Yet another BIG suggestion list for Unturned

(Part of this have been translated from spanish to english using a translator because I had too much to say to also worry about translating it myself)


This list has no specific order, these are just ideas that I have discussed with my friend over the years playing this game. Before I start with the list, there is something I want to emphasize about this game, something that Nelson probably already forgot or hasn’t noticed yet:

Unturned is a game with simple and cartoonish visual style, with a rather soft but colorful color palette, with simple but fun mechanics, it’s not a triple A game where you would need 300h to understand all the basic things in the game, with ultra realistic and detailed graphics. With that said, I personally think that future updates shouldn’t follow this way of adding too complex mechanics or visual changes that don’t really follow the style of the game (not long ago Nelson mentioned that he would soon change the style of the trees again, but already the SpeedTrees style trees are too detailed for the style of the game), so who knows if things similar to that could be changed too, maybe in the future adding very high resolution textures, ray tracing style lighting, with too detailed items? I personally feel that all of that don’t follow the style of the game and should be avoided.

Having clarified my whole point about the way Unturned should go in its updates, I’ll proceed with the mega list of things that should be added, changed or fixed in the game, so now here is my…

ULTIMATE suggestion list that probably Nelson will ignore so they won’t be never fixed nor added to the game:D

Server config option to disable custom skin colors (and maybe cosmetics)

Just like the option to disable character saves, the same but for custom skin colors and cosmetics. The reason of the skin color I think is well know, everything is about the ‘greenskins’ just using exactly the same grass/dirt color of the map so they get almost totally hidden, without any cloth, by just changing their skin color. I would say the same with the cosmetics but at least they have more sense to exist since you could buy a desert-type of clothe on the stockpile for desert maps, just the same with green maps like PEI, however having this as an option would be nice too since would be more like Rust where everyone will spawn naked and you will be able to notice how is your enemy dressed with their real armor and not just the cosmetics

Zoom when aiming with guns on first person

Some maps has included this and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be also included on the base game. Any game have this and is really helpful, also would improve the first person gameplay, which we all know is not the best part of the game at this moment

Reduce sky building limit

Imagine you’re a new player getting into the game, most probably on a server with /home and /tpa commands, and you dont understand why your enemy keep appearing on the military base over and over again (fyi: he is just doing /home to his skybase at 1024m every time he dies/take loot, but you don’t even know because bases will barely render at 512m at most). Yes, that’s a really common situation, and worst part is you can’t see those bases. This could be solved like the latest curated maps reducing the sky building limit to like 300-500m, or maybe adding the same function Nelson made recently

Another way to manage the gun ballistic for servers/singleplayer

Not much time ago I created a post here asking for a more configurable way to decide how guns bullet drop will work on the server, since you can actually disable or enable the ballistic (bullet drop), however you can’t set how much bullet drop will have the server. My idea here is, instead on making the Ballistic option being a bool ‘true/false’ option, could be a value ‘1.0’ option. With this way, you could have a more customized bullet drop on your server/singleplayer. I’m suggesting this because you can change already how spread and recoil will work on your server from the config, with this you could also change how bullet drop will work, mostly for changing the vanilla bullet drop which, being honest, is not the best (bullets seems to be made iridium and osmium, which are the heaviest metals in the world)

Rebalance to the guns

So you get this Maplestrike gun and then you’re god, that’s all the gun meta on this game. I’m pretty sure this topic would require It’s own post, however here’s is the idea and I guess is enough to understand what I’m talking about

However you can take a look to a re balance of the vanilla guns I made on my servers, maybe you could take it as reference. Sadly we are not able to change the spread, recoil and more but just the damage.

Changes to night time visibility

I know this may be a bit annoying, but even with the latest buff to the night, the gameplay around it is still annoying to play, mostly because it doesn’t and wont perform its function of what the night vision reduction is. At this moment, the night is not bright enough to see clearly on it, but also is not darker enough to make the flashlights and more be totally necessary

Here’s a full post about it, and it covers all the problems with the current night vision on vanilla maps and why it should be just bright as the latest curated maps. In short, if the night is really dark people can just use gamma boost from their video card and see way more than others, but is still annoying to see. If it weren’t like that but just like curated maps, then there would no be reasons to use this gamma boost and everyone would be able to see on the night, but then the light items like flashlights and night-vision glasses would be only important on fully dark zones like caves.

