U4 Improvements

Havent made a post here in a while but I’ve got some suggestions/improvements for Unturned 4.0.

  1. Pointing your crosshair at a body part of a enemy while attacking with a melee weapon will make the melee weapon hit the body part that was being pointed at (ex hitting a leg with a axe would break the bone, slowing the enemy down)

  2. More farmable plants, like flowers (will be explained later) fruits and defensive plants (plants that hurt you in a way when touched, like cacti). This will allow us to craft more variants of food, variants like burgers that replenish more food than raw materials like tomatoes do. Cacti can be put on a dull weapon like a baseball bat to make it deal more damage.

  3. Paint buckets. These are entirely cosmetical and just improve the look of metal,wood. If precision building will be added to U4 then players will be able to create cars that, well look like cars, instead of gray metal retangles that dont show as much detail as paint does. Paint can be crafted using the flowers in the previous suggestion.

  4. Trailers that can be attached to cars. Since U4 is gonna be more realistic than U3, you cant create a tower of pine crates to the build limit on a car, so you will need a trailer to carry more storage. Cars can also have a towing capacity, the more you put on, the slower it is.

  5. Vehicle modifications. Since cars now have a towing capacity, you need to make it lighter, so that it can carry more stuff, so why not add carbon fiber pieces for each car, that adds another reason to visit the mechanic. But if you have a secure base set up somewhere, you dont need that much storage, and the zombies keep wrecking your car. Why not craft makeshift armor for cars ? That will slow down the car due to the weight, but it’s atleast zombie proof. Improved armor can be either salvaged from armored vehicles from the military base using a blowtorch (worse quality), or going to a tank construction site, like zavod in U3, there you can find bulletproof metal sheets, used to armor your vehicle. Now lets say you don’t need armor or storage, but wanna get around the map quickly, well you can now find diffrent engine parts for diffrent cars, engine parts that give more speed, so that you can move around faster, and engine parts that give torque, so that you can carry heavier stuff with ease, and yes carbon fiber already increases the towing capacity, but torque engines are more common than carbon fiber, but the chassis of the car will break overtime due to the weight, even though you can pull it with ease.

  6. Base improvements. Notice how every base in U3 has a flat wooden roof ? well in U4 you can’t do that, since rain will start damaging the flat wood roof. Now, how to solve it ? Get a metal or stone roof, that doesnt damage the wood. And theres now structural integredy, meaning that if too much weight is added to the top, then the structure collapses, forcing people to use pillars inside their base, instead of salvaging them and reusing them somewhere else.

  7. Camping. No, not camping at a spawnpoint with a timberwolf shooting every naked in sight, i mean setting up a tent, and sleeping the night away in a semi-mobile base. Tents come 2nd as the ideal shelter (cars being last and bases being first). Resting in a bed will give energy. Now, what does energy do ? Energy shows how much can you do, how much you can run, how much you can work on cars, etc. And yes i know that that sounds similar to stamina, but it isn’t. Stamina shows long you can do activities, before getting tired and needing a break. Energy on the other hand shows how fast you recharge stamina, how much you can run in a day before needing to replenish energy by sleeping. Now about how to get energy. As i said resting in a bed will give energy, but how does it work ? Well, As i said tents are portable shelter, cars being a temporary shelter, and bases being a permanent shelter (until a base gets destroyed) Each shelter gives diffrent levels of comfort. If its cramped and cold in a car, you get the least amount of energy because you didn’t rest well. Tents give more comfort since theres space, but nights can get cold so you need more warmth to get full energy, and bases give as much energy as tents, execpt that in a tent you need warmer clothes, because using a campfire will burn the tent down, but in a base, you can pop down a campfire safely and not worry about clothes. And having less clothes on when you sleep gives higher comfort levels. I will be now returning in a week or two, to share quality of life ideas.


most of these suggestions are pretty good but uhh




Or you could cut out a small piece of the cactus, and wrap it around the weapon. The thorns of the cactus add extra damage to the weapon you modified

Cacti hurt when you get pricked, but they’re too brittle to be used as weapons.

You know what’s not too brittle to be used as a weapon, and also hurts a lot more?


But yeah, this isn’t PvZ.


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