Vehicle suggestions/ Gearshift/ UI concept

it would be great to use Unturned cars with a stick shift, because the current car driving is very poor and needs some new implement like use the reverse driving and the 1,2,3,4,5 velocities so the gameplay would be different and new.

This would be similar as Subrosa does it, with a simple UI.


I don’t see how stick shifts would improve current vehicle driving mechanics.

If anything, it would make driving much more complex.
Players will have to shift gears in order to drive it properly.


idk, This combine perfectly with the future vehicle physics

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Could you elaborate how this “combines perfectly with future vehicle physics”?

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i said it for having a funny gameplay, suspensions and skidding cars combined with gearshift? i would like this. :blush:

I feel like those things could be added without complicating the vehicles with gearshifts. Remember, a majority of the Unturned playerbase is young. Most wouldn’t really understand how gearshifts work properly.

However, it would be neat if there was a “hardcore mode” or simply just the hard difficulty included more complex mechanics/it was an option for server owners.

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Nelson should add gearshift but he should make them with a easy system and treatable, u know …

I think it would be better if instead limiting it to different gamemodes, it’s a on/off option in the gameplay menu tab.
I’m liking this idea, it could bring people that want a more realistic experience in this game


Not every vehicle requires shifting though. Just limit it straight-up to certain vehicles if it’s added, and maybe give it a better looking UI too.

It is obvious, this is a concept

Well, of course, flying and buoyant don’t have gear shifts, i didn’t include that in my comment because it’s pretty much common sense or just a tiny bit of knowledge for vehicles.
The UI isn’t gonna be much of a task i presume, and it seems easy enough to do, for me, just connecting the 3 bars with a straight line, not 2 blobs as it’s shown in the concept here is gonna do it.

i am improving the concept

If you want an easy way of shifting, just press Shift when you reach that limit :smiley:

You drive starting with gear 1, you press Shift, you get to gear 2 (you can see which gear you are in, on the bottom right of the screen). Pressing space will be the breaks, used for drifting, burnouts, or just parking.
On the lower right of the screen, You’ll see (for example)
Gear 2
Pressing shift too early will cause the car to slow down significantly before going fast again. So the player has to listen to the engine or to make it simpler…
When driving a straight and non-bumpy road, the player has to wait 1 second pressing shift to go from gear 1 to gear 2. And 2 seconds to go from gear 2 to 3 and so on

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I think the best way is to hold down the right click to move the lever, obviously following the rules of listening to the engine sound

i am agree with this.

and you drive starting with neutral and it should have a hotkey to start the engine

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I’m not really a fan, it’s a bit too complex for something like DRIVING.

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i do not request something so realistic

I think that this would be very cool.

Again, most of Unturned’s population is aged no more than 15
And shifting gears manually, literally, would be too complex. Because then, if you misclick, the headlights will turn on. And in reality, gear shifting has nothing to with headlights xD
So I say, keep it simple, and press the Shift button since it already has no use while driving 3.x

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I mean im personally a big fan of making driving complex af, cuz then not everyone would be able to drive, and having a good driver in a group would be a somewhat famed(?) role. same goes with gun handling and stuff.

p.s the more complex the game becomes, more kids leave.

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