So, basically you can’t make it be so dark without being not completely dark because players will be able to abuse of this, this is why Rust made it so you can only see on night with torchlights and things that emits light around you, but also implementing this thing of totally dark shouldn’t be done to the game since it isn’t that type of game, so a better way would be just doing the above suggestion of just making the night bright enough to make the use of gamma boosting useless and generally giving to everyone a fair experience

Deleting the difficult system

I’ve seen Nelson previously said he would be deleting the difficult thing but this is just a reminder. The reason of this is because it works more like a config slot rather than actually setting an specific difficult, since you could just set the same config from the easy one, on the hard one, so yes this should be unified to a unique server/single player config

Change the festive drops way

When is christmas and you allow the holiday drops, there may be raid loot that you as server owner may want to disable to keep the gameplay balance on the server, however if you disable that one you will be also disabling the loot of the present, making the players not being able to complete the christmas quest from maps like PEI or Washington

Rename ‘Cheats’ to ‘Commands’

Recently Minecraft changed this just like this, which I think is a good change to avoid misunderstands about what does that option. Entering to a server with “Cheats: Enabled” is really hard to understand, if I’m not wrong this has been even requested to rename that name before on the community

Buff the meds/energy items (stamina, morphine, energy food)

For real, from all my years from playing this game I’ve never used any of those items for what they have been made, and I’ve played a lot of survival servers, with different maps and more

Again, here’s a list of what I did on my servers to handle this:

  • Energy bar: increases your speed in 15% for 1min
  • Energy drink: increases your speed in 25% for 1min
  • Adrenaline: makes your stamina be infinite for 2min
  • Morphine: increases your armor (resistance to damages) in 25% for 1min
  • Vaccine: recover your immunity to 100%

This should be taken only as a reference

Buff to spec ops clothes

There is not much sense to having these clothes because, what’s the reason of having a ‘Legendary Military’ clothe if it won’t worth it? I mean, the common clothes on the military zones will be always enough because 1. they give you almost the highest protection you could get but also 2. their color will be just like the color terrain of the map to camouflage yourself, and also 3. they will have more space slots than the Spec Ops ones, clothes which also are extremely rare?

So, you get the VERY RARE SPEC OPS CLOTHES to… have +5% of protection (and even excluding the Helmet), but then with a reduced size on the slots, with a color which won’t hide you on the grass like the basic military ones, but hey you will look “cooler” so they worth it just for that reason? My suggestion would be increasing more the protection, like at least +10% (including the Helmet), and at least keeping the same slots from the common military clothes or even increasing it

Again, here’s a list of what I did on my servers to handle this:

  • Helmet: 20% protection
  • Top: 20%, 4x7 slots
  • Bottom: 20%, 4x5 slots
  • Vest: 40%, 5x6 slots
  • Backpack: 8x9 slots

This should be taken only as a reference

Buff of explosive things to zombies

Makeshift Grenade made from a can, nails and raw explosive: 150 zombie damage
Missile rarely found on military zones only from the special spawns which also requires a tank for being exploded: 200 Zombie damage
I think you see now the problem. This also applies for ALL the explosives: Snowball, Makeshift, Fragmentation, Sticky, Impact, Rocket Launcher, Missile. All those should have an incremental damage to zombies from X to X. For example, the Snowball does 65 player damage but 125 zombie damage, which makes sense since the zombies should be somehow weaker than a normal player (they’re dead?), however when moving to a more powerful grenade like the makeshift one, both are increased to only 150, when it should be 150 to player but higher for zombies, like 250?

