Doors and locks

  • The simplest of doors are just boards or sheets on hinges, they might provide some cover.
  • Doors can be improved by attaching, or possibly being crafted with, door knobs, and locks.
  • Door knobs and locks are each available in a variety of forms, with varying amounts of hit points and methods of unlocking.
  • The differences between door knobs and locks are
    – Only one set of door knobs can be placed on a door.
    – Door knobs are accessible from either side of a door.
    – Even when it is unlocked, zombies and animals cannot open a door with door knobs.
    – A door may be outfitted with a specific number of locks.
    – Locks are only accessible from the side they are on.
    – A lock may be placed on storage items, and not just doors.
  • The simplest types of locks and door knobs are deadbolts and door knobs without locks, they can both allow the door to open, simply by being interacted with.
  • More secure types of locks, and door knobs require keys or codes to unlock.
  • Keys can be duplicated.
  • Lock picks can be used in the place of keys, but might be slower, less durable, or less likely to succeed than keys.
  • Battering rams can damage locks that are on the other side of a door, allowing locks to be broken from either side, so players can bypass strong doors, if their locks are weak.
  • If multiple locks are placed on the same door, the damage done by a battering ram is divided equally between the locks. (Having multiple locking surfaces would lessen the stress any individual lock is under, the weakest locks would give first, and the remaining locks would break faster once damage has been done.)
  • Vault doors would not be able to be fitted with door knobs. Animals and zombies could not open vault doors to begin with. Vault doors could be locked and unlocked by entering a combination. A battering ram would be rendered obsolete by vault doors, since it breaks locks that have been added to doors, but doesn’t unlock them.

For more thoughts on this topic see Battering Ram and Lock Wooden Doors

id thing vault door has build in code lock and a ultra powerful deadbolt but also if a metal door with a lock is on a wooden doorframe make it still battering rammable mixing this with the battering ram idea

The strength of the battering ram that I described is that it would be able to break locks even if they’re on the other side of the door. The combination lock on the vault door is an integral part of the vault door. Breaking the vault door with a battering ram would be the same as breaking it with a sledgehammer.

i was mainly putting my idea in battering rams here for extra influence and exposure

If I put a lock on a door, and the key side was on the other side that I was on, in theory, I’d be able to open it? Wouldn’t that also be the same for a code lock?

All very cool ideas! Works well with all buildings spawning with doors in 4.


I don’t understand your question. I edited the post, so maybe the information your looking for is in there.

I see now. I like your suggestion very much. I also just want to see what it would be like to put 10+ deadbolts on a door and when someone wants to come in, they get to hear the sound of me unlocking each of them. Basically, great suggestion.

Would be good for barricaded buildings, you could find a locked door, use a battering ram, and find at least somewhat better loot than normal houses.

maybe this change the concept of group in unturned i like this!

The only problem I see is if I put 10 locks on a door, it would render the battering ram useless, which was meant to be a epic rarity item, due to it being able to bust through any wooden door. I’d only say that anything below a code lock can be broken through, no matter how many locks.

I already wrote the solution

Meaning each door has a set maximum number of locks. I think that number might vary from one type of door to another.

but ofc with 10(holy heck thats a lot) deadbolts itll take a LOT of swings with the incredibly slow battering ram

But you’re rendering an item useless with this. If the locks are easy to make then the battering ram will go under the ‘useless’ category.

No one said locks would be easy to make, although I imagine some of them would be, since they are going to be used for both storage, and buildables.
My idea for balancing the battering ram is different from the post I linked to. My take on the battering ram is that it would be a melee weapon, similar to the sledgehammer, that would damage all locks on a door, instead of merely damaging the door. It would be useful when a player comes across a door that is strong enough to keep them out, but is not fully outfitted with locks, or if the player wants to pass through a locked door, but also wants to be able to close the door behind themself. (Keep in mind that in 4.X buildings will already have built-in doors, and possibly locks.)

But then everyone would put on locks. It’s a matter of keeping everything balanced so that it’s useful.

Of course everyone will want to put locks on their doors. In 3.X everyone wants vault doors, but there’s a progression to loot. Not everything can be useful in all situations.

And then no one will want battering rams because everyone’s got 5 locks on their door.

Good locks would most likely be difficult to find or make, and would need to be distributed between doors, windows, storage, and possibly vehicles, even the best locks would have less health than some doors.