Their shouldnt be a 3rd person

there shouldn’t be a 3rd person because it would be abused way to much especially in combat for example a person shoots at a guy and the guy goes behind a corner and goes into 3rd person and now he can see past the wall and know exactly when to shoot or when he is about to come to the other side. or nelson could add a visibility line so you couldn’t see past the wall in 3rd person. plz tell me if its a good idea


There are quite a few topics on this already. It certainly has been debated to death at this point.


tbh i have to disagree. Mainly because certain people like different play styles. Although, u r correct about the looking around a corner thing, ut then again, everyone has the ability for third-person, so it isn’t unfair at all.


If you aren’t the one behind the corner you are at a disadvantage as you don’t have defenders advantage. Read any of the linked posts to see plenty of information on why 3rd person is bad

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actually, could work like world of tanks, where they’re invisible unless they’re in your sight-line (though exclude its “other teammate has spotted mean you see through walls bs”) This might make it so even with 3rd person, if someone is listening to the game noise, they can get the drop on someone.

With this, you cant blame 3rd person if someone gets the drop on you, you can only blame your own ignorance.

The famous spotting system and the environment of team-based vehicle-arcade games are vastly different from open-world survival. I really don’t think the WoT spotting system belongs in here, as it makes PvP trivially easy. It doesn’t reward skill because it makes it blatantly obvious that someone is in your line of sight, even if you haven’t actually noticed them.

@achillies8891 I’d personally like to not see third person make a return the way it is in 3.0 except for cinematic or administrative purposes. If it does (which it likely will), the current mechanic of the crosshairs disappearing while ADS-ing is very nice. A centered camera would do wonders as well.

In addition this topic has already been heavily discussed. Please use the search function to make sure nobody has an identical topic before posting.

I didnt mean their name shows up, more of that they appear. you know, the tanks in WoT disappear for the other team when either A, the only person who was watching them was killed, or B, you stay hidden long enough.

Dont get me wrong, I dont care if third person is in 4 or not anymore, but its just a suggestion for if it is.

PvP centricism. Makes little logical sense, and this can be balanced in far more intuitive ways.

I still disagree. :man_shrugging:

ehh, it makes it so you can still see what the place looks like, but not able to see the dangers. so I dunno. I was more of thinking it would make players pay more attention to the noise that they hear.

But I dunno. tbh with something as over discussed as this, its pretty much for nelson to decide XD

Third person could always be reworked, even if added we shouldn’t expect it to be like the current one anyways.

Yeah, I like the idea of it because of freelook. but meh.

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I see this argument time and time again. Just because everyone has the ability to hop into 3rd person doesn’t mean that it is fair in any way. it basically means that if you want a fair fight with someone, then both will be hiding behind a wall forever, because the person exposing himself is litereally putting himself at an disadvantage by not hiding behind a wall. When someone is behind a wall and you’re not, you’re put in such a strong disadvantage that it is not possibly fair


It’s not “unfair” in that everyone would have access to the same ability, but it does create a meta that heavily favors players that stop to see around walls without exposing themselves. Even if a complex system to limit how players can spot eachother, players could still see zombies, animals, items, buildings, potential cover, and/or terrain.

well with how I suggested, you wouldnt be able to see zombies or dangers. all you would be able to see is the buildings and details. you could walk around the corner straight into a mega without realising.

I dunno. Maybe thrid person should just be another thingt hat servers can disable and/or the ability to disable or enable seeing other players when not in the first person viewline

The way I see it most suggestions for how to “fix” the third person view run into a problem of showing too much, not giving clear enough indication what is or isn’t in view, and/or would cause problems with optimization.

Also I’d like to quote the Holy Words of Noslon Sexyman just as food for thought:
“Allow configuring as much as possible, but not fundamentally different options like the forward/deferred rendering option in 3 which is a nightmare to maintain.”

It should be an option, but make it an option for the server owner. For official servers, have some servers for first-person, and others for both.


I would have to disagree, third person is good there just has to be an option for it to be turned off in servers for roleplay servers are pvp servers that dont want it.


Heres my idea on fixing third person

when you equip an weapon you automaticly go to first person no sidepeeking just middle third person camera
that is if nelson wants to include it in the game i hope he wont add it

I disagree. Solution: Like in 3.x, there could be an option for Servers to deactivate it.

I think it should be turned off by default.