When 4.0 INEVITABLY has everything I warned about

Also a warning against Rocketmod happening all over again, but I guess I’ll have to make a whole post about that. Perhaps my last serious post and warning.


You’re acting like that sort of person who runs around the streets screaming “the apocalypse is coming!”
Calm down!


oh oh are we playing some sort of prediction game :D?? ok here’s my list:
-Shot Gun (shoots many pellets and can be good up close)
-A sniper rifle like the timberwolf (m,aybe brown???)



HOW. bro tell me how


I like that mp5


this is cringe and unepic


guys what if you can walk in unturned 2

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Not gonna lie but this is a real bruh moment


i’m struggling to understand the actual point of this post


P2W servers are trash, but they’re not the end of the fucking world,Rain… This is your brain on communism, kids. Never try it.

Oh yeah, Rain’s an actual anarcho-communist.

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thanks, i didn’t make it tho. in fact, i dont actually remember who did


Nelson sexton?

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no, that image was edited

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Rain, some of your topics are pro-consumer. The EULA, for example, is a great idea. You shouldn’t be able to make money off of another person’s hard work. Other ideas, on the other hand, are…questionable.

Take your next topic, the warning against a paywall. On the surface it seems pro-consumer, asking to get rid of paid content will invite more players. I’m not going to repeat what everyone in that thread already said, but at the end of the day paying to be able to join official servers is not going to lead to two large, toxic, warring clans because that kind of gameplay quickly gets old. I dunno about you, but I don’t fancy the idea of walking out for supplies, being beset by enemy players, attempting to raid one of their bases to even the score, and shooting hapless new players to take out my anger on.

Now, onto your topic about staff abuse. You’re very correct, there’s potential for staff to abuse their powers. As a matter of fact, I’ve done it before, and no, it wasn’t for a good reason. However, I suspect that you too have also abused staff privileges at one point or another, and if you haven’t I apologize for making false assumptions. Your proposed solution is a democratic system, where players can vote. I’m not going to beat around the bush and explain how this can lead to tyranny by majority or just a time-consuming mess, but at the end of the day banning in a game is not a court of law. In games, most if not all games, hackers are guilty until proven innocent. That’s why you select the best of people, people like Yarrr or Molt or Reaver, and definitely not people like me.

Oh, and I agree, paid plugins shouldn’t be a thing.

  • The Game is in beta, with practicality nobody playing. Why is eula necessary now.

  • The game is in beta, with practicality nobody playing. Who is going to monetize there servers

  • How can there be abuse if there is nobody playing and nobody is admin

  • Nobody is playing and plugins haven’t been created for these servers

Rain your proven wrong until full game or survival mode is released

Though Danaby has a strong point, dont play the prediction game, it just makes topics shit Unless you have evidence to back it up


implying this is a prediction…

this is inevitable. hence the title.

not gonna point out all the wrong things in your or @RedCo 's or @OPFOR 's comment but

genetic fallacy and/or ad hominem.

see yall in the next post


Trans-rights just like your Discord profile.

I’m curious about what your next post is going to be. Not sure if you’ve done anything about paid commissions for making mods in UII since it already happens in 3.0 but that may be a good point to touch up on soon.

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I don’t see a problem with commisions and making content, especially if those commissions are publicly available.



also damn dude i find it downright hilarious that you are predicting certain things as “inevitable” when you have basically no backing for it but wild speculation


I’m just going to say this. Given Nelson’s history, would he have any reason at all to actively make an anti-consumer decision? The game is free. All content in the upcoming title, save for official servers, is free.

Consider for a moment why people have paid content and plugins on their servers. It’s because server hosting isn’t free, and as a server manager you should know that better than most.

You know, most people are happy with free things, though there are certain exceptions such as trashy mobile games and the like. You, on the other hand, want assurances and preventative measures for problems that do not exist. You are purely basing your “inevitable” warnings on your biased view that staff can abuse their powers, so there shouldn’t be staff at all," and that “people actually want to participate in a true democracy where the people determine the fate of hackers” - I, for one, do not want to do that. I just want to play the game, shoot some zombies, build a base, and all around have a good time. If someone is hacking, just kick them, and ban them if that doesn’t work.

Rain, here are a few reasons why people don’t agree with your interpretations of, once again, problems that don’t exist. This is purely speculative matter, so while I may not be right, you are not correct either.

  1. You act like your opinion is better than everyone else’s. This is completely understandable, I myself suffer from this fallacy sometimes. However, your idea of a “debate,” is again, presenting nonexistent evidence to a nonexistent problem, which is in fact the opposite of my argument, as well as a few others. Which ties into my next point.

  2. Your position is completely indefensible, yet you stubbornly hold on. My argument: “this literally isn’t a problem because it doesn’t exist.” Your argument: “yes it does, this is a problem, it’s inevitable, I fucking warned you, this is going to happen, and you’re all going to regret it.”

  3. The last reason, and perhaps the biggest one, is that you actually believe what you’re saying. This isn’t a meme, this isn’t a joke, you genuinely believe that all the problems you have stated are going to happen, and unless the game is developed how you want it to be, it’s going to be riddled with problems like you’ve described. You are completely unwilling to play Devil’s Advocate, or even consider the possibility that you might be wrong. And by refusing to believe that you are wrong, you are in effect telling every single person attempting to debate you, civilized or otherwise, “I’m right, I know I’m right, you’re wrong, so fuck off.” Which explains why people might not like you.

And with that, it appears that once again, we are at an impasse. I will point out, once again, that the problems you’ve pointed out don’t exist, and once again, you will either say some variation of “no, I’m right and you’re not,” or just skip over my argument entirely and pretend it doesn’t exist.