Disgusting server

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I think is a home-made server.

Gamer server


Noooo you can’t run server how you want to. They must abide by MY rules.
It’s certainly edgy and trying pretty hard but I don’t see how it is actively harming you.

Obviously hosted by NelsoN himself


As long as it’s not popular, but allowing servers with names like this exist can easily lead to problems down the line.


it can’t? the alternative is literally banning servers, so I don’t see the issue with letting a bunch of edgy retards exist.


By problems I meant journalist problems. You’d think they wouldn’t pin on a game like Unturned but they can target ANYTHING these days. “A Cartoon Game Allows Racial and Homophobic Slurs to Prosper” or some shit, even thought It’s one server for every 100 normal ones.

Also how many servers would be affected because of that? It’s not like every other server has some edgy shit in it’s name, and you don’t have to ban the server as well, you can just change their name, or censor it, include a censor option I dunno.


Couldn’t care less if it was. Not your business, not my business either.

“Game journalists” are the problem. If anything this proves that backlisting names (Flashback to when Nelson confused Anime with hentai) is useless. People like that will always find a workaround, best to just ignore them since attention is what they want.

This I can see work (also pretty sure that that is how it is handled currently). I said it before and I’ll say it again: No dev should be able to force people to play their game a certain way and only that way.

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I mean it’s free speech they can do whatever they want


so you’re saying the developer should have control over servers run by the community? don’t you see how stupid that is?

That’s like an authoritarian twitter dev who can’t handle criticism

Which is something no player wants
Cause they’re pussys

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No that is not what I’m saying, I’m talking about just the name of the server, not about the content included IN the server, that’s an entirely different thing.
My point is that people might take offence to Nelson for something he’s not in control off, and If you don’t care about what other people think, that’s fine, but I do.

I don’t want to censor people, I know that being able to do whatever you want is important, but we need some guidelines that direct people towards things that are generally fine. If you don’t like that idea then by your ideals cheaters should be allowed to roam everywhere, because if people want to cheat, let them do it, and if you have a problem with just it ignore.

You could say “Well, what about nicknames? Should we censor them too?”. I say “Look at CSGO” because that game has options to turn off nicknames and profile pictures which is useful for streamers or people who don’t want to deal with that sort of stuff.

I do agree with you that the developers shouldn’t have control over community servers, but you can’t just strip them of it, because there are people who just want to see the world burn, and will do some shit that passes the line of “edgy” to “wrong”.

This thread in a nutshell.
You cannot appease those people, stop trying.

Goalpost sliiiiide. You went from somethng that you persoanlly find wrong but that does not actually (directly) negatively affect anyone to something that is affecting everybody in the server whether they want to or not.

That is a perfectly valid point and I think that should be an option in II for people like you.

Except you can

because as we have seen in the past there is nothing Nelson can do to stop it, best he can do is curb it. Or better yet just allow people to import their own filters or whatever and thus have the user in charge. Maybe offer like two or three stock filters users can choose form (safe for literal 13 year olds, SFW, nothing at all for exmaple).

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ok fine not good server

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Unturned social platforms

I have always found the administration of SDG social medias incoherent to the point that rational reasoning is not possible.

  • Out of three points, the first one being the player base audience:

(Stop talking about politics on unturned forum)

There’s children, kids of young age, so we have to be mindful of our content was a dispute that took place half a year ago when users started to bring in Politics to threads. While I include myself within the users who address these themes on a daily basis in other platforms, I don’t do it here. This is because I was “warned” on Unturned Discord… while literally DOZENS of kids were daily throwing RACISM and all kinds of HATRED with very little management from the same people who tried to “enforce” rules on others. Regardless of the inconsistency of administration, it becomes contradictory to: Try to protect the same “kids” who are regularly seen offending others. So there’s a level of control that the administration can execute on Discord and the Forums… but not within the servers. Within my own activities I spend far more time on the servers than on the Discord or the Forums.

  • The second point being: Hypocrisy, I have been insulted verbally by the same Administrators that pretend to enforce rules and these people keep roaming free without any kind of penalty. There’s not going to be much change when the problem comes from above.

  • And of course, the third one being the biases which had no long ago been exposed by others as well. As how serious issues by regular users are oftenly laughed upon… until it happens to them, yes, the same administrators.

(What even is BE at this point)

(You were kicked from this server because: Battleye: Client not responding. How do you fix this?)

I want to particularly quote this one:

(You were kicked from this server because: Battleye: Client not responding. How do you fix this?)


Jul 21

“Thanks for doing the research OP could not be bothered to do”

We just have poor Administration, and there’s no going forward when those in charge go backwards instead.

Its disturbing but not of any concern as its just some edgy 12 year old i fucked you mom xbox live lobby type idiots, they will grow up or get into trouble not really our concern besides it isnt a big server.

Going after these types is just a waste of time although we shouldn’t encourage this on any official platforms like the forums.

Next i think we should all keep in mind that its one guy running the show so it will be hard to enforce the law and keep order here and make sure everyone follows the rules, our goal should be to stop and criticise them when we meet them in the forums or discord. Going after them is just impossible for unturned.

Although it is entirely possible that some normie types will find this and go ballistic we just cant really do anything about it, there is no way to admin the servers.


Yoshida, I think you’re referring to snarky and passive-aggressive remarks instead of full blown insults. But either way you’re right, if someone has nothing to contribute to the discussion other than snarky or passive-aggressive remarks, they should refrain from posting.


But such remarks arent as bad or worth such attention it’s just an insult or comment, there isnt much genuine racism in the Forums.

I can’t remember the last time politics were brought into a thread

And the only time it was mentioned was by rainofsocialism, who was also banned for bringing politics up, and then cried on his profile bio that politics do belong on this forum

Well I mean they can insult people, I don’t think insults constitute as harassment or bullying

The mod team doesn’t have a bias. Molt, yarrr, and Reaver are pretty fair with how they handle things. Now I can’t atest for the discord team since Im rarely on there but I bet there chill as well.

No I think the mod team on both the forum and discord is fair and chill as fuck.

Well except paladin since he blocked me on twitter


I am here as user, much like you. I can and I will point out when you (or others) make a post asking a question instead of looking for the answer themselves. By all means, flag the posts where I “insult” you and they’ll get dealt with according to actual standards instead of you crying Wolf.

True, I gotta work on that. As much as OP wants tho that isn’t against the rules, I make sure of that.