is
  • 2.1 The vehicle don´t have march transforming the same in a machine of 0 at 100 in miliseconds.
  • 2.2 When vehicle as damaged his speed don`t decrease or lose eficience.

3. The logic when you crash or exit of the vehicle

    The problem on Here is
  • 3.1 when the vehicle crash don`t have a range cost from the pillot and to peoples inside of vehicle.
  • 3.2 the passager can exit of the vehicle don`t having penalities.


1. Is possible armor the vehicle using any barricage.

  • 1.1 I no deny, certains constructions in vehicle are good more transform a bike in a prototype of apc with 1 people. the solution in my opnion is you can construction more please nelson create glasses and othe things craftable for vehicles, and things destructbles
  • 1.2 Cancel any construction for vehicles! Exeption for constructions made specialy to place in vehicles

2. The logic of speed in vehicles.

  • 2.1 maybe this don`t is nessessary, more add a type of march or when more you increase the speed more hard is increase the speed
  • 2.2 a frequentrly problem in unturned is when you as driving and view a player you go pass over of his, my solution is damage in vehicle reduce you speed (respecting the physic lain) and the resistence go stop you vehicle slowly

3. The logic when you crash or exit of the vehicle

  • 3.1 when you crash the vehicle, you and other people in vehicle maybe die. yeah this is good! or receive damage is a good options to maybe place safety belt.
  • 3.2 you can exit of the vehicle any time, the solution in my opnion are, you go exit? Ok you go receive damage. in my opnion when you are inside of vehicle you life has in hands of the pilot don`t in your hands.

and sry for my english

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I can just barely make out what you’re trying to say, and most of these are already on the Trello (Glass for vehicles and other destructible bits) and others are just unneeded (Special craftables for certain vehicles)


Ok dude I have no problems to understand your english (I’m German).
Some things like the glass seem to be added in 4.0 (Trello Wishlist ).
The idea that you die when you crash seems realistic and I support it.
I hope that we still could build on vehicles in the future, but this should can disable it it the game settings or make just a few things like crates buildable on vehicles. We allready have this feature with the sentries. Did someone of you tried to build a sentry on a vehicle? It is red coloured an says: not mobile. This should be possible for some other things, too.
Seatbelts? I don’t like this idea, in my opinion it doesn’t fits to the game.

Cars are anything but OP. They are not very good with PvP generally speaking for the following reasons:

  1. You can literally spray any gun in the general direction of an average car and it will immediately be destroyed. Armoring one is highly impractical, takes lots of metal, and can easily be bypassed.

  2. Cars are high maintenance, and require plenty of tools and equipment to sustain, like gas cans, blowtorches, carjacks, tires, and vehicle batteries.

  3. Cars are not very agile compared to players in that it is easy to dodge out of the way of one that is incoming.

  4. Cars can be stolen.


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