Their shouldnt be a 3rd person

omg that’s genius lol

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What he said.

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You can disable thirdperson on your server. So if you are annoyed by it you shouldn’t blame the game but the server owner who decided not to disable it.


Nelson is trying to make this game less about pvp and more about working together so most of the time you wont get in those situations
(he said that in one of the interviews)

and if all players in the server have 3rd person nobody has an advantage

I dont see your point

Nah, read this post its a good explanation on why third person is broken

It is turned off by default in 3.0

I know because I had a server once

I feel like the topic creator wants this off because he/she was killed by a 3rd person fighter.

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Or maybe because of hundreds of deaths and hundreds of kills only because you didnt see them or they didnt see you. Completely unearned kills on both sides.


U know, stealth is a completely valid tactic.

Lete explain, who is rewarded more, the person who checks corners, or the person just running around, letting everyone know of their presence. Also, if you dislike 3rd person so much, try to stay in cover most of the time, and yeah.

Or just make sure you avoid places where hardcore pvpers hang out. And actually listen to your surroundings, 3rd person isn’t op, it’s mostly how well you react to someone shooting at you.

Also, you guys Blame all those deaths on their person, but how likely is OT they were caused by them being turned away from the attacker.

i also heard servers can disable 3rd person and set it to first Person only.

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Or being bad at pvp in general.

The thing is, lets say im in a shootout with another guy, he is on a window and Im behind of some sort of dumpster. He can freely look at that dumpster without exposing any part of his body I could shoot, making it impossible to counter play. As soon as I move he will know, and might even possibly try to shoot. In the meanwhile he could move or do whatever without me seeing.

This doesnt also just apply to firefights.

Lets say im approaching a house.

Im checking the windows and see its all clear,
that means nobody is on the windows and nobody could have seen me from the inside because I didnt see their head peek, right?
Well it doesnt matter did I check or not because the enemy could just stick his head against a wall and see me from his perspective, while making it impossible for me to know this or counter play it.

Actually, You could technically counter play the player camera glitching through the wall by simply dropshoting him or jumping around left to right

Assuming people are camping corners (which honestly doesn’t happen that often) you cant check those corners from 20 meters away. If they see you coming they are going to gun you down. Going run and gun is super easy and not punished at all in 3.0, I mostly play that way, just because usually people are pretty bad and you can just go prone and gun them down pretty quick, or just strafe away.

My actual problem with 3rd person is how boring it makes gun fights. It distills them down to two people hiding behind trees and waiting for the other person to peek, and usually they/i only peek when they/i make a move and switch cover, only in response to them/me switching cover. There is no “oh jeez la weez where could they be hiding” because they/i know exactly where they are.

You can really avoid pvp zones seeing as they are just the military bases so that doesnt work too much, except for on washington, because there are usually a ton of people in seattle. Listening to your surroundings works pretty well, but only to an extent because footsteps have a instant drop off range (iirc) instead of becoming quieter and quieter into silence. I usually only ever hear people because zombies get aggroed. Also yeah fast reactions (ie dropshotting) is a pretty big chunk of (very heavy quotation marks “skill” I would give it a 10% map knowledge/sound 20% reaction 30% aim 40% third person.

I dont blame all my deaths on third person, I also dont blame all my kills on third person. Its just that a large chunk of both rely on it. I used to be a pretty big tryhard when I played it with all my friends, and abused it a ton, to the point where it became a massive crutch, which is why I havent played unturned in a decent amount of time, the pvp just becomes so boring.

Its a little tricky to find active first person servers that are public, when I set the filter to first person only theres nothing under 300 ping that is active.

Not necessarily, you know exactly where he is, as he aims trying to watch you move, while you can move to the other side of the dumpster and he couldn’t know. Yes, he has more cover, but that isn’t a problem related to third person.

If you don’t expect someone in some place, you let your guard down. And you should never do that, unless you are literally in your own base.

Expecting someone to shoot at you is something you should always do, even if it seems like nobody is there. Also, if you can react fast enough to someone popping up in the direction you are looking anyways, you probably shouldn’t be playing pvp.

So you want third person gone… Because fights are more boring with it.

If that’s not stupid reasoning, I don’t know what is.


I mean yeah, that and the massive gaping holes it leaves in any form of balance in gunfights, the lowering of any kind of skill ceiling and literally every other reason dozens of people have brought up multiple times, like what I wrote in that paragraph past the first sentence of the second paragraph.

But yeah I guess I just dont like how boring it is.

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You dont know exactly where he is. Thats the point I made. While he knows youre behind a dumpster. He doesnt have to aim to watch you aswell. And he can see 3 sides of the dumpster. The forth one he cant and youre behind it. I dont see how you would move to an none visible part.
He literally doesnt have to do anything to see your every move.

“Letting your guard down” isnt really an arguement here. Lets say there is no third person.
You are in a house. You know a player is around and have a window overlooking the only entrance. You decide not to expose yourself and look with a risk of getting shot. Now its just a guess if he is in the house or not. You dont know because you didnt keep an eye out. But you still didnt take the risk of getting shot or blowing your cover.

Now lets just imagine that same scenario in third person. You know exactly where he is, you didnt blow your cover, you have no way of getting shot/hurt/killed, and you know exactly the moment when he enters the house. You might aswell just peek and prefire him in a matter of a second.

You can still have your “guard up”, but that wont help you in any way. You can have your “guard up” when in a narrow hallway of a house, just about to enter a room but then a guy prefires you from another room in the narrow hallway because he could see you, but you couldnt see him.

“Expecting to be shot” also doesnt matter. You can expect it and still do nothing about it. You will get shot and die.

The last sentance you made doesnt make any sense whatsoever and completly contradicts itself. Im gonna guess that was a mistake.

Are you talking about the 1st or 2nd scenario?
In both you are pretty far from your enemy, and the problem is more so the information he has about you by doing literally nothing.