Again, here’s a list of what I did on my servers to handle this:

  • Makeshift: 400 zombie damage
  • Fragmentation: 800
  • Sticky/Impact: 1200
  • Rocket Launcher/Missile: 1600

This should be taken only as a reference

Fix the vehicles physics

Long requested by many players from the community, and many of them have suggested and given really easy ways to fix them, all of this to reduce their rubber banding, to make the bicycles be actually usables, and more. I don’t understand why on curated maps from Renaxon and Danaby they all work just fine and perfect, but on the base game they work so clunky, with those weird lags if they get those high speed moments… Recently Nelson stated he would be changing this thing about the vehicles, I’m really scared of what he will do about it vs what the community is asking for, mostly with the latest thing that happened with the new server list menu of what people asked vs what he gave us. With this suggestions we’re just asking for fixing the vehicles physics just like the curated maps, we aren’t asking for newer vehicle models, newer mechanics around them, nothing of that. If this one gets fixed, then we can look further in the future for new mechanics like belts, collision damage and more

New crafts of Can to Metal Scrap and (maybe) Rope to Cloth

Long requested by many players from the community, please consider make it true

Disable Use_Skybox_Ambiance

Previously it was reported that the Skybox Ambiance option would increase the bright on the night, but now with the last change to the night bright, nigh vision googles and the third person, this became somehow obsolete because you will be even looking less on the night than having it enabled

Scope quality work improvement

This refers to a previously made suggestion about how the scope quality works. When having it enabled adds more recoil when aiming and also does all an animation to see through the scope, but when having it turned off it just have the basic recoil of the gun but also it removes all the animation to see through the scope.

Another thing to note is this really bad practice of rendering the game TWICE (giving a poor performance) instead of just increasing the zoom to the screen while aiming and rendering the gun above (taking this idea from FPS games like Battlefield)

No team damage with traps/explosions server/single player config

That is. There’s already an option called 'AllowFriendlyFire", however it is not totally efective since you can still get damage from your team with a grenade or even traps. If this option were enabled, It would make sense, however if it is disabled it should actually disable all the friend damages. Games like Battlefield does it, you can get killed with your own grenades but your team wont. The same should be applied with your traps, by default your own traps should not damage you because you placed them, but also these should not do damage to your team neither.

On my case I requested a plugin which does that, disables the damage from your own traps and also disables the damage from your team explosions/traps, but obviously not from your own explosion

A more blue-ish tint to the map ambiance rather than yellow

There used to be a big amount of players using the blue filter in game called Skybox Ambiance (until the night visibility change), and I’m pretty sure this was because all the vanilla maps have this yellow tint on their ambiance, this would be understandable from a desert map like Kuwait or Arid, however all the vanilla maps are located on cold zones so having this yellow tint on the map doesn’t makes much sense (if you want to take a look, you can enable this blue filter on Yukon and see how cool looks everything because is a cold zone and have a blue tint ambiance, then compare it with the Skybox Ambiance turned off and look how off-place it looks with the yellow snow and more, this same happens with all the other maps like PEI, Washington and more. This tint should not be FULLY blue like the Skybox Ambiance option, however it should at least be a light blue instead of this weird yellow tint

Add grip snap for building

Maybe when building, while pressing right click you could also press shift so you would enable a visual grid so you could align all your buildings

Remove gun attachments menu animation on 1st person

When you’re on 3rd person and you want to check the attachments of your gun, you get this menu to change them basically instantly, however in first person you need to wait until the animation ends to finally be able to change them. It would be good if the animation were just like the 3rd person animation, where your character does the animation of holding the gun but you get the menu instantly. This is specially ANNOYING with heavy weapons like the Hell’s Fury, you need to wait more than 1sec to properly be able to change their attachments, but on third person you can do it anytime without need to wait for the animation to end

Re-do the server list menu

Just take a look at this I made myself when the new menu was released

Improvements to sentrys

So the only thing you can use to defend your base are turrets which can be destroyed with only 3 high caliber shoots (because they’re really weak), but also they aren’t infinite, but also they won’t at least reload itself, but also they have a lower fire rate, but also they’re hard to craft, I think you know what all of that means

Team based spectators color nametags

Basically this, this is specially helpful for server admins to moderate their servers (i’m one of them)

Change how stats are shown on items

A request I made myself when the stats on items were added, you should be able to select which stats you want to see, or at least make it be more customizable by the server I guess. Why I would want to know how much damage I do with a knife to a animal to their foot? XD

Revamp for holiday themed vanilla maps, Halloween and Christmas

So on Christmas you get a new grass color on some vanilla maps, trees becomes of pine and… that’s all. What about also making the bushes be white like the tree pines, what about making the sand be darker and less satured, what about making the water or sky having a slight color change, what about changing the loot of the military base to use the snow white variants rather the green ones?

