Vest overhaul

So,we all know how vests work in 3.0,you have pieces of clothing that provide protection and some storage space to the player when he/she wears them.

Now,that’s how I would like vests to work in 4.0.

At first,there will be several types of vests that the player has at his/her disposal.

Tactical webbing (Thanks to RedComm)

  • These vests provide only storage space to the player and little to no armor at all.

  • They are not customizeable (I will talk about that later) so you are stuck with what you have.

  • They can be found relatively easily in places such as gun stores,militia and military locations.

  • They cannot be concealed with an overcoat.(They will be worn over it)

They look like this:


Bulletproof/Kevlar vests

  • These vests provide only protection and no storage space.

  • They are not customizeable by any means.

  • They can be found at a normal rate in gun stores,militia locations,police stations and sometimes in houses.

  • They can be concealed with an overcoat.(It will be worn over them)

They look like this:


Tactical/Molle vests

  • These provide decent protection to the wearer and storage space (If customized)

  • They are the most modular vests of all as they can be customized by many means.

  • They can be found at a normal rate at military locations only.

  • They cannot be concealed by an overcoat.

When not customized they look like this:

And when customized they can look like this:

Or this:


These would be used to customize your Molle vest (only) to your liking and needs.They include:
AR Magazine pouches
Pistol Magazine pouches
SMG Magazine pouches
Sniper Magazine pouches
LMG Magazine pouches
Regular pouches
Throwable’s pouches
Additional armor.

I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory,
AR magazine pouches allow you to store AR magazines
Pistol magazine pouches allow you to store pistol magazines
Throwable’s pouches allow you to store throwables (Smoke,frag grenades…)
And the list goes on.

Regular pouches allow you to store anything you want in them.

Now,about additional armor,it will include
Neck pads
Shoulder pads
Sensitive area pads (I’m so sorry,that was the best name I could find for them,please tell me their actual name .__.)

These will provide you with additional protection from Turned hits,but they will not be as effective against bullets,in order to add some PVE functionality on them.

The more parts of the set you have,the more protection you get,simple.

These will look like that when they are attached on your vest:


(Note that all these accessories work only on Molle/tactical vests)

Well,that’s it for now I guess,share your thoughts.

:hammer_and_wrench:Urgent edit suggested by AtomSplinter :hammer_and_wrench:

The little slots on the Molle vest can be used to attach items such as glowsticks (If they are a thing) and shotgun shells.

Another possibility would be if the different pouches were craftable,but they would not be as effective and good looking as spawned ones.

e.g:A crafted AR magazine pouch would hold 1 mag instead of a spawned one which would hold 2.

(Also,imagine a tactical vest with a leather pouch,eww)


click Noice!

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Noice M8, loved it. :+1:

Also craftable stuff like belts, bandoliers and that sort of stuff could work pretty well.



Also,now I’m realizing that I forgot to add a pouch for shotguns,but I guess that’s where your suggestion comes in.:grin:

Edit it :+1:

That’s not a harness, it’s literally an oversized external belt with suspenders.

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Then how do harnesses look like then?

I can’t post an image as I’m on a phone right now but just look up “construction harness” or “climbing harness” and that will give you an idea of what a harness is used for.

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Yeah yeah I see now.
But I can’t find a better name for it soooo… we are going to have to stick with that for now.

Just call it Tactical Webbing

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It resembles a chest rig.

Also you may like this

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Nice! Just little adjustment I request though.

Those ammo storage pouches, nice!

Just you know, if I want to shove a gernola bar where that pistol clip whould have gone, I’ll like to do that…

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Now seriously… That’d be neat.

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hold up

picture is of a modular kevlar vest



Maybe,who knows what Nelson will come up with.

How can this be customized,there are no slots on it.
Im CoNfUsed .____.

do you see the velcro?

Yeah I did,but I think this is only for insignias and stuff,not pouches (I know that some pouches can be attached to velcro,but this one is too small).

What about some civilian\camping\utility vests? Does it always have to be all about military stuff?

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Man, I am just ready to see people with riot armor in zombie hordes that are getting little to no damage from zombies while they are trying to penetrate its armor, he/she sleeps well. or tries to, the turned moan a lot…