Unturned II, is there still any hope?

It’s been almost a year since we’ve even had an Unturned II Devlog, no updates, trello is paused and to be honest, I don’t have any enthusiasm or expectations anymore, it looks like the project has been abandoned, I know that Unturned II is an independent game. , but we’ve been in development for almost 4 years and now that we’re getting basic features , I know Unturned 3.0 can’t be dropped that suddenly, but I think every community would understand if it had fewer updates. for the development of UII to receive more focus, I really lost the will and enthusiasm to participate in the forum, as there are only the same repetitive posts, and it’s not the community’s fault as we haven’t had any news of the game for a long time, I know that the goal is to give the game a good amount of time to be released with good quality, but it doesn’t do much good if that time isn’t invested in the game.


@anonimoanbu I genuinely don’t know anymore. I still have some hope that Nelson will continue working on it in 2022 but that’s slowly dwindling away.

Look, I’ll be honest with you… I have been quite discouraged about Unturned, I log in almost every day on the forum or on the blog to check if there is anything new involving Unturned 2 and, unfortunately, nothing.
As I already said in a recent post (I think it was recent…), Unturned 3.0 is not made for me. That’s a PvP game and I’m terrible at them!
But since UII would not be so PvP focused I was very hyped! That’s why I decided to join this forum, so I could see the development of the game from the brainstorm phase (if I can call it that).
But what I’m seeing is… A project practically abandoned.

I’m sorry if I sounded rude or something like that, I believe that Nelson should do what interests him, but I really think that UII deserves a little more love, it’s a very interesting project that has a huge potential and I’d really like to see it completed.


I tried to stop being so interested in seeing previews or news of the game to stop being surprised that there is nothing.
And yet, every now and then I check in, only to find that there is nothing, nothing about Unturned 2.

About 6 months ago maybe I felt sadness and maybe a little bit of hope that Nelson will surprise us with a new trailer.
But now that 1 year has passed since the last devblog about Unturned 2, I think I have already made up my mind that this game has been completely abandoned by the hand of its creator.

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I know game developing is extremely hard and Nelson is working on multiple projects at once, but it kinda breaks my heart how I might quit gaming way before unturned II comes out, like waiting for a tree to make fruit for a long time , you’ll just give up waiting for it.

But yet again Nelson is doing his best.


Short answer yes, long answer yeah probably

Is everybody going to make a separate thread (talking about the same thing) each time somebody mentions the length of the development of Unturned II ?

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short answer yes probably, long answer, probably yes

Development of Unturned II has not been abandoned. The roadmap for the game itself is not paused, although we have stopped posting active updates to our Unturned II Roadmap board. Internally we discuss Unturned II all the time, and the game is worked on just as frequently. Most recently, we have done some prototyping for one of the core gameplay mechanics.

We love being transparent about what projects we’re currently working on, but that is not always realistic for us. We do not want to show off things that are not particularly interesting, nor things that would portray the wrong idea about the game due to the arduous process of early game development. I completely understand that it is disheartening to not receive consistent updates regarding Unturned II’s development from our official communication platforms.

We have been trying to do better about what we choose to announce, discuss, and showcase. In the past, we discussed a lot of things we were working on (or going to work on), but were not going to be able to show off for a while. Meanwhile, we showcased a lot of the non-gameplay elements like the day-night cycle and optimization techniques. We don’t want to waste your time with boring updates, nor to unduly get people’s hopes up.

The next time we make a major official news/announcement post about Unturned II, we want to do better. We want to show off tangible gameplay mechanics, not something like “here’s a realistic day-night cycle you can only experience with console commands”. If we update the beta, we want to beta to be fun and playable. We want to showcase things that are actually fun, interesting, and ready.


@MoltonMontro Thanks for letting us know Molton.


Its only PVP because of the types of servers allowed (if you get on the server and theres kits 10x loot with no extra structure health its no wonder it turns pvp oriented, players that would struggle in the game get the baby threatment, and people who dont just use the extra loot to pvp rather than play it like a survival game) i think unturned || should have more indepth server owner restrictions if you have hosted multiple servers then you are allowed to change stuff (if said servers arent reported for a reason) othervise you would be restricted to hosting vanilla and vanilla like servers (/home or plus base health) i did not add this in the post i made here but its got other survival encouraging ideas that would along with balanced servers make unturned much more enjoyable.


Well, to be honest, I believe Unturned 3.0’s survival problem is the lack of it.
Let’s assume there is a 100% vanilla server (no kits or /home or stuff like that), there is no real survival challenge in the game.
All you need is to enter a town, line up the turneds and kill them one at a time until you clear an entire town! Then you take all the fruits/veggies you find in the houses, turn them into seeds, and that’s it! You are 100% self-sufficient and you have won the game in terms of survival. The only thing left is PvP, because players will try to invade your base and steal your items and you will try to defend them.

So there is no challenge in the game that makes players unite to survive other than other players.
A super simple way to solve this problem would be to add hordes that march into a player’s base and destroy it, but this, in Unturned 3.0, would only work for single-player or for servers where you play with your friends, but for open servers, no for reasons that could be seen in an old post of mine that I am lazy to search XD.

WTF :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: horses raiding bases? Where do you live? In the Wild West? How is that Unturned?

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More food and water mechanics should be in the game like healing takes away your food faster and running takes thirst (setting up water is not that easy, if you introduce the need for workbenches and diffrent tools to make water related objects, it would make it much harder, making you not sprint if not needed) Same with food Growing would be long term or something you do in the base you still need more food than you can grow (especially if you fight other players as having an injury even bandaged could take more food per tick untill the debuff goes away not to mention beeing cold or recently starving respawning woudnt help either as you could spawn with less food or just have another debuff that takes it off faster, that could even stack with multiple suicide respawns, could be cool to have debuffs like that have visable changes to the character a zombie or skeleton perhaps) unless done at a large scale (but introducing more players would need you to put even more work making scavanging still necasarry, planting should be streamlined doe if you have multiple seeds you can plant a row and it plays an animation of you doing it, or not collected plants grow more plants in the same spot making you only take care of the plants watering, unturned is the game that should have gotten something like the rusts gardening update since it should be much harder seeing as its one of the only things from allowing you to be self sustained, since most maps have minable nodes and plenty of trees outside of zombie infested places well cloth is something you cant make apart from elver, but if you dont fight you also dont need it that much)

Horses?:horse: I didn’t talk about horses, but I have to admit that it would be funny to see a bunch of horses coming and destroying my base.
Now jokes aside, I think you may have confounded the word “hordes” with “horses”.

Yes, survival mechanics like this would be very nice for Unturned 3.0, from semi-permanent plants that, although they don’t disappear when harvested and can give new crops for a while (like tomatoes do in real life), would take a long time to produce their fruit. Or solar sails that allow water to be distilled by evaporation which, however much they extract pure water in some leaves or salt water, generate very little liquid, making the player use them as a provisional way to get water.

I would love to see things like this in Unturned 3.0, but it would involve many major changes to the game as a whole, as it would need to be changed almost completely.
So, since this would take a lot of time and effort, I think it would be better to focus on these issues in UII, a game more focused on actual Survival.

Now, @Haruki_3, please try to avoid making very long texts like this, for readers not fluent in English (like me) it is quite easy to get lost in the wall of words. I would really appreciate it :smiley:.

I would recommend for you and for many others to play Project Zomboid instead. Thats where I disappeared to, it has a much more captivating singleplayer as well as the most recent build (Build 41) getting devblogs regularly

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