And the Halloween change is just… a shame, there used to be a Halloween PEI map which was REALLY cool, you could actually notice a change and be excited for Halloween on the game, now you just get some pumpkins on the map and thats all. All of those seasonal changes should made across all the vanilla maps, including all those grass color change, trees and bushes changes, sky, water, loot, and other materials changes, it makes you be really excited for it

Re-do the skill system

I’m pretty sure Nelson is aware of it but, just here as reminder. Most of servers have this option to do not lose your skills after dying because the current system penalizes all your skills progression in a very aggressive way, also you just need to change your skillset and reconnect to the server every time you want to full upgrade some skill because it will reduce you the cost to upgrade

Remove the loadout cloths of the skillset

We can give here again the Spec Ops clothes example, they’re now supposed to be the WOWOWO clothes, but then you can just change your skillset to the Spec Ops one and you will have for free a top and bottom spec ops clothes every time you die? This applies for all the skill sets as well

Add a way to manage offline members group

That is. You can’t kick members that are offline in your group, so if you want to replace a member because for some reason he can’t join at the time, you will need to DELETE THE GROUP, CREATE A NEW ONE, AND ALL THE BUILDINGS MADE BY THE ORIGINAL GROUP WILL NEED TO BE PLACED AGAIN:DDD omg this one is a really big problem to be honest, this has been just like this since I’ve played this game XD

Add a new way to upgrade the structures of your base

If you want to upgrade your wood wall to metal wall, you need to salvage the wood wall and place the metal wall, and this wouldn’t be a big issue today thanks to the housing planner… if there weren’t this issue about having barricades somehow inside structures (very commonly with wardrobes near walls)

A solution I made for my servers is making the Hammer item upgrade your structures by hitting them with it, only if 1. you’re the owner or part of the group, 2. only if the structure is not damaged, and 3. only if you have the enough materials. After hitting a wood wall, it reproduces a metal hit sound/effect and it replaces the wall to a metal one, leaving on your inventory the wood wall, and without worrying about needing to salvage all your lockers and more with loot. Of course this would work with the brick upgrades as well


I agree with a lot of ideas you mention here, but in all honesty, it’s time to give up on this game, should’ve done this a couple years earlier, second best time is now. The “survey” is worse vibe than CS2 developers dm’ing s1mple on twitter asking if something is wrong with the game. For years we kept getting “mod support” updates and some code rewrites (these are good IMO), but the glaring issues were ignored. Now that people are leaving we have a code red, so gotta make it look like work is being done.

I have been trying Rust on and off for the past couple of years and while I am terrible at it, the game itself has more stuff to do, more updates, more content, more replayability and more people. And surprise-surprise, vanilla there is as popular as modded is, because the devs care. Unturned is cooked. I want to be proven wrong but I won’t. It has to perform a miracle if it wants to thrive.

I think the starting clothes that players are given based on their profession (Spec ops, Farmer etc.) in singleplayer are pointless. Even so, you can’t turn off them unfortunately.


A lot of these are good ideas and I agree generally, but letting server owners configure ballistics is frankly a terrible idea, since almost every server would probably have different ballistics. It would be hard to snipe if you are used to it on one server, but the server you are playing on has a different setting.

Also, renaming cheats to commands is pointless. It literally is cheats, no way around it since that’s what enables spawning in stuff, and some people would probably want to avoid servers with cheats to avoid admin abuse. The bare necessity commands are already enabled no matter what the cheats setting is, and renaming it would just make things confusing since you would be enabling cheaty commands in addition to the default ones.

What even was the point of this man, if you consider Unturned cooked why are you on the forum?


