What Do You Think of Unturned Youtubers?

I want to know what everyone thinks of Unturned-related Youtubers and mid-large level media figures in the Unturned Community.

From my viewings, they seem to be bland and cookie cutter, using what also seems to be faked and unrealistic footage to try and get people to join servers which (from my experience) have been filled to the brim with donator-related thinga ma jingers. (but thats basically most servers)

I mean, I want one of you to play as a cook, get a massive helicopter base immediately started up in the middle of nowhere, get 50 customers on the first day and get night raided by heavily armed bandits and live by running in a straight line and then in a “please say I’m cool, I need you to say I’m cool by me doing all this!” moment, killing them without any staff intervention while still staying in the realms of “RP”.

Now, if you have been into my DM’s for my than 10 seconds you would know how much of a mad cynic I am. But I still find this slightly annoying. It reminds me of channels like Morgz’s, how they make fake videos on places where they can easily exploit said place to lure unaware people into their districts of monetization.

But I’m not completely new to this, I remember many times where a Youtuber like Fudgy would go on servers like Dark RP or Business RP (we’re going really old here though) and how they would tell the owner and what chaos insued as staff would literally ban players for saying hi and they would give them admin or move them to a remote location and rally their staff just to be props in these “real” videos.

This is where the most provocative part of my obsessive cynical arguement comes into play.
If any of these Youtubers reside in a region like America, by attempting to make videos on their servers or other servers while not disclosing they own the server and or are related/cooperating with the staff on that server, they may be able to face a violation of the FTC’s guidelines pretaining to the disclosure of an influencer or digital media outlet’s involvement with an AD.

  • This could even count if they place a seperate section saying “I own this server”
    as the video could be interpreted as an AD itself as it is purposely made to promote and make a server look good before placing the MAIN claim.

  • The triggering claim might not have to be the MAIN claim.

This is explained by this clause in the FTC AD Disclosure guideline:

"2. When practical, advertisers should incorporate relevant limitations and qualifying
information into the underlying claim, rather than having a separate disclosure
qualifying the claim"

And on the topic of Unturned raiders, I think they are a bit toxic/mean, but aside from that, I am almost completely fine with them. The only real issue I have is how their feigned toxicity meant for comedy on servers can sometimes be visibly seen when they try to handle things such as controversies they get into. To put it into basic terms, they’re neety deety to be, aside from some moments.

I hope to create discussion around the morality and the quality/integrity of Unturned’s influencer community.

This is in no way meant to cause any sort of harassment or distress to any member of the influencer community and so I have attempted to make it as formal as possible so as to not cause any of the above to these influencers.

By influencers, I mean:

Unturned Twitch Streamers
Unturned Large Twitter Users
Unturned Youtubers

I put a lot of effort into Syntax, I’ve learned quite a bit from Trello touch-up contracts.

I understand and agree that there might be exceptions to everything that I have said in this post.

Now, lets make a poll.

  • Many Youtuber’s do seem to be manipulative
  • I believe that most Youtuber’s in Unturned are completely innocent and great.

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yeah I’ll agree
most unturned YouTubers are raiders, which at the time i found interesting until I found political content
but, I will have an exception for Zoomb, cause he actually does funny stuff in unturned


I editted it.

There’s now a new section relating to my opinions on the Unturned Raiding Youtuber community, thank you for reminding me of that large community of people.

I also remembered and used my Syntax skills from my Trello contracts.

Decent except for the base raiders

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I feel attacked right now. :joy:

But really there are different YouTubers. Personally I like content like @SirAdy,. There used to be a lot more high quality Unturned content but we are in a bit of a drought right now.


Like @HoldBaker said, we’re in a bit of a drought right now, even though we’re getting a ton of curated maps we’re barely getting any content. Back in the days of MLBB we’d have seen maps like Rio get miked dry, most Unturned youtubers barely touch on most maps. Even “ID” channels, like MrSpaml barley show off any of the ids. (See “All Dango IDs” video, he shows off like 3 weapons and doesn’t give the ids.). Some creators have just stopped uploading completely, MLBB, 2RGames, SOE, Holdbaker, FleshyPig and Danaby2 are good examples.


Press F for paul soars jr

MLBB hasn’t stopped uploading
he just uploads scarcely in between the months and years


I’d consider that not uploading for the most part.


why is this entire post thicc


I believe it was Zoomb that did the trolling RP vids? Man, i laughed way hard at those. Panda is fine i suppose. Other than that yeah they are all very unoriginal.

