The new CoD Modern Warfare looks great! I love the low-poly style they chose





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Yay, another mediocre generic shooter. Not like we have enough of those already.
One can only shudder at the ways they will fuck w/ you and your wallet this time around.

If the game is decent

Not P2W

has spec ops mode

Runs decently

Fun to grind multiplayer

Then I might get it.

speaking of no P2W, COD could always try going the F2P route with its game and generate money off that alone. Apex Legends did it and they’re massively successful. :man_shrugging:

To you

We’ll see. It’ll be milked, that much is certain. Outright Ü2W, not too sure. But you of all people should not be supporting this kind of business.

Yea, that’d be neat

AAA studio, thn again that does not carry much weight anymore performance wise

If it was not they would have fucked uo their core game mechanic

TL;DR Even if it was a game I’d enjoy I’d not be getting it (not anytime soon and for full price anyway) since I ain’t giving those guys a single cent

I bought atleast 12 copies of MW3. A few physical disks because I kept breaking them, a disk for the Wii, a few digital copies last year so me and my friends could play spec ops online on PC.

I think the games are always rediculously overpriced and overhyped. I still enjoy them. Spec ops was my favorite gamemode ever. Literally ANY kind of survival game is fun as hell. Nazi zombies, fun. Spec ops, fun. Firefight from Halo Reach, fun.

I’m really excited for Halo on PC, Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Modern Warfare, and Unturned II.

On that note, the latest CoD title I owned was Ghosts, and as a kid I didn’t see anything wrong with it (While now I see nearly everyone absolutely hated it). I enjoyed BO1 and BO2, and I own WaW on PC. A lot of those maps are great from those games, which is why I compiled a list of them in my TTT idea.

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Spec-ops mode is one of those things that I’d love to see as an entirely separate game. Never was able to play online because of how Xbox is but it was more enjoyable than anything else I had. I sadly haven’t seen many games that aimed to recreate that idea though. I’m kind of hoping that later on for UII someone modifies Horde mode to be like it.

Yeah. What I mean to say is I love games with potentially endless content. I love Tower Defense games because you can always try different maps, diffetent tactics and towers, different upgrades. I love Tycoon games because the game never stops, and “rebirths” or “resets” is always rewarding. I love Firefight and Spec Ops because we can cooperatively fight enemies and have fun.

Thats sorta why I like Unturned. You can do lots of stuff, but you also have the factor of survival/zombies, and other players. In a big environment, it creates the ability to form groups of survivors and have lots of fun. I wish we had more replayable and “endless content” for Unturned II.

which is one of the reasons I suggested this


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Beware the Frogman Corps.


Not as sexy as FF7 poly models

While the game itself is actually pretty good we all know they are gonna dump lootboxes and microtranscations in it come January/February.

Real shame

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I’d say Ghost was and may just always be the objectibely worst entry into the franchise ever.

I remember enjoying it.

Of course, that was when it came out. And when I was a lot younger.

But still

If they end up revamping the spawnsystem and bringing some of the OG maps back, I see myself playing it more often

Ghosts did a lot good, and holy shit it did a lot bad. To this day I still think it has the best create a class/character system out of any cod game. The pick 21 (or whatever number) system was great for all playstyles and allowed the flexibility for some off-meta ideas. Weapon and attachment selection was fun and there were loads of character cosmetic options.

But maps were poorly made (cough stonehaven cough), destructible environments were a neat yet underused gimmick, the campaign was abysmal, and compared to Zombies or Spec Ops, Extinction dropped the ball big time (was still fun, but not as fun as it needed to be). Unlocking stuff also went the Black Ops 1 route in the way that you really don’t ‘unlock’ anything, you just buy them with points you get from playing, and progression was kinda non-existent.

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Yeah, literally the only positive thing I rmeber about it.

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