Electric systems, computers and base management

I’ve recently been playing fallout 4, and oh boy, is it fun. But that’s beside the point. Something in fallout caught my eye, the ability to create complex electrical systems that are connected to “terminals” or computers, that allow you to control the power in your base, what is on and what is not. In unturned, I think this would be a great addition.

I think this could work in a way similar to fallout, you having wires which can be anchored to buildables, then connected to different appliances. This might be a far stretch but imagine a way for user to create computer programs, of course, simplified (kinda like this)

When Button 1 pressed:
Sentry Gun 1 → ON
Sentry Gun 2 → ON
Door 1 → CLOSE
Door 1 → LOCK

Think about it, a five-man team rushing your base, you are inside and with the hit of a button, walls raise, sentrys turn on and doors lock, requiring some sort of combination lock.


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I don’t wanna stir up anything in the reply section, if you think that the suggestion doesn’t really feel in its right place, feel free to discuss it!


Seems like an awesome idea. I spammed it on reddit few months ago. Fallout 4 sucks


If executed right this would be amazing. Couple that with RimWorld’s complex power consumption/generation system and you have a perfect in-depth electricity mechanic.

Nelson has planned to do something like this already, it’s in the 4.0 Wishlist.


YES this is an amazing idea!! I COULD MAKE A MASSIVE PLACE YE. like maybe I could make a massive town liek in fallout 4 :smile: but then maybe nelson could add npcs that would move in, like you could build your own safezone, I dunno


I’ve played Fallout 4 and I think this would be great!

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Awesome idea, If it gets bigger, it’s an automated livestock slaughter system, conveyor belt, a car lift… anyway this will surely make something more exciting!


Fairly certain none of those things are practical for 4.0 considering it’s not going to be manufacturing based like Factorio or Fallout 4.

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also new items:

  • elevator Pillars (needed 4 to do an elevator that goes 1 floor up.
  • elevator Floor (what you put in the pillars, can go up to 10 floors, only if you have 4 elevator pillars per floor, and it doest have something blocking the way.)
  • Big elevator pillars (same as elevator pillars but you need 8)
  • Big elevator floor (same as elevator floor but its like 2x2 normal floors)
    -Code Lock (can change the code with an Configuration Tool) and can be attached to normals door (you only cna lock them) or to Mechanical doors (can be locked,opened an closed by the Code lock). it can be attached with wires or with wireless systems
  • Eye scanner: same as Code Lock, but only opens when the owner (or other 4 players) interact with them
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Making an elevator out of scavenged materials in a zombie apocalypse survival game isn’t exactly what I’d call reasonable.

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I’d agree, that is just a little bit too much. xD

I’m pretty sure that there’s a forum post for that. Search up CCTV maybe?

well it would be fun to click a button, and your helicopter rises out of the floor, and also, if you can create a massive generator and a oil Derek then Im pretty sure that you can easlily make a elevator and a trapdoor ect.

Except this is a 4.0 suggestion, not a 3.0 suggestion.

Jumping to conclusions about a more hardcore iteration of the game is a pretty shortsighted mistake.

yeah yeah I know but still, Im pretty sure you’ll still be able to craft industrial generators,I think the elevators would be good, but they take a lot of resources and a lot of power.

and also considering you will also be able to salvage computers and furniture in 4.0, I think this would be easy, its not that hard to hookup a motor to a pulley connected to a platform.

Actually, it’s pretty hard.

Viably if you can get all that stuff to make a fully functioning hydraulic elevator, making a simple pulley lift or even stairs/ladders would work wonders and would be way easier/faster to do.

well yeah, you would need hydraulics for elevator platforms like I mentioned earlier, but like I said, I pretty sure oil derricks have hydraulics to help pump the oil, I dunno. Also Im pretty sure that most of the buildables in 3.0 will return to 4.0, maybe changed but still. Also, Im pretty sure your character is pretty smart in unturned, considering that you can fix bullet holes and dents (this is just theoretical because you can shoot at a car but your passenger can repair it while you drive), Im positive that they can make a elevator, or maybe it could only be something you can spawn in, not craft. but it would still be nice to have. mostly because I want to be able to store my heli in my base, then press a button and watch the floor open and it come up through the floor. well yeah ect. Tbh, our chracters are all sorts of things, considering they can build a FORTRESS with their bare hands, by themselves in just a little while, yeah… Okay I’ve typed way too much at this point, Byeeeeee XD

Even though thats sounds cool I’d leave that to a mod, as in 4.0 we should be seeing an improved modding API. A pulley lift would be a more sensible option as those are quite makeshift. There shouldn’t be weight restrictions though, as that would just make it kinda useless.

Another suggestion that strays the game from its intended gameplay…