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I think they suck major pinky btoe especially that @P9nda fellow

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yes fake videos good men )

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But in all seriousness, I can tell from own experience that there was no need to fake or script base raids. Neither did I assited in any. Base raiders might seem a bit toxic I agree with that, but its just their humor to kill nakeds on spawn for example. The Unturned community in general is really toxic in general. Essentially we just play the game how its ment to play and dont break any rules what so ever. When I was upload daily raids I had literally no social life. Looking for servers that have bases for hours, then grinding for loot and raiding. What people see is a video the youtuber uploads, but never the work behind all the grind. At one point I even decided to take a step higher and do only live raids (base owners were online during raid). As soon as I started growing my channel I declines viewers “tips” for bases on a server because they could be staged by them, and I didnt want to have anything to do with it. This obviously was way harder but more enjoyable and honest.
No one has to like any of the Unturned content, but to call pretty much every big one a fake is a bit meh. I mean, I have uploaded hundrets of videos of raiding bases, a good portion of them were live raids. How come I never got exposed for anything like a scripted raid or so. I also barely promoted any servers I played on, unless it was a paid ad (which happened maybe like 3-5 times) or a server I geniuelly enjoy. And when it comes to straight up pay2win servers, im the first one making fun of them.

I dont agree with things other base raid youtubers have done, like kosing on rp server but I have said it towards them aswell. I have played with so many people over the past few years and recorded with them, you can ask every single one of them what grind goes into base raiding content.

In 99% of my videos I didnt play on my own servers. If I did, then I disclosed it of course.

Right now I just focus on twitch streaming and just released a new unturned server yesterday which I have big plans for. The pressure of wanting to upload a raid a day just made me physically sick over time. I literally declines friends invites or parties so many times, just because there was a opportunity to raid a cool base for example. Its not healthy, but that was my grind

its 5am im tired, if theres any typos then dont let me know ty


Pauliej was the man bro. I loved his unturned role play series with papa smurf, good days. I’m actually watching the series again, I’m on episode 23 right now.

Have no particular care for any of them personally. However, when Unturned II comes out I may try experimenting with machinima creation. However, I’m not sure. I’m split on either trying to go into game development or content creation.

I know, it was made to purposely be pointed despite the formality as I really do not have much respect and am also very mixed when it comes to my opinions on Youtubers in general.

As I said, I’m a pure cynic.

Now, as for your point on JUST roleplay youtubers, I plan to try and include a section on it.

And I mean PURE RP channels, not RP to advertise or such. Strange sort of movies.

  • To be honest with THOSE types of channels, I think their content is mostly lazy and hashed out.

Lore channels I will also make a section about later via editting, these channels I do like and find to be quite dedicated.

As for a content drought, that doesn’t mean you advertise in a manipulative manner and do the stuff that I have stated elsewhere.

And that just means you should take a break and try to diversify and do this and that.
I know it can be dangerous to change everything you revolved around but thats just how the world works.

People want new stuff.

Advertising manipulatively (potentially in an illegal manner) and just doing forgettable and bland pieces of content is not excused by a drought.

If Pewdiepie started losing subs back in 2012 by doing amnesia that doesn’t mean he acts like a talking corpse and advertises the amnesia story he totally did not make and that you had to pay to get.

Do you see what I mean?

thank you for reaching out and attempting to state your side of the coin here.

I can get jitty feelings when anyone of any value above $0.01 reaches out to talk,

even if I do not really like them.

Regards, Optamistic


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Greetings, P9nda

Thank you for showing your opinion, it is good for everyone to know each side of the coin as each side has a opinion, even if its not REALLY valid.

That said, however, I’d like to clarify to you that the base raiders were mentioned in their own seperate section for a reason. Because I wanted to talk about them completely in their own regards.

I do believe they are toxic and by “feigned toxicity” I tried to say that they likely are not bad people in real life but their toxicity outside of real life (in these base raids) can sometimes boil into real life (outside of the game) with controversies. I do not mean their whole RAID video is scripted.

By scripted I mean those ones with RP servers i.e Fudgy and I have seen it firsthand.

By the way, I do agree that the community wide-spread is mostly toxic. But if adult men are making money off of trolling, then it’s fair to point out they’re acting like 6 year olds despite their exploitation being enough to trick people (sometimes) up to 18 years old.

It’s also fair to say what they’re making money out of is, I will try to maintain my diplomatic behavior here, IS TRASH.

thank you for reaching out and attempting to state your side of the coin here.

I can get jitty feelings when anyone of any value above $0.01 reaches out to talk,

even if I do not really like them.

Regards, Optamistic


And no, that’s not an insult against anyone, I am the $0.01 value person.

And no, that is not self deprication.
That’s just a serious fact, know me and you’d know I am.

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That means they are fairly doing things either because their money making-exploitation has stopped working or they have genuine human reasons.

By the way, I will try to work on a nice letter for you too.
Just a bit busy due to some injuries

Could you give us some examples on what you thinks makes me/us toxic (or more toxic than others), so I can get a better idea on what exactly you are talking about

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You know jswag and alpha squad