What I want in 4.0

well to start my english don`t is good for comparasion imagine a scale of 0 to 100 in english. you scale is 80 my scale is 101 why? because in a scale of 0 to 100, 101 no exist.

Confirmed bullets caliber, Clothes, new animation in chars and other things i just hope a big mix of exist in unturned, very ideas stolen of this forum and… well i separe my ideas in topics.

1 - My idea of skill tree.
why? beyond my other ideas of balanceament i need this to give first a malleability in all other things in this topic (you need other skills)

2 - Parkour and other mecanisms of movimentation
firsting first i go spere this in topics
-2.1 - parkour
-2.2 - climb with mecanisms
-2.3 - Place the head of the other side of car.
why? to give more mobility chiefly the 2.3

3 - When you walk with a weapon you body dont stay in a stupid position
why? is ilogic!

4 - Status in itens
why? first is simple of add and i dont have idea about pick maplestrike or heartbreak. i stay confuse!

5 - Physic! i go separe in topics
5.1 In Houses
5.2 In All other things inclusive humans
5.3 Air resistence in bullets (just to the bullet no cause the same damage in 10 meters and 1000 meters please do no complicate this is just to no cause the same damage!)

why? to remove very problems for example ilogical towers flying in sky, sky bases, giant bridges crossing
the beautyfull field of square clouds, in humans to any stupic first jump of a airplane and survive! 2° thing to any idiot jump in the roof of a house of 6 floors.

6 - Revive players, style pugb.
Note - any very OP maybe you need a apliance to help more please any very op
why? because go transform team pvp more complicate (Strategy!). you need a doctor

7 - many space in maps
note: i talk about huge maps to 100 or 200 players play togetter.

why? 24 players is impossible you don`t encounter a as#@#! in front of you. and in 24 players is very hard encounter a people best in pvp than me!

Well is this!

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When trying to make a topic or a suggestion, be sure to mindful of your grammar as some people might get confused on what you are trying to convey to the community…

If you don’t know how to write a word, type it in google translate (or even google will do the thing) and it will show you

I have read it and I think 100-200 is WAAAAY to much. 48 players for biggest maps and 32 for medium sized should be enough.

If you would like to ask why 100-200 is too much, here’s why

-There never will be 100 players on one map, even if it would be insane sized map, it would be too much


If you want you’re free to make a copy of this post in your native language, since other people can translate better.

I also fixed the title’s grammar

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