Unturned II Access Too Hard To Get

Okay so I know that there is an alternative way to get this, getting Regular ranks on the forums, but if somebody doesn’t have an account on the forums, how will they get 2.4K hours? I mean like, 500 hours can also be considered enough. Many people say that having gold and 1K hours is enough, and most of them agree


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Let me guess, you have between 500 and 1k hours + gold account ?


i have 518 hours and gold account

but there are still alot of complaints about this

So what ? At the end no one will be happy because everyone will expect different requirements that benefit them.

We know that Nelson will lower them in the future, but I’m pretty certain that it will be because the beta is going to have more to offer rather than making whiny users happy.

Just keep in mind that there ain’t much you can do currently, it’s not a full game yet. Better be patient and wait for bigger additions than complaining that you can’t have access just because of the sake of it.


ok and chill lol

Oyamat is more then right , i know it sucks that only a few people get to play it but if you think about it you wouldnt want to play it , didnt you see all the posts about bugs and glitches , dont worry eventualy it will be fixed and i saw a post by nelson saying that by the end of 2019 he will drop the number of hours to 100 so you will probably get to play before that cuz you have 500 hours but untill then we can just be patient and maybe even try to help the development .


okay thanks lol

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yeah well it’s a real early beta and it kinda sucks
why do you even want it? you can look up gameplay footage of it and that’s basically all you need at the moment to know what the game will look like.

there’s countless threads on here with people whining about how they don’t have it. and nobody cares about any of them so making threads like this is basically pointless

just do what i did
leave your computer for an entire night and just rinse and repeat for a year


I don’t think that it is about the Regular status but more about the contribution (suggestions, etc.) and about showing that you care about the game.

I haven’t played a whole lot (only 208 hours) and I wasn’t a Regular during any of the waves but I wrote quite a lot of well thought suggestions and got the key.


2400 hours, it is very little

Be patient and stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Being a regular doesn’t get you a key it just gives you access to the only thread where key begging is tolerated.


lmfao this guy also made this post: Execlusive Cosemetics for 2017 Members - asking for skins if you played starting in 2017, and coincidentally OP starting playing in 2017.

having at least 500 hours is not enough. the literal point of the 2.4k hour limit is to keep the amount of people playing the game low so the amount of bugs and glitches don’t define the game before it gets released.

Many people say that having gold and 1K hours is enough, and most of them agree.

yeah? many people would say having no gold and no hours is fine too because they just want to play, without understanding the situation from nelson’s perspective.

just wait your time dude. even if you never get the beta, just wait, like everyone else has been doing the entire time.


I have gold and 1700 hours in Unturned, and I can say, I would contribute nothing to Unturned II if I got the demo. There is no reason to give lots of players the demo.


2400h=100 days



Ah shit, here we go again…

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oh god, again?The beta is something closed and doesn’t have many things, just some aspects of the gameplay, there is still no city map, and when this is added , bug fixes, and optimization features will be done, by the end of 2019 when The hours to get the key will be reduced to 1000 (I’m putting 1000, however in Nelson’s comment he had set 100 hours), just wait.

Thread was posted 5 days ago, just got bumped again.


So what? the game is 5 years old, playing two days a month, you would have scored 2400 hours