It should be configurable, I always just drop the clothes in SP because I think it makes things a little too easy.

I’ve updated a little bit the post adding some other suggestions that came to my mind and other ones I read that I liked

Guys do not fight on this post, this is just to bring ideas and issues that this game has been having since time ago, that Nelson should be good to at least take on mind to handle

And… ok I know Nelson may be just tired of the game, actually I would be also like that after literally doing the same thing over and over again on the same game for like 10 years with non stop, and even more if after all of that years the game gave to me enough money to live, we could say Nelson is done with his game, he got so many goals with it, but after reaching all of that is completely normal to do not have the same motivation as it started, he is aware of what he got with his game, of his community, what Unturned used to be, what it is now… but to be honest, just because he have not said publicly ‘I’m leaving Unturned’ then that’s why I’m still here, doing this post, actually caring of the future of the game, I’ve wanted to even be one of the official translator of the game to spanish lmao. I know someday he will get this motivation again, at least the enough one to bring some important updates again, and they maybe some of this suggestions may be there as well:) who knows

Nelson and I were talking yesterday, and we’re both super excited about the future of the game – especially the stuff planned for this year!

There’s a lot of players who’ve appreciated that we were fulfilling many modding/plugin feature requests over the last few years, but that’s obviously disappointing to the players who want to see updates to the vanilla game. That’s why a lot of the survey options focused on things that (mostly) affect vanilla content.

I’m eager for when we’re ready to release actual teasers for the next update and the improvements to vehicle physics in it. :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to the improved vehicle physics but I hope you all consider reworking the tutorial soon. Compared to a lot of other things it would be relatively easy, and having a half decent tutorial is pretty necessary to help new players who are completely confused by mechanics like bleeding and immunity, and help secure the games future. A lot of players just join, bleed out, and ragequit not understanding how to make rags and bandages and dressings, not to mention immunity continually falling when below 50.

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Because I can. I want to see what other people think about the situation at hand. Judging by a lot of Regulars I remember now being absent, I make a conclusion that people are getting tired of the state the game is in.

You could at least do something rather than complain :confused:

Do what? Make another short (because noone reads a wall of text) list of simple-to-implement/resonable suggestions that goes competely ignored? No, thanks, had my fair share already. Join Unturned Weapons Rebalance Project? Oh wait, that one was closed because someone had to get political and someone got mad at it, reasonably so, but unreasonably enough to close the damn project other people invested their time and effort into? I did enough and I won’t bother again.

I don’t know what the unturned weapons rebalance project is, but that sucks, sorry that happened.

If you want an actual answer though I myself have been “doing something about it”. And that is a lot more effective than forum posts.

Remove 1st person attachment animations


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When you’re on 3rd person and you want to check the attachments of your gun, you get this menu to change them basically instantly, however in first person you need to wait until the animation ends to finally be able to change them. It would be good if the animation were just like the 3rd person animation, where your character does the animation of holding the gun but you get the menu instantly. This is specially ANNOYING with heavy weapons like the Hell’s Fury, you need to wait more than 1sec to properly be able to change their attachments, but on third person you can do it anytime without need to wait for the animation to end

Yes, learn to read. “Remove 1st person attachment animations” clearly is not what I stated on the suggestion. I didn’t asked to remove the animation but the menu animation

My response has to be atleast 10 characters long.


It’s a pretty silly complaint it’s not an issue unless you change out your attachments every 5 seconds.

L take

Yeah of course, what a complex answer, because I guess is more fun to have an annoying menu animation (not the character animation) where you need to wait until the gun is completely aimed to finally be able to change its attachments, and meanwhile on third person it still does all the character animation but the menu is directly available and you don’t need to track the buttons until the animation is done, yeah is so fun having tedious things right?

what are you literally talking about? L take? (???) Anyway, this a completely normal suggestion to take a look into.Not a big issue yeah, but there’s not much sense of having that discrepancy of 1st person vs 3rd person, both should have the annoying menu animation or both shouldn’t have it, that is

It’s not tedious and doesn’t take long at all, L take. I agree it should be consistent but it sounds like you don’t like it because it takes too long.