Armour, how should it be done?

Basically I really dislike in 3.0 and other games where amrour doesn’t actually stop any bullets, it just reduces the amount of damage you take.

The problem with this is that the armour feels useless, especially in 3.0 where reduced damage doesn’t mean much because you’re still bleeding out on top of the initial damage you take.

There is also those times where you get sprayed down in 2 seconds wearing the best vest and helmet.

I prefer the old gta method were, if being shot in the chest, you won’t take damage until your armour vest reaches zero but…

This isn’t exactly right for a game like unturned where different guns and ammo types actually matter.

How should it be handled?

You can read these for a start. Armor in 3.0 is really broken and boring, only really working in gating certain amounts of damage i.e snipers one shotting you if you have no hat vs snipers two shotting you if you have anything on your head. Hopefully Nelson realizes this and implements armor in a way that is dynamic and offers multiple playstyles instead of: grab this for zero downsides and all upsides, and then forget about it.


Most likely we’ll get the same system as 3.x but improved. But yeah, armor is broken and feels useless.

Those situations should not be preventable. You got ambushed, if that were to happen IRL you would still die, most likely faster. Ambushing a player takes patients and it can be difficult at times, there should never be a situation where Ambushing isn’t a strong tactic.

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If you’re using your fists or a weak weapon, you should be better off running away.

If a player is “wearing the best vest and helmet” I think it’s fair to expect a long TTK, atleast from some weapons. If you want an all around fast TTK, then play on a map with powerful guns and limited armor. If you want a slow TTK, then play on a map with good armor and powerful guns. If you want a more even or “fair” experience, then play on a map where the loot is all relatively equal. If you want to be more rewarded for dedication, luck, or in-game achievements, then play on a map with more tiers of loot.

May i ask in what way it would be improved?
Sinc i feel like the system that 3.0 uses is a really weak system of handling armor and i think that a whole new system would be better


I have no idea how it will be improved, I’m just making a wild guess.

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There are for sure items that can change your statistical attributes (speed, health, recoil etc) and armored plates, but we are in the dark outside of that.

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I do not believe this idea will work well. In a game like unturned players would be rewarded for hitting leg and arm shots as the multiplier is still high for these body parts. I understand that unturned II would be different but i think armor is rewarding enough, saving you from a sniper headshot. All those times you survive on 8% and survive the helmet / vest was the saving factor

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Armour-piercing bullets should be a thing, that could go through armour. More powerful rounds could go through it as well, depending on the armour type.

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then why not reduce the multiplier for arms and legs

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From my understanding there will be limb penetration so the bullet can go through the arm and hit the chest area so I dont think limb multipliers should be or is going to that high.

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Make armor as it would be in real life! If you have a bomb suit, then it protects against explosives. Bomb suits are not made for large caliber bullet stopping. coughpaday2cough. While police armour can take a few hits from 7.62 or 5.56 NATO. Vehicle Armour on the other hand, that a whole other story!


escape from tarkov helmets are insane and i love how they work


I agree with @Greenmppy. There should be different “types” of armour.

Maybe in a police station, you will find an anti-stab vest good against melee weapons, (don’t make it just knifes it’s a video game) but they can be penetrated by pistols of all kinds.

Then a basic pistol vest good against pistols but can be penetrated by rifles and less so by SMGs. Maybe slows you down a little bit cause it’s heavy

And then the “best” one that can handle shots from pistols and some SMGs and greatly reduce rifle damage, (not like 50% great) and slows you down a bit more.

Also, don’t have a percentage that decreases the damage but go with a penetration system. High cal and powerful guns can penetrate weak armour (still with slight damage reduction) while low cal can’t penetrate strong armour and vice versa.

There’s a youtube video somewhere saying this that being shot in different limbs, should have an effect on you. Get shot in the arm and reload slower, equip weapons slower and get shot in the log, walk slower and so on.

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Thanks @MrKoix! What should the biggest Armour level be?

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Well the more levels that there are the more room for balancing there is, so id sa about 6-8 levels

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I’ve got no idea! Maybe some really bulky outfit that slows you down a lot, that can allow you to survive a shot from big caliber guns (maybe even a rocket). There are loads of possibilities of what can happen.

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I think 10 levels would be good. A nice even number. With 1 being civilian clothing and 10 being Pay day 2 bulldozer like armor. For those of you who don’t know what a bulldozer is, its a bomb suit with a thicc metal faceplate.

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