What’s your average FPS in Unturned?

What kinda FPS do you guys get? I get 15-25 with decent graphics.


30 FPS, max graphics

Well, when I first started u turned on my computer someone built for me, it ran 60 fps on high graphics, on a popular map made entirely out of compound objects.

When I last played, it ran about 20-30 fps on normal graphics, on normal maps

I probably need to upgrade.


45 Low-Mid

60 in the open, 40 if in a city. medium-high

90-120, but drops to 30 in berlin lol


This might give you some insight


45 with low-mid custom settings, 30 during intensive times like exploring cities

Currently 50-80 fps medium-high but when I didn’t have this graphics card it was around 30 fps on low.

On pei in singleplayer, max graphics gave about 120. On pei on multiplayer, max graphics gave about 80.
Same for Washington,
Russia, and germany is about 10 fps max graphics. OK graphics result in around 30-70. Both multiplayer

30 on low with max render distance

I average 70 lmao

my average fps is around 69-420

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Just stop it

With average graphics, I have 30—60 FPS (being 30 for city moments).

low in 30-40 fps.
but by activating ultra things like grass, I don’t realize the significant difference even on servers.

60-70 fps on lowest, 30-35 on decent, but everything on the lowest resolution (640-400)

stop what?

Pretty sure it was this

Though you might’ve already known that

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I used to get four on my old computer now I get 60ish