Hello everyone. I want to ask, what you think about giving less space for player from Clothes, Bags etc. In my opinion its unrealistic that you can for example hold 3 big guns in one backpack. Instead this there will be more features like pouches specialy for magazines, quiver for arrows…

You couldn’t have picked a more generalized and discussed topic to post about.

Protip: actually offer a good suggestion worth talking about that hasn’t been repeated a hundred times to avoid your topic from being shot down immediately, and put some effort into said post. This will make people actually want to talk about the subject.

On the subject of the actual topic, your main point is essentially invalid. A backpack can easily carry three military-type rifles, especially if they have folding stocks.


Backpacks but not shirts should carry guns.

What were you saying?



im pretty sure this has already been discussed multiple times @Floyd

This is confirmed btw


That shirt can carry guns, some shirts should carry guns, but not all shirts.

:poop: :gun: :thinking:


Ouch… my dignity.

a good solution could be to divide the vests space into smaller sections like in EFT, this would make it so you cant store big items in it, could also be done to pants and shirts and so on…
(im pretty sure this has alredy been talked about but i could not find the post

Yeah, it was discussed by Great Hero J in a suggestion thread some months ago.

Not only have I discussed it, but Nelson has confirmed that he’ll add it into Unturned II at some point as well. :wink:

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